Top 11 Lifestyle Blogs to Follow & Read

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogging has always been an experimental field where bloggers share anything and everything from their daily lifestyle to hobbies, travelling, food recipes, fitness tricks, etc stuffed with their impeccable knowledge and provide a unique and beautiful insight into it.

Lifestyle bloggers are the most popular social influencers of the current market and various brands approach them and target their huge social media following for the marketing of their brands. To our surprise this trend is not going to change soon rather increasing exponentially, new ideas, approaches and niches are being created to gain significant popularity and market.

Here, we have compiled 11 top lifestyle blogs to follow to start with. This article also has exact strategies that could be used for growth and various ways through which you can monetize your blog.

So if you are someone considering lifestyle blogging as a career, might find it helpful.

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What is a Lifestyle Blog?

Creating content by extracting ideas from daily activities and inspire people around the various social media platforms and internet geeks is what specifically a lifestyle blogger does. They write, publish, and market their content on a broad field of family, home, travel, beauty, food recipes, fashion, makeup, design, and decor. Because of the huge involvement of people, lifestyle bloggers are prodigious social influences commanding attention on various online platforms.

How to Grow your Lifestyle Blog?

  • Authenticity in content
  • Originality
  • Fresh, new ideas
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Consistency

These are the main keys you should consider for the growth of your lifestyle blog.

Top 11 Lifestyle Blogs to Read and Follow

11 Top Lifestyle Blogs are shared below in the article to give you an insight and some valuable ideas for the amateurs to start with. Here we go.

1. – Best Lifestyle Blog of 2020

HBFit Lifestyle Blog

HBFit is one of the top lifestyle blogs. This offers an informative approach towards Health, Beauty, and Fitness. All the essential advice, tips, and tricks are provided in an engaging way to a better lifestyle.

Who runs this blog

Hannah Bronfman, a US-based social media influencer and entrepreneur runs this blog. She provides detailed approaches towards health, fitness, beauty traveling with all her warmth and passion.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

The blogs always come up with relevant and practical issues of health, fitness, and beauty. Enhancement of knowledge and easy to imply lifestyle advice is their key to gain thousands of followers on their social media platforms.

What’s Their Monetization Model

  • Advertising
  • Selling their Fitness and Health-related products (sometimes books written by Hannah Bronfman herself)
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Sponsored posts and reviews These are the few monetization strategies that are used to run the blogs effectively.

2. – 2nd Best Lifestyle Blog to Follow

CupofJo Lifestyle Blog is one of the best lifestyle blogs in every aspect. Starting right from taking care of your family and pets to time management and small little artistic endeavours everything is beautifully executed on their site. The Cup of Joe was recognized as “Top 10 lifestyle websites for women” by Forbes.

Who runs this blog?

Joanna Goddard is the creator of this multimedia company i.e. Cup of Jo based in Brooklyn. She started the blog long back in 2007 which eventually led her to pursue it as a full-time gig from 2011. A graduate from the University of Michigan, a full-time mother, made honesty, sheer passion, and maintaining beautiful relationships with people her key to be a well-recognized blogger.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

If you are an enthusiast of lifestyle, travel, food, fashion, and culture, this I’d probably be the best place where you can hang out a bit. Every aspect is dealt with in various degrees with easily applicable advice and utmost care.

What’s Their Monetization Model

  • Advertisements
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Sponsored posts These are the major strategies they follow.

3. – Top Lifestyle Blog to Read

goop Lifestyle Blog

This is among the top lifestyle blogs for its diverse contents related to beauty, food, lifestyle and home, travel, and wellness. A multimedia platform with a revenue of millions of dollars.

Top sites like Fast Company, Vogue, The New York Times acknowledged several times.

Who runs this blog

Gwyneth Paltrow, a renowned personality launched this blog in 2008 as a weekly newsletter. Later with immense information that it provides on health, lifestyle, and fashion, making it is the most popular spot for enthusiasts.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

As they rightfully claim, they recommend what is worthy of the time and wallet of their followers and purchasers. A curious, open-minded, and service-centric approach is the working principle they follow. Along with the useful tips and tricks, they also have a ‘Shop’ section where followers can buy their fashion, skin-care, and health products.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Following are the major strategies they follow:

  • Affiliate products selling
  • Their products of jewellery, bags, skin-care, and health-related products.
  • And an affiliate program for the affiliates who can earn commission by selling and recommending their products.


Camille Styles Blog is an informative blog for traveling, lifestyle and wellness, food, design, and entertainment. One of the best lifestyle blogs based on relevant lifestyle issues handled with care and stuffed with useful information is a delight to read.

