Top 25 Best Indian Blogs to follow from Famous bloggers

Best Indian Bloggers

With the growth of the Internet, blogging has become a part of the mainstream. It is not a hobby, but a career for many people. 

One of the best things about blogging is that everyone gets a level playing field. Anyone who has the internet and great ideas can launch their platform and rise to fame. Indian bloggers have taken advantage of this feature. Over the years, they have carved out a great space for themselves on the world wide web. 

Top 25 Best Indian Blogs to read online

1. Labnol – Amit Agarwal

Founder: Amit Agarwal | Founded Date: 2004 | Website:

Labnol is one of the best Indian blogs that throw light on various technological topics. Amit Agarwal, who is a graduate from IIT, launched this famous site. Amit is the highest-paid Indian blogger. He started this blog to share his expansive knowledge about technology. Labnol is one of the most well-known Indian blogs and was even labeled a success story by Google. 

Top Indian Blogger

2. ShoutMeLoud – Harsh Agarwal

Top Indian Blogger

Founder: Harsh Agarwal | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

If you are an aspiring blogger, then ShoutMeLoud is the perfect website for you. In this blog, founder, Harsh Agarwal, talks about his experience of being self-employed. Harsh is the second highest-paid Indian blogger and one of the leading digital marketing experts in India. He talks about how others can take up such a journey as well. He explains concepts like social media marketing, affiliate marketing, WordPress blogging, and more. Through his blog, he helps aspiring bloggers pursue their dreams. 

3. YourStory – Shradha Sharma

Best Indian Blogs

Founder: Shradha Sharma | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

YourStory is a famous blog that presents the stories of entrepreneurs and businesses. Shradha Sharma one of the Top Indian bloggers, launched it in 2010. The blog includes the latest news about emerging business trends and up-and-coming startups. It also emphasizes women’s empowerment and social justice. YourStory is one of the most beloved Indian blogs to date, and it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. 

4. CashOverflow

Founder: Pradeep Goyal | Founded Date: 2015 | Website:

CashOverflow is a popular financial blog that is started by Pradeep Goyal, one of the famous Indian bloggers. It contains high-quality articles about finance, marketing, everyday economics, and more. The site manages to present key information to people in an easy and approachable manner. Since the time it launched, it has remained a go-to financial blog for many and we recommend you check it out. 

Famous Indian Blog

5. AllTechBuzz

Popular Indian Blogger

Founder: Imran Uddin | Founded Date: 2011 | Website:

Another great technology blog that netizens love is Imran Uddin’s AllTechBuzz. It’s the perfect website for all the content you need about the latest gadgets. It also contains many articles about the latest apps and how to use them. Since its launch in 2011, the site has grown and is one of the best Indian blogs. Imran is one of the most followed Indian Bloggers. 

6. MissMalini

Founder: Malini Agarwal | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

MissMalini is Malini Agarwal’s eponymous blog which is a hub of Bollywood-related content. It lets you know about the latest film release, the newest celebrity gossip, and more. Malini started this blog as a side job while working as a Radio Jockey. But soon enough, the website picked up popularity and she quit tending to the blog full-time. Nowadays, it contains articles about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle as well. 

Famous Indian Blogger Malini Agarwal

7. JagoInvestor

Top Finance blogger

Founder: Manish Chauhan | Founded Date: 2007 | Website:

Started by Manish Chauhan, JagoInvestor is a blog that provides great financial advice. It’s especially beneficial for those wanting to step into the shoes of an investor. Manish is a renowned financial writer. He has conducted various workshops and written several books. He started this blog to educate the masses about key financial concepts. He writes about mutual funds, shares, the stock market, and more. 

8. HellBoundBloggers

Founder: Pradeep Kumar | Founded Date: 2009 | Website:

HellBoundBloggers is a website that informs users about online marketing and blogging. Pradeep Kumar launched it at the age of 17. He wanted to share his experiences about blogging with the world. Through this platform, he continues to share precious knowledge about online blogging. In recent years, several famous people have contributed to his blog. 

