Affiliate Booster Theme Review: Best WordPress Theme for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Booster Theme Review

In the world of SEO, everyone looks ahead for various options to boost their sales and rank high on Google. If you follow the affiliate marketing industry, you might need an ultra-fast loading 100 percent mobile responsive theme. It will help promote the right product and attract a good audience to make good sales.

Well, you can go for Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin known as one of the best WordPress themes designed especially for Affiliate marketers. Before you go further, let’s dive into the detailed Affiliate Booster theme review to know more about it.

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What is an Affiliate Booster?

affiliate booster theme

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Affiliate Booster is a combination of various amazing themes and plugins built especially for affiliate marketers. It is a WordPress theme launched in June 2020 and getting popular in the market due to its limitless features and benefits. It not only helps the users to power up their conversions with ease and but also promotes their products without any hustle-bustle.

It is thus a perfect WordPress theme that one can use to enhance the Google SEO score of an affiliate’s site and to let the users customize their site’s homepage layout to attract good traffic.

Who is behind Affiliate Booster?

Kulwant Nagi

This combination of affiliate themes and plugins was developed and launched by affiliate expert, Mr. Kulwant Nagi. He is also the founder of Blogging cage and managing director of AffloSpark. He has mastered the art of digital marketing and every other important aspect of it.

Affiliate Booster Theme Features

Based on Affiliate Booster Theme Review, here are some of the highlighted features of Affiliate Booster themes & Plugins:

Ultra-fast loading speed

Loading time is an important factor that contributes to the rank of the content and website. People usually look for various ways for site optimization and thus, go for affiliate booster to enhance site load time. It is because it is a lightweight theme which not only boosts the loading time but also improves the site speed.

100% mobile responsive

As people use smartphones and mobile more than laptops and computer systems, it demands a mobile-compatible website. The affiliate booster theme is 100 percent mobile-responsive which enhances the mobile users’ experience and allows them to provide regular updates to the audience.

Schema optimized

Schema is an enhanced part of SEO which helps in getting good ranks on Google and makes it easier for search engines to find your website. The Affiliate booster theme is thus schema optimized that further helps in getting positive results as per Google’s Rich results test tool.

Easy to customize

As not all the users know about coding and technical themes much, Affiliate Booster is the perfect choice in such a way that each user can understand it with great ease. It has easy customizations and does not need much time to explore it.

Besides this, the Affiliate Booster theme is best for affiliate marketers as it is page builder compatible, AdSense friendly, comprises various widgets, color options, etc.

Affiliate Booster Coupon

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Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

Whenever affiliate marketers buy Affiliate Booster, they get Affiliate Booster plugins for free. With the help of various optimized blocks, Affiliate Plugins helps them to create better landing pages than others. These blocks include:

Pros and Cons Block

This block helps the affiliate add pros and cons to the blog and thus generates lots of conversions.

Affiliate Booster Review

Comparison block

Affiliate booster comparision table

If you have an interest in comparing your products with others, this block will help you. It makes a comparison table that lets the audience take the right decision.

Good bad review block

This block helps the users to save their time by identifying the good and bad features of the product and highlight it.

Affiliate booster Theme Review

Moreover, there are some other blocks such as top picked blocks, call to action block, notice display block, etc. that helps the users to attract more audience to their sites.

Affiliate Booster Pricing and plans

When it comes to Affiliate Booster cost, you will find it not much expensive. It comes in two packs – an annual license pack and a Lifetime license pack.

Annual license pack (Theme + plugin)

  1. Single site license – $ 49 / year
  2. 50 sites license – $ 79 / year
  3. Unlimited sites license – $ 149 / year

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Annual license pack (Plugin)

  1. Single site license – $ 29 / year
  2. 50 sites license – $ 39 / year
  3. Unlimited sites license – $ 79 / year

Which plan you should choose?

Now you might get confused between the various pricing and plans of affiliate booster available. Well, after checking the affiliate booster theme review, users generally prefer 50 sites license. Though it completely depends on your choice and uses yet the most demanded one is a 50 sites license.

If you have only one site and have no further plans to add affiliate blogs, you can go for a single site license. But if you have different sites, go for the plan to meet all the requirements.

Affiliate Booster Coupon

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Affiliate Booster Theme Pros and Cons

As every tool has its advantages and disadvantages, let’s focus on some of the pros and cons of Affiliate Booster:


  • Ultra-fast loading speed
  • Schema optimized
  • 100 per cent mobile responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • 6 header designs
  • Color controls
  • Typography controls
  • Page builder compatible
  • AdSense friendly
  • Powerful Gutenberg Blocks


  • Expensive for new users
  • Consumes much time of newbies
  • No proper tutorials
  • Complex interface

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Who should go For Affiliate Booster?

Some latest Affiliate Booster reviews have revealed that the bloggers who are looking for an ultimate solution for some amazing themes and plugins too, can go for Affiliate Booster. It will not only help them to manage their sites but will also help them to boost their sales.

Several pre-build ad placement options and various plugins can take your blog to next level. If you are a beginner, you can make use of Affiliate Booster to attract an audience to your site and to increase the rank on Google as well.

My verdict on Affiliate Booster Theme

No doubt, affiliate booster is one of the outstanding themes option available for affiliates. As I was searching for one of the best themes and plugin options for a long time, I found an affiliate booster as an all-in-one solution for my themes need.

It provided me with so many block options that I used them to enhance the working of my site, and it attracted so much traffic to my site. All thanks to Affiliate booster
themes and plugins that helped me rank better on Google.

The best part is that an affiliate booster is available at the most affordable and reasonable prices for affiliate marketers.

Before installing affiliate booster themes and plugins, I was a little bit confused about its features and benefits. But when I checked out affiliate booster themes reviews, it forced me to check out the performance it delivers.

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FAQs about Affiliate Booster Theme

  1. Does Affiliate Booster work with GeneratePress?

    You can use both Affiliate Booster and GeneratePress at the same time. If you are already using GeneratePress you can install the affiliate Booster theme. It will find some new significant benefits and various plugins.

  2. Is Affiliate Booster Theme free?

    Though the affiliate booster theme has two different versions – free and paid. You will find more features in its premium version than the free version. Download Free Version

  3. What happens if my Affiliate Booster License expires?

    If your affiliate Booster License expires, keep using the Affiliate Booster, it will not stop working. The thing is you will not receive its regular updates until you renew your Affiliate Booster plan.

  4. Does Affiliate Booster work with Elementor or WP Bakery?

    The affiliate booster theme and plugins are 100 per cent compatible with Elementor or WP Bakery. If you want to use both Affiliate booster and Elementor or WP bakery at the same time, you can go for it.

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