13 Fantastic Leetcode Alternatives: Top Picks for Coding Challenges

Best LeetCode Alternatives

It’s undeniable that technical interviews can often seem like daunting hurdles for software developers. Thankfully, platforms like LeetCode have made interview preparation more straightforward. Yet, it’s essential to explore other options for a well-rounded preparation strategy. In this article, we delve into the best LeetCode alternatives to help you excel in your coding interviews in 2023.

Top 13 Leetcode Alternatives list


HackerRank leetcode alternative

An excellent place to start is HackerRank. This platform is one of the top LeetCode alternatives, offering a variety of challenges tailored to different domains. HackerRank’s categorization by subject matter – such as algorithms, data structures, and artificial intelligence – allows for targeted practice. Additionally, the platform supports over 50 programming languages, making it a universal tool for developers of all levels.

Why HackerRank?

Well, the platform not only provides a robust collection of coding challenges but also offers a user-friendly interface that’s a breeze to navigate.


CodeSignal leetcode alternative

CodeSignal goes beyond the standard programming challenges, offering a comprehensive environment for developers to enhance their skills. The platform covers general coding, algorithmic tasks, and even specific interview preparation. CodeSignal’s unique selling point is its company-specific test modules, like Uber, Dropbox, and Quora, which can provide invaluable insight into the actual interview process of these tech giants.

Why CodeSignal?

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone, CodeSignal is the way to go. Plus, they have a dedicated section for interview preparation. Quite nifty, isn’t it?


Exercism leetcode alternative

Exercism is another excellent LeetCode alternative that fosters a learning environment through peer-programming. Unlike other platforms, Exercism encourages users to solve problems and then review solutions submitted by other users. This interactive learning process is bolstered by over 50 available languages and a robust mentorship program.

Why Exercism?

If you’re looking to dabble in some unconventional languages, Exercism is your best bet. Plus, their mentorship program is top-notch.


CodeWars leetcode alternative

Codewars stands out for its gamified approach towards learning and practicing coding. Users move up in ranks as they solve more problems, fostering a sense of achievement. Additionally, the platform encourages peer-learning, allowing users to submit their solutions and review others, leading to a dynamic learning environment.

Why Codewars?

The ‘kata’ allows users to train on specific problem types, making it a fantastic resource for focused practice.


InterviewBit leetcode alternative

InterviewBit stands as a comprehensive platform for not just practicing coding problems, but also preparing for specific aspects of the job interview process. The platform offers features like mock interviews, problem-solving in a time-bound environment, and even a collaborative coding environment. What sets InterviewBit apart is its direct association with tech companies, offering users potential job opportunities.

Why InterviewBit?

InterviewBit offers gamified learning and simulates real interview scenarios. If you’re on the hunt for a job, this is your golden ticket.


TopCoder leetcode alternative

TopCoder is one of the oldest competitive programming platforms and continues to be a great LeetCode alternative. The platform offers a wide array of challenges and hosts frequent contests. The competitive spirit of TopCoder, coupled with its extensive problem archive, provides an excellent environment for honing your programming skills.

Why Topcoder?

Topcoder offers a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, a rich collection of problems, and a bunch of live competitions. It’s a no-brainer, really!

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)

Sphere Online Judge leetcode alternative

Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) is a well-known platform among the coding community. With a library of over 20,000 problems and support for 40+ programming languages, SPOJ caters to programmers of all skill levels. The platform also hosts regular coding contests, making it a suitable choice for competitive programmers.


If you’re looking to push your coding skills to the limit, SPOJ’s the place to be. It also hosts regular contests that can add a competitive edge to your coding journey.

Project Euler

Project Euler leetcode alternative

Project Euler provides a unique approach to coding practice. This platform presents a series of challenging mathematical and computational problems that require creative problem-solving and programming skills. If you’re interested in mathematics and enjoy challenging problems, Project Euler could be an excellent alternative to LeetCode.

Why Project Euler?

If you’re a fan of number theory, combinatorics, or just like to flex your mathematical muscles, Project Euler is your playground. The problems are fascinating, and solving them gives you a feeling of accomplishment that’s quite unlike any other platform.