Top Blogger in India

9. Archana’s Kitchen

Best Indian Blogs

Founder: Archana Doshi | Founded Date: 2007 | Website:

Home-cooks and foodies already know about this famous blog. Archana Doshi launched Archana’s Kitchen in 2007. The website is an online glossary of Archana’s recipes. She shares simple yet delicious recipes that anyone can make. She also talks about diet plans and DIY projects that can make your kitchen better. It’s a unique blog that helps even an ordinary cook transform into an at-home master chef. 

10. FoneArena

Founder: Varun Krishan | Founded Date: 2005 | Website:

FoneArena is a world-famous blog that talks about the latest gadget launches. Here, you can find information about all the newest phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Varun Krishan started the blog in 2005. Since then, he has continued to present high-quality reviews to his user base. It is one of the most trusted gadget reviews sites on the world wide web. 

Best Indian Blogger FoneArena

11. SafalNiveshak

Best Indian Blog SafalNiveshak

Founder: Vishal Khandelwal | Founded Date: 2011 | Website:

If you’re an aspiring Indian investor, then SafalNiveshak is the perfect blog for you. Vishal Khandelwal started SafalNiveshak. He launched this platform to educate people about the intricacies of investment. He also wanted to teach people about money management. The site contains many posts full of great financial information. It is a treasure trove for those who want to achieve financial freedom and success. 

12. MyLittleMoppet

Founder: Dr Hemapriya Natesan | Founded Date: NA | Website:

MyLittleMoppet is a blog that serves as a guide for new parents. Dr Hemapriya Natesan launched it. She wanted to help to-be mothers by answering their queries. She is a doctor as well as a mother. These experiences allowed her to give excellent parental advice. As a result, her blog became super popular. Soon, she launched her store. There, one can buy nutritious premade baby food. 

Best Indian Blog MyLittleMoppet

13. NextBigWhat

Best Indian Blog

Founder: Ashish Sinha | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

As indicated by the name, NextBigWhat is a blog that focuses on entrepreneurship. Ashish Sinha, who is the founder, wanted to bring start-ups to the forefront. It informs netizens about the latest innovations, emerging start-ups, and newest concepts. It’s the perfect site for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through it, they can get ideas about what to do and how to do it. NextBigWhat has now grown to become a great online community for entrepreneurs. 

14. Vanity No Apologies

Founder: Anshita Juneja | Founded Date: 2010 | Website:

Vanity No Apologies is a beauty and fashion blog, started by Anshita Juneja. It hosts a barrage of posts about the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. It’s also a great place to get various fashion and beauty tips and tricks. You can also find product reviews that are so important in this age of online shopping. It’s one of the popular Indian blogs in this niche

Best Indian Blogger Anshita Juneja

15. TechPP

Best Indian Blog TechPP

Founder: Raju PP | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

If you’re a techie, then you must have heard of techPP. This blog is one of India’s leading technology websites. It has several posts about the latest gadgets and apps. The blog also has product reviews that help you get a better understanding of the items. The founder, Raju PP, started the blog to inform people about the newest electronics. 

16. BloggingX

Founder: Akshay Hallur | Founded Date: 2014 | Website:

BloggingX is a blog started by Akshay Hallur. He wanted to share his experience and knowledge of blogging. Since then, through his platform, he has helped up-and-coming bloggers build their brand. He shares tactics and information that can help people earn money online. Netizens love this site for its high-quality posts. 

Best Indian Blog BloggingX

17. Relakhs

Best Indian Blog Relakhs

Founder: Sreekanth Reddy | Founded Date: 2009 | Website:

Relakhs is a financial management blog. A financial planner Mr. Sreekanth founded the site. Here, he talks about the ways one can manage their finances. He writes about the importance of making smart decisions. He helps investors make prudent financial decisions by giving them relevant information. The quality of his posts is unlike any other, which is why his blog is so popular. 


Founder: Shradha Sharma | Founded Date: 2009 | Website:

VegRecipesofIndia is a blog started by Ms. Dassana. The site contains many simple and tasty vegetarian recipes. It is a renowned Indian food blog. This blog has excellent content that never fails to impress. The recipes are both nutritious and delicious. This site is one of the best Indian blogs for food. 

Best Indian Blog VegRecipesofIndia

19. iGeeksBlog

Best Indian Blog iGeeksBlog

Founder: Jignesh Padhiyar | Founded Date: 2012 | Website:

iGeeksBlog is a site that contains detailed reviews about the latest Apple products. Jignesh and Dhvanesh started it in 2012. Here, you can find honest reviews about all Apple gadgets and apps. They also share tidbits of technology news and information. Since then, iGeeksBlog has continued to remain a beloved website for many. 

