An Ultimate Guide to WordPress Shortcuts

WordPress Shortcuts

WordPress shortcuts help you perform actions quickly and simply. So that you know which ones are the main ones, we have produced this article that can be of great help for the production or editing of content on your site.

Every company needs a website, as it is the main channel in a Digital Marketing strategy.

There was a time when websites were developed by programmers only and business owners were not at liberty to edit it.

However, those times have changed. Therefore, the importance of entrepreneurs and managers having knowledge of functions, such as WordPress shortcuts.

Continue reading this text to know the following points:

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the largest CMS – that is, content management systems – the world, and is very useful for those who want freedom when creating or editing the contents of the site.

So, while in the past it was necessary to ask the developer to create or make changes, today, members of the company can easily log in to the platform and do this. 

If it is necessary to create a new page for a new product or service, for example, just click on “create new page” and write the content.

The buttons for inserting images, videos, among other forms of media and functions are also very intuitive. For this reason, even small business owners can manage the website’s own content.

However, this can be a time-consuming and time-consuming job. Amid so many tasks and commitments that small entrepreneurs have, dedicating hours to creating or editing website content can disrupt the routine.

Therefore, WordPress has a series of shortcuts that can be inserted in the code of the pages (and also blog posts), in addition to keyboard shortcuts that facilitate and speed up the execution of various functions.

Now let’s go to your definition! 

What is a WordPress shortcut?

Shortcuts are combinations aimed at performing a specific action within WordPress and can include everything from inserting captions in images to embedding audios or videos in your blog post.

The developers of this CMS often use shortcuts because they make work easier and faster.

However, it is important that business owners who operate WordPress to publish content on their website or blog also know the main ones, as we will point out later in this article.

What are the types of WordPress shortcuts?

As stated above, WordPress shortcuts give entrepreneurs the facility to create or modify content that can look complicated and without worrying about programming, code or the like.

There are basically two types of shortcuts. Find out more about them below!

Auto-close shortcuts

These are those who do not need a closing tag. So, for you to be able to put an image gallery on your blog post, for example, there is no need to put a tag.

Closing shortcuts

Those yes do need the closing tag. The locks, in reality, are the chains of brackets represented by [] and that simplify the insertion of the shortcuts. 

How to use WordPress shortcuts?

The use of shortcuts is very simple, although they can vary according to the point on the site where you want to insert them. Therefore, we raised here how to do this within WordPress.

If you have just created your WordPress site, the initial step is to activate keyboard shortcuts since, by default, they are disabled on the platform. 

To do this, inside your dashboard on the left side of the screen, go to the User tab and click on “your profile”. Then, go to “keyboard shortcuts” and enable them.

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How to use shortcuts on pages and posts

Here, the first step is to go to the editor of the page or post where the shortcut should be inserted. If your editor is Gutenberg, all you need to do is add the shortcut tag when adding it. 

On the other hand, if your WordPress editor is still the classic, the shortcut should be inserted as follows [shortname] content [/ shortname].

Using shortcuts in sidebar widgets

It is quite common to see some elements in the sidebar on blogs, such as buttons to download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, to speak to a commercial consultant, buy a product, check which are the most read posts or the latest posts made etc.

If you want to make these inserts using shortcuts, the path is quite simple: just choose the text widget and insert the code inside it. 

For example, if you want to place an image gallery, the shortcut in the text field will be [galery ids = ”1,2,3,4,5 ″] or [galery include =” 1,2,3,4,5 ″ ], considering that these numbers are the IDs of the images that will belong to the gallery.


Although shortcuts are mostly used on pages, posts and widgets, they can also be placed anywhere on the site, this includes a header and footer.

As an example, let’s say you want to insert a shortcut at the bottom of the site. Within the theme editor, go to footer.php and insert the following code: 

This will make the function appear automatically in your footer in a simple and uncomplicated way.


What are the main WordPress shortcuts?

At the standard level, WordPress has six shortcuts that we list below. 


This feature allows you to embed audios in your post so that visitors to your blog can reproduce them in a single click. Within the article code editor on WordPress, it is used in this way:.




As we said earlier, captions are used, above all, to add captions to images, although it can be used in HTML elements in general. Its insertion is done as follows: <image> caption [/ caption].

