6 Best Bluehost Alternatives & Competitors

Best Bluehost Alternatives

Tried of Bluehost services and looking for an alternate to Bluehost to change your current hosting then you are at right place at right time.

When it comes to web hosting, Bluehost comes first on the list. Many bloggers and even WordPress also recommend Bluehost for web hosting though, it has certain server issues on WordPress sites. Henceforth, it’s the right time to look for the best Bluehost alternatives. Due to limited features and server uses that Bluehost offers, you should try out some other cheap Bluehost alternatives.

Like others, you might also prefer Bluehost for your website hosting. There are innumerable benefits of using Bluehost. Above all, it is highly recommended for WordPress hosting. But, sometimes, you need some extra features like website builder and billing options.

There are some better web hosting options than Bluehost, and you don’t have to spread your arms and legs for them.

Why Do You Need Bluehost Alternatives?

Recently, Bluehost was acquired by EIG Group (Endurance International Group). This is a small hosting company with numerous hosting groups and services are under the belt. When EIG acquired Bluehost, things were entirely changed. Users started experiencing server issues

Above all, there are various social media clashes about Bluehost. Due to this, Bluehost alternatives came into the picture. It’s the right time when you should also shift to a different web hosting company. You don’t want those negative ratings and reviews on your business platform due to server issues. Above all, proper web hosting of all your business platforms is necessary.

Thus, you should check out some best Bluehost alternatives below.

Table Of Contents
  1. Why Do You Need Bluehost Alternatives?
  2. 1.   SiteGround (Best Bluehost Alternative)
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  4. 2.   WPX Hosting (Premium Bluehost Alternative)
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  6. 3.   FastComet (Cheap & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)
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  8. 4.   InterServer (Reliable & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)
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  10. 5.   GreenGeeks (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)
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  12. 6.   Flywheel (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)
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  14. Which Hosting Is The Perfect Bluehost Alternative?
  15. FAQ Related To Bluehost Alternatives
  16. Over To You

1. SiteGround (Best Bluehost Alternative)

Best Bluehost Alternative

SiteGround is the perfect Bluehost alternative for innumerable reasons. It comes with various security features and is suitable for both WooCommerce and WordPress.

Significant Features Of SiteGround

  • Free Daily Backups– This feature is highly appreciated by the users. Most of the errors and management mishaps can be resolved with a one-click restore tool. Above all, this restore option is 100% free for all the users. All the backups are saved in a separate file for a couple of weeks.
  • Exceptional Priority Support- Cloud, GoGeek, and Dedicated servers are managed by the support agents. Users can inquire about their tickets and issue directly on instant chat. All the support agents are well-experienced with exceptional high-speed technical support. You get quick replies for all your queries from SiteGround agents.
  • Staging Tool- Joomla and WordPress sites can be hosted with a staging tool. GrowBig users can download the working copy of the new changes on the website. Due to which, there are no issues while uploading content. The staging tool is essential if you are running an E-commerce platform.

Which Hosting Plan Of SiteGround Will Be Best For You?

SiteGround offers three different hosting plans- StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Whether you are a beginner or expert in developing websites, GoGeek plan is best for you. With this plan, you can host innumerable websites with 30GB of space. It also offers PCI Compliance and Plus Priority support. You can buy this hosting plan at $14.99 per month. You should also check out the other SiteGround plans.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On SiteGround?

With these features and affordable hosting plans, SiteGround becomes one of the best Bluehost alternatives. It’s a feature-rich hosting company where you don’t face hassle while developing your business platforms. Above all, the hosting plans are suitable for beginners and experts as well.

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2. WPX Hosting (Premium Bluehost Alternative)

WPX Hosting

Looking for the most affordable, faster, and better web host for your WordPress sites? WPX hosting comes with excellent features like free daily backups and quick customer support.

Significant Features Of WPX Hosting

  • Daily WordPress Backups- With WPX hosting, you are prompted with the backup of your websites daily. For enhanced protection, all the backups are stored for 14 days. Above all, you don’t have to pay anything for daily backups. You can also create your own backup separately using BackWPup and BackupBuddy plugins.
  • Free Migration Services- It’s tough to migrate the web host of your WordPress site. WPX hosting provides a free migration service for all users. WPX hosting team can change the web host of your current site with a new WPX Hosting account. Migrating the linked email is also included in this service.

Which Hosting Plan Of WPX Hosting Will Be Best For You?

WPX hosting offers three different web host plans- Business, Professional, and Elite. If you are serious about your website, the Elite plan is best for you. These plans are available on a monthly and yearly basis. You can go with Elite yearly plan where you can host 35 websites with 40GB storage. You can also get some discounts in the festive season. However, you should also check out the other web hosting plans.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On WPX Hosting?