20. ArtsyCraftsyMom

Founder: Shruti Bhat | Founded Date: NA | Website:

ArtsyCraftsyMom is a blog that is a haven for children’s art and crafts. The blog showcases art and craft activities for children. It even has activities that parents can engage in with their children. Shruti Bhat, who is the founder, launched this blog to share her passion for art and crafts with her parents. The popularity of the blog has skyrocketed since its launch and is one of the most renowned blogs now. 

Best Indian Blog ArtsyCraftsyMom


Best Indian Blogger Anil Agarwal

Founder: Anil Agarwal | Founded Date: 2010 | Website:

Blogging is an ever-changing field. Sites like BloggersPassion can help you stay on top. Anil Agarwal founded this blog. He did so to provide users with tips and tricks about blogging. It talks about brand marketing, domain ownership, and more. The blog talks about the various ways one can make money with the help of the internet. 

22. TheShootingStar

Founder: Shivya Nath | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

TheShootingStar is a website started by Indian Travel Blogger Shivya Nath. It is one of the original travel blogs of India. Through this platform, she talks about her travel experiences. She also gives aspiring travelers advice and information. Despite being a recently launched blog, she soon gained a lot of popularity. Over the past few years, she has also been working as a panelist on several functions and media platforms. 

Best Indian Blog TheShootingStar

23. DigitalDeepak

Best Indian Blog DigitalDeepak

Founder: Deepak Kanakaraju | Founded Date: 2013 | Website:

DigitalDeepak is a blog launched by Deepak Kanakaraju. Here, he talks about Facebook and affiliate marketing, WordPress blogging, and more. He shares his knowledge about the world of online content creation. His blog is one of the highest-rated digital blogs of India. 

24. 9Lessonsinfo

Founder: Srinivas Tamada | Founded Date: 2008 | Website:

It would be impossible to conclude this list without talking about 9Lessonsinfo. Srinivas Tamada founded this blog. It is one of the only web development blogs in India. Here, he writes about how one can develop their websites. He teaches about different types of coding and programming in a simplified and easy way. 

Best Indian Blog 9Lessonsinfo

25. PinkVilla

Best Indian Blog PinkVilla

Founder: Nandini Shenoy | Founded Date: 2006 | Website:

Our final pick is PinkVilla, a blog founded by Nandini Shenoy. It is a high-rated entertainment blog. Here, you can get all the latest buzz of the entertainment industry. She has always published engaging and fun content. That is why people remained hooked even today. It is considered the best Indian blog in the entertainment genre.

Wrap Up

In this day and age, blogging is a force to be reckoned with. The field has evolved greatly in the past decade and now, it is one of the most sought-after careers. The founders of the sites we’ve mentioned recognized the potential of blogging early on. By following their instinct and passion, they’ve reached the pinnacle of success. If you’re an aspiring blogger, make sure that you follow your passion the way they did.

FAQs about Best Indian Blogs

How much money do Indian bloggers earn?

The amount that a blogger earns depends on several factors. It depends on the amount of engagement on their site, their collaborations, advertisements, and more. However, most well-known Indian bloggers make an average of $3000-$7000 (Rs. 250000 – Rs. 500000)

How do bloggers earn money?

Bloggers earn money through –
• Advertisements on their site,
• Affiliate links and products (from where the blogger gets a certain percentage of the total sales amount)
• Sponsoring products or services

Who is India’s number one blogger?

Currently, Amit Agarwal, the owner of is the Number 1 Blogger in India 2020

Who is India’s highest-paid blogger?

India’s highest-paid blogger is Amit Agarwal, the founder of Harsh Agarwal, the founder of, is the 2nd highest-paid blogger in India.

Is blogging profitable in 2020?

Blogging is one of the most high-paying and profitable jobs in 2020. It lets you pursue your passion and be your own boss, while you earn a significant chunk of money.

Is it good to choose blogging as a career?

Blogging is a great career choice for anyone and everyone. It is a very lucrative business and it is easy to get into this field. All you need is fast internet, your own domain, and a knack for creating quality content.

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