25 Best Indian Blogs to read from top bloggers

With the growth of the Internet, blogging has become a part of the mainstream. It is not a hobby, but a career for many people. 

One of the best things about blogging is that everyone gets a level playing field. Anyone who has the internet and great ideas can launch their platform and rise to fame. Indian bloggers have taken advantage of this feature. Over the years, they have carved out a great space for themselves on the world wide web. 

Top 25 Best Indian Blogs to read online

1. YourStory

2. CashOverflow

3. ShoutMeLoud

4. Labnol

5. AllTechBuzz

6. MissMalini

7. JagoInvestor

8. HellBoundBloggers

9. Archana’s Kitchen

10. FoneArena

11. SafalNiveshak

12. MyLittleMoppet

13. NextBigWhat

14. Vanity No Apologies

15. TechPP

16. BloggingX

17. Relakhs

18. VegRecipesofIndia.com

19. iGeeksBlog

20. ArtsyCraftsyMom

21. BloggersPassion.com

22. TheShootingStar

23. DigitalDeepak

24. 9Lessonsinfo

25. PinkVilla

Wrap Up

In this day and age, blogging is a force to be reckoned with. The field has evolved greatly in the past decade and now, it is one of the most sought-after careers. The founders of the sites we’ve mentioned recognized the potential of blogging early on. By following their instinct and passion, they’ve reached the pinnacle of success. If you’re an aspiring blogger, make sure that you follow your passion the way they did.

FAQs about Best Indian Blogs

How much money Indian bloggers earn?

The amount that a blogger earns depends on several factors. It depends on the amount of engagement on their site, their collaborations, advertisements, and more. However, most well-known Indian bloggers make an average of $3000-$7000 (Rs. 250000 – Rs. 500000)

How bloggers earn money?

Bloggers earn money through –
• Advertisements on their site,
• Affiliate links and products (from where the blogger gets a certain percentage of the total sales amount)
• Sponsoring products or services

Who is India’s number one blogger?

Currently, Amit Agarwal, the owner of Labnol.org is Top Blogger in India 2020

Who is India’s highest-paid blogger?

India’s highest paid blogger is Amit Agarwal, the founder of Labnol.org. Harsh Agarwal, the founder of shoutmeloud.com, is the 2nd highest paid.

Is blogging profitable in 2020?

Blogging is one of the most high-paying and profitable jobs in 2020. It lets you pursue your passion and be your own boss, while you earn a significant chunk of money.

Is it good to choose blogging as a career?

Blogging is a great career choice for anyone and everyone. It is a very lucrative business and it is easy to get into this field. All you need is fast internet, your own domain, and a knack for creating quality content.