Top 7 Ways to Index Backlinks Faster in Google

Index Backlinks

Growing your website is never an easy task even if your content is relevant, links are working, and even you are building hundreds of backlinks a day. The common mistake everyone makes is not getting index backlinks for your site.

Indexing the backlinks is more important than creating backlinks. Non-indexed backlinks don’t add value to Google rankings.

Are your backlinks getting indexed? If not, then why is this issue occurring? Do you want to know how to index backlinks?

If Google hasn’t approved your backlinks, then no use of pouring hours for content development, researching, and outreaching. It’s important to index your backlinks in Google.

However, there are various reasons why your links are not getting indexed in Google. If you are still building links, stop them, and know the right way to develop them. Don’t waste your valuable time in building irrelevant links.

Let’s cut the story in short and know how to index backlinks on Google. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that will help you to index backlinks free and faster.

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Well, you’ll find innumerable answers to this question on the internet. Here are some of the reasons why Google doesn’t index your backlinks.

1. Your Content Is Irrelevant And Copied

Google never optimizes backlinks of plagiarized content. The algorithm of Google doesn’t support such content. Plagiarism can be the biggest reason why your content is not reaching your target audience. In simpler words, your content is copied and irrelevant.

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When your content is irrelevant, Google will never optimize your posts. It is highly recommended that your content should be well-researched, consisting of hyperlinks, with the right intro and concluding paragraphs. Above all, your posts should consist of a minimum of 1000+ words.

You’ll be surprised to know that long articles of 2000 or 3000+ words will perform on Google search engine. You should think about quality content to index backlinks of your post.

2. You Are Posting Content On Spammy Platforms

Google has a strict policy that spam content and platforms will not be supported. Do you think Google will encourage posts of spammy platforms? Google always flags up the spammy links. Your backlinks will never be supported if they are posted on spammy platforms.

Google will never optimize low-quality backlinks that are invaluable to the readers. Therefore, the only solution is to build genuine and high-quality indexing backlinks.

If your backlinks are featured from the sites that have a no-index tag, then you seriously wasted your time and effort. You should immediately connect with your webmaster and ask them to eliminate the no-index tag from your posts or page. However, this thing happens very rarely. Remember, you are spending your valuable hours on getting your posts optimized by the Google search engine.

These were some of the factors why it doesn’t index your backlinks and posts. Now, you should know the solutions to overcome this problem.

Are you still thinking about how to index backlinks? Now, you’ll get the best solutions to index your backlinks faster. Here are some of the practical ways to consider while indexing your backlinks.

Whenever you have to drive clients towards your business, you keep marketing your products/services on social media platforms. The same trick you have to use to get your backlinks indexed quickly. Here, you’ll be enhancing the possibilities of backlinks indexing. Above all, this is also the easiest way to create awareness of your products on social media platforms.

Above all, you should create a buzz in your social media profiles to drive clients towards your business. Create posts that can grab the attention and interest of the viewers. Apart from sharing links of your posts, share the URL of your website as well. It will enhance the index rate of your website. Above all, your brand will gain reputation and credibility on social media platforms.

Are you confused about how to share your backlinks on social media platforms? Well, you can hire freelancers to simplify the whole process. Various freelancers are available on Fiverr and Upwork is available for this task. If you are thinking of freelancers, pick the ones who are experienced in backlinking and similar tasks.

2. Submit All The URLs To Google Webmaster Tool

This is one of the easiest ways to index your backlinks professionally. You have to first visit the Google Webmaster Tool. Now, enter the URL of the page that you want to be indexed on Google. In the last step, you have to fill in the captcha and click on the ‘’Submit’’ button.

This is a simple yet effective step to make Google index all your backlinks. You can submit a maximum of 500 URLs in Google Webmaster Tool for indexing.

Sometimes Google Webmaster Tool will also not work for indexing your backlinks. Your next step is to pining your URLs. Now, you’ll be wondering what is pinging?

Pinging the URLs means you are sending the notification to Google that new posts are uploaded on your website. Once, Google acknowledges it; the bot will evaluate the latest posts and update the site with the latest information.

Now, with huge excitement, don’t keep pinging your URLs to Google. It will not increase your index rate. For example- if you keep eating, again and again, your stomach will get bloated. The same thing is applied here. You have to use such tools wisely for your website.

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As mentioned above, if Google still doesn’t index backlinks of your site, you have to try some other tools. You should use tools like ‘’Backlinks indexer’’ for your website. Currently, this is the best tool if you want to index your backlinks.

This tool will share your posts with multiple authority blogs. Above all, every link will be pinged on different social media platforms. It also creates permanent links and web 2.0 links. In simpler words, this tool will undoubtedly significantly increase the index rate of your site.

5. Web 2.0s

If you are already using the Backlink Indexer tool, then you shouldn’t follow this step. However, this step will only work, if all the above ways don’t deliver effective results. But, if you have followed all the above ways appropriately, your links should be indexed by Google. You have to use free blogging sites like Wix, Tumblr, WordPress to get your backlinks indexed in Google.

You have to visit these websites and make a free account. Next, you have to write an article of around 800-1500 words. You can pick a topic like ‘’How to index backlinks?’’ You have to feature the post with a minimum of 2-4 backlinks. When your articles are long, you have the freedom to feature them with multiple backlinks.

If your post is 300 or 400 words and features ten backlinks, Google will directly flag your post and mark it as spam. Therefore, your article should be long enough that you can spread all the backlinks.

However, make sure your articles are not plagiarized. This step will 100% work if you follow all the steps appropriately.

To prompt Google index backlinks of your site, you have to start doing link building on top DA websites. When you consider this step, it will give a green signal to Google that these links are 100% genuine and relevant. However, you have to create these links smartly.

Here, random placement of links will not work; you have to position them smartly. You have to place a link of the highly-searched content to grab the attention of backlinks of other authority sites.

Now, you might get demotivated when it comes to keeping patience. You don’t have to use multiple ways simultaneously for indexing your backlinks. Instead, you can focus on your content and placement of the backlinks. You should make sure that your posts follow all the SEO rules of Google.

Google reviews every article, and this process takes time if you are new to blogging. Typically, Google takes around five days to one week to get the backlinks indexed. Once, your posts start appearing on the top pages of Google; your backlinks will be indexed within a couple of days.

Sometimes, Google takes more than a week to index your backlinks. So, try to keep patience and let Google index your backlinks according to its algorithm.

Final Words

These were the seven best steps that can help you index your backlinks smartly. But, if you don’t want to face all the hassle, it is recommended to build links from different blogs according to your niche. You also use backlink indexer tools if you want quick results. You can also submit your sitemap to GSC (Google Search Console). Finally, focus more on your content and follow all the SEO rules.


How do I check if my backlinks are indexed?

You can check if your backlinks are indexed by Google manually by the use of search operators or with tools like SEMrush and Link Assistant. To use search operators (manual checking), go to and type info:URL without spacing the two words.

How long do backlinks take to get indexed?

It entirely depends on your site, posts, and user traffic base. Web hosting plays a vital role in getting backlinks indexed. If your site is quite popular, it may hardly take 2-3 days. If your site is growing, it may take around 8-10 days.

Which tool should I use to Index my backlinks?

There are various tools available on the internet. Some are paid, and some are free as well. Currently, the best indexing tool is Backlinks Indexer. Avoid using Pingfarm or Lindexed if you don’t want to waste your time and effort.

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