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Blogs have been increasingly used by companies, with the aim of establishing a better relationship with their customers and consolidating their brand. Corporate blogs are blogs used in the daily life of a certain company. The tool makes room for comments, positive or negative, that can contribute to business management.

The use of blogs in a company is very common in the United States. Check out five of the largest corporate blogs in the USA here:

1) Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea essentially sells teas. The blog is personalized in a way to become a “comfortable” environment for the customer, but that remains true to the brand. The blog design is more informal and brings you closer to whoever accesses it.

Another blog tactic was to demonstrate your employees in a more friendly way. It is possible to see photos of the employees and partners of the blog, which are called “Tea Mates”.

2) Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman creator Ree Drummond used her blog as a platform for a variety of projects, including promoting her cookbook and showcasing her photography. Her “secret sauce” lies in her ability to connect personally with her readers, creating an open, friendly and welcoming blog post experience at the same time.

3) Disney Parks

Disney Parks is a blog designed to encourage more visitors to Disney parks. They do a fantastic job of making your website memorable and useful.

A great feature is a way they show their blog authors. Next to each post, there is a photo of the author. This allows your content to be a little more friendly and transparent.

4) Citrix

Citrix is ​​a work and lifestyle blog that focuses on the issues of people who own businesses in changing situations. What draws attention on the blog is that it is not easy to see which company is behind the blog. Citrix minimizes your involvement with other companies. Instead, they put the needs of their target audience first and create a space that meets the needs and interests of their audience.

5) Ecoki

Ecoki is a blog that offers a wide range of articles, tips and ideas on everything related to a sustainable lifestyle.

The blog template is clean and simple. This style makes it easy to read and presents various themes. In addition, they make it easier to navigate the site by adding easily visible headers, such as featured article, latest news, articles and popular resources.

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