The 15 best APPs to create images for Instagram

Apps to create images for Instagram

One thing is a fact: Instagram is the most beloved app in the World! ? Therefore, having a well-managed profile on the social network brings countless advantages for brands.

And, to feed your profile with creative ideas, having a good app for creating images on Instagram is essential!

After all, what do successful profiles have in common? Photos and videos published in a strategic way, which leave the feed with the brand identity, thus, transmitting their values ​​through the posts.

And believe me, you don’t have to be a Photoshop master to do this magic and engage your audience on the social network.

If you want to create amazing images for Instagram in a simple and intuitive way, raise your arms and celebrate.?

In this article, you will learn about the best editing APPS for creating images for Instagram. Follow the text and check it out!

What is the best app to create images for Instagram?

Look, this question is VERY complicated, lol. First, because there are so many cool and free options for creating images for Insta. Second, because if you already have good design skills, you may find some of them very basic. But, we are here to help general!

So, instead of bringing this answer ready, we decided to study some tools and list the 15 best ones for you. Each with its qualities and characteristics, ok? Connect:

1. Trakto

It is no wonder that Trakto is the first tool on our list. In addition to ready and customizable templates to create your posts for Instagram on the Web, the platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

It has features that will make your work much faster and more fun like magic clipping, filters, animated GIFs, masks and more.

2. Google Slides

Although Google Slides is a tool regularly used for creating slide shows, it can be very useful when creating images for Instagram.

The composition system is very simple and has features such as shapes, tables, graphs and diagrams. It is even possible to create short videos to publish on your Insta.


The infographics are fashionable. With a consumer-style that appeals to users of social networks, the position information in a clear and scannable way.

The is the proper tool for this case. With it, you can personalize your infographic and insert elements such as icons and objects and make more people share your content.

4. Iconfinder

The icons work very well both as a compliment and as the main star of the images. With a huge collection, Iconfinder allows the composition of pieces that use symbolism as a communicative element.

This tool is international and not free, there are three types of plans with different values ​​for you to choose the one that best fits your budget.

5. Meme Generator Free

Memes are great for facilitating communication with the public. Although some companies still look down on them, they have a high level of engagement and a viralizing effect.

To create memes quickly, the recommendation is Meme Generator Free . There is a pre-selection with the hottest of the moment, but you can insert and edit images and texts as you wish.

6. CloudApp

Used by big companies like Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Ted Talks, the CloudApp has as a great differential the fact that the images are stored in the cloud. This prevents work from being lost and allows access to different platforms.

Here, we also highlight the possibility of creating GIFs, sequential images that provide the sensation of movement. It’s really cool and your followers love it!

7. Page2Images

The print screens are part of the modern consumer’s daily life. But often, they can also play an important role in business. The role of Page2Images is to facilitate this process.

All you need to do is type in the URL and the tool will create a “photo” of the page on desktops and mobile devices. Very useful, for example, to advertise websites, blogs and create tutorials.

8. Photovisi

One of the darling tools of Instagram page managers, Photovisi has the function of carrying out an action that generates a lot of engagement on the social network: collages.

With it, you can merge several photos into the same image, creating a kind of mural. Ah, the tool itself has several background layouts. Cool huh?

9. BeFunky

The Instagram app itself allows the user to insert filters and effects. But, if your intention is to take it a step further and further increase your editing possibilities, the solution is BeFunky.

It serves to crop, retouch, remove red-eye, insert frames, modify brightness, lights and shadows, improve sharpness and much more. All of this with a pleasant design and super easy to use.

10. Subtle Patterns

The background of the images is an essential element to give a “theme” to your posts. With a vast stock, Subtle Patterns allows the free download of backgrounds for you to use wherever you want.

11. Inshot

Entering the field of mobile applications, Inshot is a solution for editing images and videos that helps in the creation of visual content. Here, we highlight its applicability in Instagram Stories.

You can include text, emojis, rotate images and create your own montages. All of this without having to leave your cell phone and sit in front of the PC screen.

12. Drool

Another very popular app is Drool. Here, the focus is on the alliance between image and text formats, which can generate good results for different types of business. Words or phrases with varied fonts can be added on top of the photos, in addition to frames and drawings.

Perfect for sending a message on Insta, since people usually look at the photos before consulting the caption.

13. Canva

If you don’t have a lot of knowledge of professional design platforms, this is the perfect solution to create your images.

The Canva has a vast resource file, including the “drag and drop” option, useful for those who want to quickly create graphic and without the need for in-depth knowledge pieces.

We even have a specific post about the tool, click here to see the step by step how to create an image using Canva online.

14. Legend

The Legend is a creator of super intuitive and great text animation to edit videos and images to Instagram. With it, you have the option of creating content with only text or uploading photos and videos.

Legend’s features help to create impressive Stories, as you add a well-designed text animation layout, which makes your videos and photos very colourful.

15. Over

The Over is super suitable for arts to edit quickly and easily. You can start an art from scratch or use the customizable templates available in the app. The tool has a series of inspiring effects to make your brand and your personal art projects shine.

In the paid plan you still have access to numerous models of graphics, fonts and images, all customizable. But if you choose the free plan, you can also create and personalize content with text, photos and videos.

16. SCRL

With SCRL you can innovate publications in the carousel format. The app, available only for IOS, allows you to create exclusive layouts, panoramas, collages, mood panels and more.

In addition to allowing creations for landscape, square and portrait formats, it is possible to organize, label, rotate, resize and superimpose your images in single or multiple frames.

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