CodeChef leetcode alternative

CodeChef, a platform created by Indian tech company Directi, is a global competitive programming platform known for its vast array of problems and active community. CodeChef hosts regular contests and provides a discussion forum for each problem, allowing users to interact and learn from each other.

Why CodeChef?

Its community-run short and long coding contests are a brilliant way to test your mettle against coders from around the globe.


AtCoder leetcode alternative

Last but not least, AtCoder is a competitive programming platform from Japan. AtCoder is highly regarded for its high-quality problems and frequent contests. The platform offers problems of varying difficulty levels, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers.

Why AtCoder?

AtCoder hosts weekly contests and provides a plethora of problems, making it an excellent platform for honing your problem-solving skills.

Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks leetcode alternative

Finally, Geeks for Geeks is a one-stop solution for any programming-related learning. The platform offers an extensive library of problems, detailed tutorials, and guides on numerous topics related to computer science and programming. The sheer breadth of resources available makes Geeks for Geeks an excellent alternative to LeetCode.

Why Geeks for Geeks?

Geeks for Geeks stands out with its comprehensive learning resources, which include articles, tutorials, and even video explanations. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned coder, there’s something for everyone here.

Addendum: Two Bonus Picks!

Alright, you’ve been such a sport that we’ve decided to throw in a couple more options to our list of Leetcode alternatives in 2023. Drumroll, please, for our bonus picks!


CodeCombat leetcode alternative

Here’s a little something to lighten the mood – CodeCombat. This platform turns coding into an adventure game, making the learning process a whole lot of fun.

Why CodeCombat?

If you’re looking to inject a dose of excitement into your coding routine or get younger ones interested in coding, CodeCombat is the way to go. Their unique approach to teaching coding is engaging and enjoyable.


Coderbyte leetcode alternative

Coderbyte is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide variety of challenges from basic algorithmic problems to complex data structures.

Why Coderbyte?

With its curated collection of interview prep materials and interactive coding challenges, Coderbyte is perfect for both beginners and seasoned coders.

Making the Choice: Which is the Best Leetcode Alternative?

While all of the mentioned platforms are excellent in their own right, the choice depends on your specific requirements. If you’re looking for targeted practice, HackerRank and CodeSignal might be your best bet. If peer learning and interaction is what you seek, Exercism and Codewars offer a community-oriented learning environment.

For interview-specific preparation, you can’t go wrong with Interview Bit, while TopCoder provides a competitive environment to keep you on your toes. Lastly, Geeks for Geeks offers a comprehensive repository of information, making it a fantastic resource for anyone looking to enhance their programming skills.

FAQs about The 11 Best Leetcode Alternatives in 2023

1. Why should I consider Leetcode alternatives?

Leetcode is a fantastic platform, no doubt. But exploring alternatives can expose you to different problem types, competitive environments, and learning formats, making you a more versatile coder. Plus, it’s always good to have a few more tools in your toolkit, right?

2. Which platform is the best for interview preparation?

While all platforms offer solid prep materials, InterviewBit stands out with its focused approach to interview scenarios. However, it’s a good idea to practice on multiple platforms to get a well-rounded preparation.

3. Are these platforms suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Most of these platforms cater to a wide range of skill levels. Beginners can start with simpler problems and gradually move up as their skills improve.

4. How frequently should I practice coding challenges?

Well, there’s no hard and fast rule here. It largely depends on your goals and availability. However, consistent practice is key. Even if it’s just an hour a day, make it count!

5. Are coding competitions worth participating in?

You bet! Coding competitions not only test your skills under pressure but also provide a platform to learn from your peers. Plus, they can be fun and rewarding.

6. Can these platforms help me land a job?

Many of these platforms, like InterviewBit and HackerRank, have job portals and conduct coding rounds for hiring. So, yes, practicing on these platforms can definitely help you land a job.


Well, there you have it! Our take on the 13 best Leetcode alternatives in 2023. These platforms are more than capable of catering to a wide range of skills and needs. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new challenge, you’re sure to find a platform that suits your fancy. So go ahead, take the plunge, and let the coding adventure begin!

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