If you are a start-up digital marketer, WPX hosting is best for you. None other web host is suitable for your business type. It’s a reliable web host and budget-friendly as well. Whether you are running ad campaigns or launching new products, you don’t have to shut down WPX hosting. At last, customers get a smooth browsing experience while exploring the sites.

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3. FastComet (Cheap & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)

Bluehost Alternatives

Here comes one of the best Bluehost alternatives with innumerable and astonishing features. FastComet is an advanced cloud hosting platform with 20,000+ cloud nodes. This web hosting platform is perfect for smaller firms and start-up companies.

Mouth-Watering Features Of FastComet

  • Free Domain For Lifetime- FastComet is one of the few web hosts that provide a free domain for lifetime. Once you become part of FastComet, you don’t have to pay a single penny for your domain. However, the free domain is only available until you use FastComet for your sites.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN- With FastComet, you can access more than 100 datacenter locations without spreading your hands and legs. All the files of your site will be replicated easily. Due to which your users can access your website without any location bar.
  • Free SSD Disk Space- While building landing pages of your site, an optimized SSD disk place is a must. The Free SSD disk space of FastComet is 300% faster than typical HDD. In simpler words, your sites will always run faster round the clock.

Which Hosting Plan Of FastComet Hosting Will Be Best For You?

FastComet Hosting offers three different plans- FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra. Picking the right hosting plan depends on your choice. Yes, because there is a slight difference between FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra. You get all the advanced features in FastCloud Plus.

With FastCloud Extra, you get some extra SSD space with Rocket Booster. Therefore, choosing the best hosting plan depends on the type of business. However, other plans are also highly recommended by experts.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On FastComet Hosting?

If you are into digital marketing or E-commerce platforms, FastComet is perfect for you. The customer support and quality of hosting sites are better in FastComent. With all the advanced features, hosting multiple sites simultaneously becomes easy. There are innumerable reasons to use FastComet hosting for your business. At last, you can consider Fast-Comet one of the cheap Bluehost alternatives.

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4. InterServer (Reliable & Affordable Bluehost Alternative)

Cheap Bluehost Alternatives

InterServer web hosting is the best value for money web hosts for every company. All the plans are pocket-friendly with innumerable features like SSL certificate, quality customer support, etc.

Mouth-Watering Features Of Interserver

  • Web Application Firewall- Web Application Firewall (WAFs) protect particular server files, which are mandatory to regulate the web hosting environments. Interserver WAFs primarily focuses on SQL injections, executes necessary scripts, and prevents cross-site scripting.
  • Weekly Free Backups- All the Interserver hosting plans come with weekly free backups of server files. You have to upload all the necessary copies of server files, which are stored for 60 days. It gives peace of mind to the customers that your legal data will be protected.
  • SSL Certificates- SSL certificates are entirely different from InterShield Protections. All the shared hosting customers have direct and free access to SSL certificates. These certificates rely on TLS protocol and HTTPS for safe and secure transfer of data. In this technology-driven world, SSL certificates are crucial and vital for business owners.

Which Hosting Plan Of Interserver Hosting Will Be Best For You?

Interserver offers three web hosting plans- Standard, Windows, and WordPress. According to Interserver, the Standard plan is highly recommended for all beginners. You can find all the necessary features in this plan. If you are not running out of the money, the feature-rich WordPress plan is highly recommended.

At last, picking the best hosting plan entirely depends on your budget.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On Interserver Hosting?

According to many users, Interserver is one of the cheap Bluehost alternatives. Interserver hosting is the perfect web hosting for all the beginners. You get all the basic and advanced features with all the Interserver plans.

With Interserver, you can develop your WordPress sites and run ad campaigns smoothly. In simpler words, you can consider Intersever as one of the best Bluehost alternatives.

WordPress is not only one of the effortless CMS (Content Management System) to use, but also robust. The health of your WordPress website relies on the hosting provider you use. Thus, choosing the right and best Bluehost alternatives is crucial. But how can you know which one is the best and effective WordPress host? If you too are having the same question, then this handout is for you.

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5. GreenGeeks (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)

GreenGeeks Hosting

As the name suggests, GreenGeeks values environmental responsibility and takes pride to say that it’s 300% powered by renewable energy.

Being the world’s no.1 eco-friendly and cheap Bluehost alternatives, GreenGeeks automatically updates your WordPress set up. Hence, the users can have peace of mind knowing their website is 100% secure.

It offers you a free domain to start, plus you can add a limitless number of new domains to hosting plans at the same time. Instead of soaking up, your website will help produce renewable energy with this best Bluehost alternative.

True to environmental preservation, GreenGeeks allows you to make the planet greener and cleaner. Like several Linux-based web-hosting providers, it also offers cPanel as their foremost web hosting control panel. Fantastico and Softaculous script installers are involved in cPanel. These tools allow you to install popular third-party blogging platforms and content management systems.