Who runs this blog

Camille, a Texas-based lifestyle blogger runs this blog. ‘Being your authentic self is what she believes to grow as a blogger. You can find more of her approaches to the blogging career and be successful in her beautiful interview with

She also is the writer of the bestselling book ‘Camille Styles Entertaining.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

Delicious recipes that they provide is one of the major baits for the followers. Other than this raising your fitness, healthy food, lifestyle hacks are the things where you can spend your spare time and gain insight towards a more happy and healthy life.

What are their Monetization Model

Monetization strategies mainly include-

  • Sponsorship programs
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Speaking engagements


The Blonde Salad

This is a renowned fashion blog that also has amazing content on lifestyle tips and advice. This is an ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts and one of the top lifestyle blogs.

Who runs this blog

Chiara Ferrangi, an Italian fashion blogger runs this blog. The former law student is continuing blogging for more than 10 years now and The Blonde Salad began as an irrelevant take on fashion. As she described, “It was all about mixing it up, like a salad, and playing on the clichè of the dumb blonde”.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

Chiara Ferrangi uses this master business strategy, a blend of tech entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned Italian business sense. Millions of followers on social media platforms follow their surefire tips to enhance their knowledge about fashion and get insight into beautiful lifestyle and wellness strategies. Several fashion related magazines and sites like Forbes, The Guardian featured this blog.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Pick of The Week is one of their sections where they sell their trending products like shoes, accessories, and clothes. They also make money using the following strategies-

  • Selling products
  • Sponsoring ads
  • Promotion of affiliated products related to fashion and lifestyle.

6. ABeautiful

A Beautiful Mess Lifestyle Blog

A wonderful blog with various niches like style, home decor, crafts, and delicious recipes. This also contains podcasts, photo-editing apps, and several other things in one platform.

Who runs this blog

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman run this blog. They believe in ‘Stay home + make something!’ motto and as mentioned on their site most of the contents are written from their homes based in Springfield, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

They create content on ten years of recipes and step by step tutorials for home decor projects and crafts? They created a few photo editing apps like A Color Story, A Design Kit, Filmm, Template, etc. They also run a podcast channel and provide courses on Instagram growth, video editing, blogging, etc. Photo Idea Book, Happy Handmade Home, and Weekday Weekend are their three books that you can check out for handy solutions and ways for a better lifestyle.

What’s Their Monetization Model

The major ways they use for making money are-

  • Courses they offer on various topics.
  • Selling their products and books
  • Advertising.


Gal Meets Glam Lifestyle Blog is one of the top lifestyle, health, and fashion blogs. This blog is all about holding a very unique approach towards their collections of clothing and other things that comes under their brand name ‘Gal Meets Glam’.

Who runs this blog

Julia Berolzheimer runs this blog. The former business student started this ‘Gal Meets Glam’ fashion blog, as a hobby long back in 2011. She believes passion and hard work are the success mantras for a blogging career.

She has been named one of Forbes Top Influencers in 2017. She claims to stand for curated discovery for those driven and inspired by aesthetics.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

As Julia said, each collection in Gal Meets Glam is an extension of her style, a modern take on classic sophistication and feminine elegance. They offer aesthetically pleasing designs with unique experiences and intriguing ideas that you would probably love to have in your wardrobe.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Their main monetization strategy is their shop section where they sell all those beautiful collections of the brand under different categories like style, beauty, at home collections, garden dresses, and gardening, travel collections, etc. Other ways are-

  • Sponsoring reviews and post
  • Advertising
  • Brand collaborations.


The Skinny Confidential Blog

This is one of the best lifestyle and fashion blogs which is run by Lauren Evarts with all of her sheer passion for health and beauty.

Who runs the blog

Lauren Evarts is a well-known influencer and the creative director behind the blog The Skinny Confidential. She is the author of the book The Skinny Confidential Book as well.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

This blog offers easy, quick recipes and easy to imply tricks on lifestyle, fitness, and beauty. So, if you are a lifestyle enthusiast you may love to spend some of your spare time on this platform. The Skinny Confidential has been recognized by various renowned platforms like SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, etc. They also have a podcast channel, YouTube channel, and ebooks.

What’s Their Monetization Model

The major ways are-

  • Selling lifestyle-related products through blog
  • Brand collaborations
  • Selling own books
  • Selling affiliate products related to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.


Bare Foot Blonde Blog

BarefootBlonde is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog run by Amber Fillerup Clark. A well-maintained, informational content with a lot of relevant issues is what they are greatly passionate about.

Who runs this blog

The perfect mother and social-media influencer Amber Clark first started BareFootBlonde by sharing her dressing and hairstyle tips. Later, she started working on lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fashion.