Therefore, if you want to publish an image that has “how to open a restaurant” in your caption, the shortcut must be done as follows:

<img class = ”medium size wp-image-6 ″ title =” How to open a restaurant ”src =” ”Alt =” Kanagawa ”width =” 952 ″ height = ”601 ″ /> How to open a restaurant




It is used to enter codes that assign a certain function. For example, e-commerces usually provide a code for inserting the purchase button on the website, just by placing it via ….

If you need to determine specific heights and widths to suit the format of your website or blog, this is the code that should be used: …. Width corresponds to the width and height to the height.

Uploading an image gallery to the site, for some entrepreneurs, seems to be a difficult task. But, with the shortcut, this is easier through the













For example: [galery ids = ”1,2,3,4,5 ″] or [galery include =” 1,2,3,4,5 ″].

It is important to remember that images must be within the WordPress library so that you can insert them in the gallery format.




It makes the website or blog visitor play audio or video files on WordPress through the code.

You can also define the style of the player through the code, for example, a way to make the background dark:.

If you want to insert a list of videos, just use and, if you need specific files from your library, you can insert their IDs like this:.




Videos remain part of the Digital Marketing trends of 2020 and, for this reason, they cannot be removed from your website once it is inserted through the code.

Also, do you know when we access sites whose videos play automatically or not? Well, this is done by inserting “on” or “off”.

What are the main keyboard shortcuts for WordPress?

WordPress also has keyboard shortcuts to make your work routine simpler. We list the main ones below.

Shortcuts for formatting and organizing content

Their function is to facilitate the organization and formatting of the content. To execute them, you need to type them without spacing and press “enter”. Some examples of shortcuts of this type are:

  • H2: ## or Ctrl + 2
  • H3: ### or Ctrl + 3
  • H4: #### or Ctrl + 4
  • H5: ##### or Ctrl + 5
  • H6: ###### or Ctrl + 6

As you can see, the insertion of heading tags within the text can be done in a simpler way using keyboard shortcuts.

Comment management shortcuts

If visitors to your website or blog engage with the content a lot, reviewing comments can be a lot of work so that using shortcuts can considerably reduce the time for this task.

When selecting a comment, you can use the commands below to perform the action according to the corresponding keyboard button:

  • approve the comment to be published: Shift + A
  • mark comment as spam: Shift + S
  • send an approved comment back to moderation: Shift + U
  • edit comment: Shift + Q
  • send the comment to the trash: Shift + D
  • undo previous command: Shift + Z
  • reply to comment: Shift + R
  • advanced comment editing: Shift + E

Editor shortcuts

These are the shortcuts most used in the production of content in the WordPress editor:

  • undo: Ctrl + Z
  • bold: Ctrl + B
  • underline: Ctrl + U
  • justify text: Alt + Shift + J
  • align right: Alt + Shift + R
  • numbered list: Alt + Shift + O
  • redo: Ctrl + Y
  • italics: Ctrl + I
  • align left: Alt + Shift + L
  • align in the center: Alt + Shift + C
  • bullet point: Alt + Shift + U
  • insert image: Alt + Shift + M
  • edit HTML: Alt + Shift + E
  • format: Ctrl + 8
  • paragraph: Ctrl + 7
  • quote: Alt + Shift + Q
  • insert date and time: Alt + Shift + S
  • break line of text: Shift + ENTER
  • link: Alt + Shift + A
  • insert “Read More” tag: Alt + Shift + T
  • publish the post: Alt + Shift + P

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress shortcuts?

The use of shortcuts brings pros and cons. Let us first look at the disadvantages of this feature.

Disadvantages of WordPress shortcuts

Although the use of codes is common in developers’ lives, for business owners or managers who have little or no knowledge of programming, some are not very intuitive.

Ctrl + Z to undo, for example, is known to most people. On the other hand, the use of … to insert elements from another page is not so frequent.

In addition, when installing a template on your WordPress, it can bring shortcuts that work, but may not work if you change the theme of your website or blog.

Advantages of WordPress shortcuts

As you can see throughout this post, shortcuts simplify the addition of features in WordPress, since you can insert several functions – such as image gallery, videos, and the like – into the code editor.

And so that the shortcuts can still be used even if you change or update your theme, they can be grouped within plugins so that they continue to work as before.

If your company has more than one website, this feature is of great help since everyone can have the same shortcuts, even if the templates and other settings are different.

Now that you have mastered all the main shortcuts, you can optimize your work and time when creating content for your website or blog. Despite being a simple theme, many points were presented here in this article and many others exist in the WordPress universe.

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