Top 15 WordPress Donation and Fundraising Plugins

WordPress Donation Plugin

We live in a digital era, and all fundraising campaigns depend on digital platforms. WordPress helps eCommerce businesses integrate a WordPress donation plugin on their websites. Donation plugins are the easiest way to go for charity projects. The projects include relief funds and other natural calamity causes.

In this blog, we have discussed the 15 best WordPress donation plugins. Let’s dive in to find out:

What is the donation plugin?

A donation plugin is a tool to collect charities for a specific purpose. The purpose can be flood relief, earthquake relief, etc.

You can connect the donation plugin to the website. This will help customers donate by clicking the donation button.

How to Pick the Best WordPress Donation Plugin

There is no dearth of donation plugins in the digital market. But the problem remains with which plugin is the most appropriate. Some charity plugins are simple but without any customization options. Reliability should be your priority if you need to pick a WordPress donation plugin.

A few factors to consider while buying a donation plugin include:

  • Desktop and mobile compatibility
  • You can generate receipts and send them to the donor with the plugin.
  • The donation plugin must support your preferred payment method.
  • The donation plugin should have the recurring donations option.
  • A WordPress donation plugin should offer the customization option.
  • There should be no glitch.
  • Charges for the plugin should be affordable; if it’s free, then it’s great!

Top 15 WordPress Donation & Fundraising Plugins

1-GiveWP-Top WordPress Donation Plugin

You can assume GiveWP is the most reliable WordPress donation plugin. It offers several benefits to e-commerce companies. Other organizations can also raise funds.


  • It offers many payment gateways for website integration to users. The gateway options include Square, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, 2checkout, and more.
  • GiveWP is not an easy-to-use plugin. But, it offers every option to make sure you can do customization as per your website’s style. Customization options include currency switcher, multi-level donation, donation campaign, and more.
  • GiveWP offers you the chance to manage funds online and offline. It also offers a ‘donor management area’ feature.

2-PayPal Donation

It is a popular and free WordPress donation plugin. PayPal donation allows users to insert the donate button into a website. The button is a hallmark of PayPal donation collectors.


  • This plugin’s major aim is to ensure the process is more accessible. The user only has to add the PayPal account and start getting donations; it’s that simple!
  • The PayPal donation also ensures that you can offer recurring monthly donations.
  • PayPal donation offers seven different templates with customization of your choice.


Charitable is a popular and easy WordPress donation plugin. The plugin offers impressive features to expand the donation campaign.


Charitable enables you to create limitless fundraising campaigns. You get selective goals for
every donation cause. This donation plugin allows the user to choose a fixed or customized
amount to donate, or he can do both.

You can embed the charity form on sidebars, posts, website pages, or popups here.


Donorbox is among the best charity-based plugins on the market. It carries many easy-to-use features that work with WordPress and non-WordPress sites.


  • It gives you comfort to set up your donation campaign yearly, monthly, or weekly. Corporate gift matching is also an option to receive donations with Donorbox.
  • It offers donation popup forms, support for different currencies, and a goal meter.
  • Donorbox enables you to collect donations through renowned payment gateways. These are the options you get Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal One-touch Express, etc.


WPForms is a basic WordPress donation plugin available on the market. The plugin provides access to over 50 million websites around the globe.


  • WPForms is a form builder plugin with a drag-and-drop feature. It contains already built form templates for online charity forms on the website.
  • This plugin allows a basic and easy way to fundraise with customization. This helps donors donate one time or after a specific period.
  • You can integrate WPForms with all major email marketing platforms. The platforms include Aweber, SendinBlue, MailChimp, etc.

6-Donation for WooCommerce

Donation for WooCommerce is a leading WordPress donation plugin. It caters to WooCommerce sites. You can raise funds even if you have a stable online business. This plugin is gold for you if you run your business on WooCommerce.


  • You can run various charity campaigns and receive funds on a monthly, yearly, or daily basis. Also, you can enable donors to either donate as a predefined option or a “pay what you want” option.
  • You can integrate your running donation campaigns with your online stores. This makes Donation for WooCommerce a unique WordPress donation plugin.
  • This plugin enables you to display a charity list on your WP site. The list can help customers pick the charitable cause they wish to support. The choice enhances the chances of successful donation campaigns.


It is another WooCommerce-led donation plugin. YITH is useful for fundraising and streamlining the functionality of a program. You can ask people to donate as funding for the company.


  • Show the donation button as a cart page.
  • Receive donations through strategic positioning.
  • Making donations mandatory is possible. You can force customers to buy a product by placing a comprehensive form on each product page.
  • You can enable your customers to choose payment methods through this donation plugin.
  • Send a persuasive email to clients so they can donate.

8-Donation Content Locker

This WordPress donation plugin functions as a membership system. It offers some distinct features to aid you in running an effective charity campaign.