Mouth-Watering Features Of GreenGeeks

  • Free site builder
  • Unlimited SSD webspace
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Boundless domains on one account
  • Free nightly backups
  • Free CDN integration
  • E-commerce friendly
  • Live support
  • Integrations and pre-installed apps
  • Free boundless email accounts

Which Hosting Plan Of GreenGeeks Hosting Will Be Best For You?

GreenGeeks provides three hosting plans, namely, Eco site Starter Plan, Eco site Pro Plan, and the Eco site Premium Plan. The Starter Plan costs $2.95/month, the Eco site Pro Plan costs $5.95/month, and the Eco site Premium Plan costs $11.95/month.

For the startups, the Eco site Starter Plan is beneficial because it comes with limitless data transfer, unlimited webspace, boundless email accounts, and many more. If you want to enjoy other features like free nightly backups, you can go with a pro or premium plan with this best Bluehost alternative.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On GreenGeeks Hosting?

GreenGeeks offers a migration service that is entirely free if you have an existing WordPress website. It serves as an incredible service when you consider switching web hosts.

The best part is that skilled professionals handle the transfer expertly, so users do not worry about any downtime. All servers run on quad-core processors plus accelerated RAID-10 local arrays permit rapid website performance and reliability.

You can blacklist distrustful IP addresses with VPS hosting plans. Additionally, GreenGeeks provides a free Spam Assassin tool to guard email accounts.

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6. Flywheel (Cheapest Bluehost Alternative)

Whether your WordPress site needs support, fast speed, or solid performance to run smoothly, Flywheel offers everything. This best Bluehost alternative makes it trouble-free to build a website from the start through its free demo sites plus one-click staging features.

With the correct plan, you will get your site transferred for automatic WordPress updates, free and auto backups, CDN integration, and loads more. The best part is that you get a generous 30-day money-back guarantee due to which Flywheel has become a reputable and best Bluehost alternative used by several businesses.

Built on tough network infrastructure, Flywheel is highly optimized for scale, speed, and security. Unlike other services providing at no cost trials, Flywheel offers free demo sites. With the demo service offered by a cheap Bluehost alternative, you can generate various test sites and try out exclusive features that it puts on your way.

With the existing custom tools, the users can do everything from adapting cache configurations to adding CDN or buying them from Flywheel.

Mouth-Watering Features Of Flywheel

  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Free site migrations
  • Availability of staging sites on all plans
  • Permits nightly backups
  • Blueprints
  • Auto-healing technology offers direct fixes
  • Facility to white label services
  • Built-in caching system
  • Collaboration tools
  • Free malware clean up

Which Hosting Plan Of Flywheel Hosting Will Be Best For You?

Flywheel offers different WordPress hosting plans, such as a starter Plan of $ 23.00/month, a Freelance Plan of $105.00/month, and Agency Plans for $266.00/month. The starter plan is beneficial for startups to acknowledge the features and how to use the hosting.

However, if you want to host more than one WordPress site on the same hosting, you have to go for Freelance or Agency Plan.

Why Should You Keep Your Eye On Flywheel Hosting?

If you are looking for an exceptional host who can manage the WordPress hosting service, then Flywheel serves as the best option.  The cashing system featured improves server performance and decreases the downloading time. It means that your website runs smoothly with blistering fast load times if you choose this cheap Bluehost alternative.

So, whether you know about the WordPress updates, Flywheel offers you with managed plugin updates. Moreover, the users can manage all of your WordPress sites hosted by Flywheel with the help of a dashboard.

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Which Hosting Is The Perfect Bluehost Alternative?

If you are looking for the perfect and cheap Bluehost alternative, then SiteGround is your answer. Its hosting plans are reasonably priced so that the users can easily afford it. The best part is its functionality that offers a stable service and can handle your WordPress website’s distinctive needs.

Where can I host my WordPress site?

There are several hosting that provides similar features but charge you about two to three times more for no reason. However, SiteGround, WPX, and GreenGeeks are the best Bluehost alternatives for every kind of business. 24/7 fast and expert WordPress support offered by hosting professionals makes your life easier.

Which Hosting is better than Bluehost?

When it comes to ease of use and WordPress hosting features, SiteGround serves as no.1 choice over Bluehost. The best part that you can find about SiteGround is its speed. If you don’t want to feel disappointed with speed, uptime, server locations, and customer support, SiteGround is far better than Bluehost.

Can I change my WordPress hosting later?

Yes, you can change your WordPress hosting later. You can change them directly in the database of your WordPress.

Which server center location should I select for my WordPress host?

The server center location makes a difference in the performance of your website. For instance, if most of your customers are in the US, you have to choose a server located in the US. Moreover, with the right WordPress hosting, you can have a CDN to speed up your site for multiple locations.

Over To You

I believe that you have enough knowledge and facts to decide which Bluehost alternative is best suitable for you.

But if you still confused which webhosting should you choose and have any query related to bluehost alternatives, then let me know via comment section below.

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