She also started Barefoot Blonde Hair along with her husband in 2016. She keeps her millions of Instagram followers glued to her easy to imply advice on fashion and lifestyle.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

Amber is a PRO at her niches and who wouldn’t love to learn from an expert. Her regular lifestyle thoughts, hair tutorials, travel tips, and style advice are hard to ignore, you may end up subscribing to her blogs and learn better ways of living.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Amber uses the following methods to monetize her blogs-

  • Sponsorships for posts and reviews
  • Brand collaborations
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Selling own products through her online store.

10. AkankshaRedhu.Com – Best Lifestyle Blog in India

Akansha Redhu Lifestyle Blog

A renowned and award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog run by Akanksha shares content mostly on fitness, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

Who runs this blog

Akanksha, a famous Indian blogger runs this blog on various niches like travel, food, yoga, health, and wellbeing.

She also has huge social media followers and collaborates with a large number of popular brands.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

High quality, unique, and engaging content on yoga, fitness, travel, and lifestyle is what she believes in.

She has been featured by many publication platforms like Cosmopolitan India and major fashion outlets like Jabong, Vogue, etc.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Monetization strategies that she uses are-

  • Brand collaborations
  • Selling affiliate products
  • Selling her products through blogs. What makes her blogs different is, no intervention of ads, just peaceful reading to find out the most practical advice on lifestyle which you would love to implement.

11. StylishByNature.Com – Top Rated Lifestyle Blog in India

Stylish By Nature Lifestyle Blog

This blog is the ultimate destination of people interested in fashion with authentic traditional and modern outfits. As the founder of the blog believes the explosion of blogging and e-commerce has revolutionized fashion, this blog has hugely influenced many brands by their unique approaches.

Who runs this blog

Shalini Chopra, a Bengaluru based Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger runs this blog. Being original and respectful towards her works and stuff are some of the great qualities that this woman possesses. She believes in keeping personal touch intact while maintaining brand proposition in focus.

Why Should You Read This Lifestyle Blog

This blog has been recognized by various media outlets like Deccan Chronicle, The New York Times, etc.

From fashion, beauty, travel, technology, food, fitness to even entertainment related contents are there. Do, if you are interested in any of these you may hang out a bit here. It is almost hard to not be able to content your niche in their blogs.

What’s Their Monetization Model

Shalini monetize her blogs through various ways that are-

  • Selling fashion-related products using her blog
  • Advertisements
  • Sponsored posts and reviews
  • Brand collaborations
  • Events.

Major Income Sources For Top Lifestyle Blogs

The first and foremost thing to consider while starting a lifestyle blog is to know the niches bit by bit that you want to work on. Once you’ve decided you will have clear ideas about how to monetize your blog. Lifestyle blogs have a huge area to expand including fashion, beauty, fitness, yoga, food, travel, and various other options. Thus several ways are available for monetization. Some of those which are mainly followed by top lifestyle blogs are as follows-

  • Sponsored posts and reviews
  • Advertisements
  • Collaborations with brands
  • Selling own products related to your niches like beauty products, health care products, fitness and yoga products, home decor, arts and crafts, and many others.
  • Event hosting.
  • Some also run youtube channels related to their blogs.
  • Selling of affiliate products
  • Ebooks
  • Courses on various skills like photo and video editing, the launching of podcast channels, etc.

Constant research and up to date knowledge about marketing and monetizing blog strategies will always give you an upper hand.

Final Thoughts

All you need is just to get started! A huge content of information, advice, tips, and tricks are always available over the internet but nothing can match your experimentations which always guides you to a better approach towards a successful lifestyle blog. Being original, and bringing out new ideas that are very relevant to present issues are the other keys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lifestyle Blogs

1. How To Start A Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogging is a massive niche. You have to be very specific about the niches you are interested to work on. Try to follow other bloggers in your niche to get some handy ideas but in the end, you have to be your original self and work hard as blogging is not at all an easy task. Start as early as possible.

2. What Are The Best Lifestyle Blogging Ideas?

Almost every niche under lifestyle blogging is hugely popular and engages a lot of traffic. Few of the best ideas which you can follow are-

● Fitness and yoga
● Food (diet-based or recipe of different continents)
● Interior Design (home decor and arts and crafts)
● Fashion
● Travel

You can always go for more than one niche based on knowledge and experience.

3. How To Create Content For A Lifestyle Blog?

RESEARCH!! Yes, that’s the only key to have more implacable ideas to create content. Reading magazines, books, articles of other bloggers is important and at the same time coming up with original, fresh, plagiarism-free content is the key. Also knowing your brand helps you to monetize and market your blogs.

4. How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money Online?

1. Advertising
2. Selling affiliate products
3. Selling online courses
4. Selling own products through online stores
5. Sponsorships

These are some of the ways, which may differ from niches to niches, can be implied for better outcomes.

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