  • A Donation Content Locker enables you to sell premium content. Here, content is bartered for the donation amount.
  • This plugin functions on a policy of “give and take”. You can get a feature through which you can restrict your content. Content restriction means content will remain locked till the user pays.
  • When you get the one-time amount, the donor gets the confirmation email. Your lowest possible value for the content.
  • The Donation Content Locker plugin offers a block feature. The donor cannot distribute the activation link to other users through this feature.

9-Seamless Donations

A reliable and simple WordPress donation plugin. Seamless Donations is easy to use and offers various cool donation features.


  • The seamless donations plugin is easy to install and set up. You can integrate it with PayPal and Stripe to raise funds. Convenience and security remain intact.
  • This plugin charges a zero platform fee. You can also receive donations from around the globe.
  • You can set up a charity campaign with less budget through seamless donations. You can also allow donors to make recurring donations.
  • This WordPress donation plugin supports mobile and desktop. Also, the donor gets a gratitude email in the form of a “thank you” email.
  • The seamless donations plugin allows you to pay tribute to a deceased person.

10-Formidable Forms

This is another critical WordPress donation plugin. It allows you the essential drag-and-drop feature. Also, this form builder donation has a visual styler. The styler designs charity forms to align your site with the plugin.


  • You can get more exposure by integrating your email list through Formidable Forms. Renowned email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Aweber can be a good combo here.
  • You can also get an SMS notification feature through this plugin. The donor gets a notification whenever the payment gets confirmed.

11-WP Crowdfunding

The captioned fundraising plugin is one of the easy-to-use plugins. It has the following features:


  • WP Crowdfunding is a perfect way to raise funds for specific projects. It has a “collective online backers” feature as well.
  • WooCommerce supports WP Crowdfunding. It has a wallet system that enables the site owner to accept and manage various donor pledges. After achieving your goals, you can (as an administrator) allow donors’ withdrawal requests.
  • WP Crowdfunding supports Skrill, PayPal, and credit cards to keep donors hassle-free.

12-Donation Thermometer

The Donation Thermometer is a charity plugin for other WordPress donation plugins. This WP plugin gives you a “thermometer image” to showcase the number of donations received so far. The image of the current number of donations on a WP site motivates people to donate more to the cause.


  • The donation thermometer plugin is free.
  • The plugin uses vector-based photos. It helps you see high-resolution metrics on every screen size.
  • The donation thermometer is easy to integrate into an existing charity campaign. All you need is to use a shortcode from another plugin. There is no need to update the donation value after each donation amount.

13-Green Donations for WordPress

A straightforward yet powerful WordPress donation plugin. It offers tons of valuable features for
boosting donation campaigns.


  • Stripe and Paypal are supported by Green Donations for WordPress.
  • It has zero platform fees.
  • You can SEO-optimize this plugin as well.
  • You get a multisite installation feature to promote donation campaigns. You can install it on various WP sites to boost your cause.
  • With a shortcode or widget, you can add a charity form to your WP site.
  • The donor gets the email notification once they donate. The email confirms and praises donors.
  • Top Donors and Goals are two important aspects. These features allow you to view top donors as well as the progress of charity goals.

14-SKT Donation

One of the basic and easy-to-handle WordPress donation plugins. Blogging is one of the simplest ways to run successful charity campaigns.


  • SKT donations cater to non-state and not-for-profit organizations. PayPal and Stripe are accepted by this plugin.
  • SKT Donation has a zero platform fee.
  • It offers the famous drag-and-drop feature. It also offers a personalization process through an easy editor.
  • The donor gets the “Thank you” email. They also get a tax-deductible receipt once they get the donation amount.
  • SKT Donation has form builders (Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms). These form builders enable you to create various charity forms.

15-Cryptocurrency Donation Box – Emerging WordPress Donation Plugin

A seamless and desirable WordPress donation plugin for the growing cryptocurrency


  • It is a free plugin.
  • The basic and enticing features About 20 major cryptocurrencies are accepted here. A wide range of options for a donation helps the crypto community to donate more.
  • The Cryptocurrency Donation Box supports Metamask cryptocurrency wallets for various secure transactions.
  • Conversion of a payment address into a QR code is possible.
  • Customization of the donation box to make it in line with the WordPress site theme is possible.

Which is the Best WordPress Donation Plugin?

After analyzing all the donation plugins, Donation for WooCommerce looks the best. Donation for WooCommerce enables you to add “donation acceptance” as a WooCommerce product. This helps the visitor to donate after they complete their shopping cart.

Moreover, you can:

  • Display charity goal progress on the widget.
  • Reset campaign fundraising goals
  • Display the summary on the donation widget.
  • Users can enter the donation amount. Also, they can pick from predefined charity values.

Last Word

A WordPress donation plugin is needed in today’s eCommerce world. Suppose you need important features such as donation receipts and campaign goals. In that case, GiveWP and Donation for WooCommerce are powerful options. You have to see your needs in front of you and pick the best option.

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