03 Ways to Index Backlinks Faster in Google

Index Backlinks

Indexing the backlinks is more important than creating backlinks. Non-indexed backlinks don’t add value to Google rankings. In this article, you will learn the most powerful techniques to index backlinks faster in google.

First, let’s understand how backlink indexing works in google to better understand how the whole process works.

“Ping” is an automated alert to the search engines (not just Google.com) to know that a page has been updated and must be crawled again.

Specifically, this is relevant to social properties such as blogs, forums, and another web 2.0 sites that are indexed by various search engines that maintain a page and date record.


When you build backlinks (naturally or through tools/services), most of the time these links are of poor quality. From these low-quality links, Google can find only 5% of them or less naturally.

In other words, 95% of sites that talk about you will not be seen by Google. (This is mainly due to the fact that new pages with your link are badly linked and therefore basically hidden from Google).

As of 2018, it has become popular to drip your backlinks using a tool such as pingomatic.

Due to the automation of creating hundreds/thousands of links per day, it became necessary to use tools to ping URLs and speed up the indexing process of these pages on google. So the services came to reduce the workload and facilitate your SEO work.

To summarize: Ping makes Google aware of the other 95% of links you probably will not find otherwise.

When you dump backlinks, you increase your chances of indexing links faster and make your site benefit from link juice or juice link (especially when the link is do-follow).

A few years ago, the ping tool did not always work, so it was important to keep track of Google crawls and re-ping as needed.

Nowadays, there are several free tools available on the internet where you can check if the backlinks you have created for your site are indexed in Google or not. You can use this tool to check thousands of URLs at once.

Just access the tool and paste the URLs you want to check. One of the ones I use most to check the indexing of URLs is http://stratage.ms/en/indexchecker/

How to Index Backlinks Faster on Google

1 – Use Indexers

A backlink indexer is often used to index backlinks quickly, thus helping your site to get a good ranking on Google.

One of the tools I use is Link Centaur. This tool offers a free plan that allows you to send up to 20 URLs or pages a day for indexing on google. Try Link Centaur Backlinks Indexer.

In practice, we do not use crawlers for money sites. Tiered, tier 2 or tier indexers are often used.

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2 – Dribbling the sites

Another possible solution is you ping your site. For example, you can use http://www.indexkings.com/ to send your bulk backlinks for indexing.

3 – Promote your new pages

Last, but not least, promote your site and sign in on Google’s radar.

Whether you are sharing new blog posts on social networks or by placing your link in the video description for YouTube, it will be easier for others to find your site, and for Google to do indexing quickly.

Your mission here is to get your new backlinks to be found by Google and finally indexed.

These 03 strategies are very effective for indexing backlinks on google. You can use various social networks to help promote your backlinks and increase the authority of your site to google.

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