11 Best Sites to Buy Cheap Domain Names

Buy Cheap Domain Name

In order to put your website online, you will need to purchase a domain and register it. Otherwise, your visitors will only be able to find your website by typing its unique IP address.

In this content we explain what an internet domain is and how to buy cheap domain name to get your website up and running quickly and economically.

We make sure to present only reliable tools that are already an authority in this niche market. In addition, several of them also offer hosting services, in case you need one.

What is an internet domain?

Essentially, a website domain can be described as the name of the website, that is, you can use this name to reference it and search for it in your browser.

The truth is that whenever you enter a domain in browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, among others, they compare this name with the IP address associated with it.

For example, when you type www.facebook.com in your browser, it will actually search a list of registered addresses and domains, maintained by a service called a DNS server (Domain Name System), for find the IP address associated with Facebook, this would be the IP:

If you enter this IP address in your browser search, you will be redirected to Facebook. In other words, Facebook’s domain is facebook.com, which is associated with IP

Now imagine if we couldn’t search for websites through domains and needed to remember each IP address. That wouldn’t be practical or intuitive for us, right? And that is exactly why you need to register a domain for your website.

Top Websites to buy cheap domain names

Now that you know what an internet domain is and how important it is to your website’s identity, get to know the main sites for registering a domain.

1. Siteground

buy cheap domain from siteground

Siteground is one of the largest website hosting services in the United States and also offers the main domains to register your website, such as .com, .net, .org, among others.

In addition, if you already have a registered website, you can transfer it to Siteground to take advantage of its differentials:

  • Data protection and domain privacy;
  • Free domain on most hosting packages.

That is, if you decide to host your site on Siteground, you can not only find plans that already offer free domain, but also options that include SSL security certificates

To register a domain with Siteground, simply access the website and go to the domains page. We recommend using their search to find out if the name and extension you are looking for is available.

2. Interserver

cheap domains from interserver

Interserver is an American company that offers multiple services to anyone looking to put a website on the internet, including domain registration, website creator, email servers, hosting for WordPress pages, among other solutions.

As with the other alternatives presented in our list, at Interserver you will be able to choose between several different extensions, including the main .com, .blog, .net and .org.

In addition, it is possible to transfer a national domain already registered to Interserver free of charge, maintaining the existing expiration period for it.

3. GreenGeeks

buy a domain name

GreenGeeks is not far behind the alternatives above and also offers all the main extensions for you to register a domain, in addition to more than 50 different extensions such as .blog, .blog.br if you want to create a blog.

In addition to the domains offered by GreenGeeks, they also have plans and packages for hosting websites and WordPress pages, as well as email marketing solutions, SEO and a free SSL certificate.

Today they already serve big names in the market such as Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, among others, which proves their level of professionalism and the quality of services and solutions offered by GreenGeeks.

4. Bluehost

buy cheap domain from bluehost

Bluehost offers really competitive prices for both its domain registration services and hosting plans.

The company has more than 100,000 registered domains and also does not charge any additional fees for renewals.

In addition, it is possible to hire additional services for your domains with the add-ons offered by the company, such as integrating your website with Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare with ease, which helps to ensure the security of your information and that of visitors.

5. Hostgator

buy cheap domain name

There is no way to talk about buying cheap domain names without mentioning Hostgator. You have probably heard of its services at least once while surfing online, considering that the company has been an authority in its niche since its launch in 2002.

In addition to offering the main extensions, the company offers some differentials that deserve to be highlighted:

  • Simplified renewal and domain expiration notifications;
  • Control panel so that you can view the domain status and change DNS;
  • Whois privacy protection (ID Protect) that hides your data.

It is also possible to transfer an existing domain to Hostgator, just go to the official page and check how to do it for both international and national addresses.

Hostgator also offers new extensions if you are looking for something different for your website, such as .top, .tech, .me, among others.

Their hosting plans also offer free domain options and SSL security certificates.

6. GoDaddy

best domain registrar

GoDaddy has special prices exclusive for the first year of the domain and also offers separately all the additional services you need for the same, such as SSL certificate and professional email.

Just use their search engine to identify if the name you want to register is available, choose the extension you want and that’s it, it’s that simple.

7. SITE123

best domain buying site

For those who still do not have a website ready and are looking for a professional website creator that does not only offer domains but also all the necessary structure to put a page on the air, we recommend SITE123.

With the CMS (Content Management System), you will have the facility to create a website and put it on the air, selecting ready-made themes and without the need to be an expert in programming or design.

Just choose your theme and use the builder to create a free website, register your domain and host it on SITE123. Your builder can also be used to create blogs and even online stores.

8. Webnode

best domain buying site

Similar to SITE123, Webnode is an excellent alternative for those who do not yet have a website ready.

With them, you can buy a domain, create your website and choose between the hosting plans offered by the company according to your needs.

In fact, most of your website hosting plans already offer a free domain for a year, as well as other features designed to improve the performance of your page.

9. AdviseHost.net

AdviseHost is a company that works in the area since 1999 and also offers hosting services, Cloud and VPS servers, website builder, virtual stores and WordPress sites and security solutions for your page.

They are an excellent alternative for those who want to buy cheap domain and host their website on secure servers in a 100% national company.

10. Shopify

buy eCommerce domains

For anyone looking to buy a cheap domain in order to launch their own online store, we recommend Shopify – one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, already serving more than 1 million companies in several countries.

Therefore, if your goal is to enter the e – commerce market , it is worth checking out what Shopify offers with regard to online sales channels, such as a virtual store, marketplaces and even selling on social networks.

11. Wix

buy cheap domain names

We can’t talk about putting a website up without mentioning Wix, one of the biggest website builders on the market.

When creating a website using the tool, you will automatically have the opportunity to register a domain through the Premium hosting plans offered by the company.

In addition, the Annual Unlimited plan offers one year of free domain for your website. It is worth checking if your page is not ready yet and you are looking for a company that offers all the necessary services to create it and put it on the internet.

Tips for registering professional domains

Now that you know where to buy cheap domains, check out some tips on how to register an address that can really help you generate more visits and be easily accessible to your target audience.

Use your brand name

Whenever possible, make sure that the name of your website is nothing but your trademark name. When browsing online, you will find that most domains used by large companies are short and use only their own name, for example, sibilic.com, facebook.com, google.com, etc.

However, if there is already a website registered with your brand name, you will need to look for an alternative that makes sense for your company.

In this scenario, the recommendation is to try to keep the name short and easy to memorize and that refers directly to your area of ​​operation or niche.

Make sure your domain is:

  • Short, without hyphens or special characters;
  • Easy to memorize;
  • Be simple enough that there is no difficulty in understanding how to write it by dictating it out loud.

After all, you do not want people to get confused and end up falling on sites other than yours or simply on error pages stating that the site does not exist or cannot be found.

Create your own email for your domain

As you were able to find notes on the sites to buy domains presented in this content, several of them offer the possibility to create a personalized email address according to the chosen name.

This is important because it helps to convey professionalism and allows you to differentiate the communication by email regarding your company from the other content you already receive in your personal email.

Note how large companies do not offer contact emails with extensions from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, but with their own name in the extension – this can be purchased when registering a domain.

Protect your domain and website with security certificates

After acquiring the name and address for your website, you will need to host it on a reliable server that guarantees good connectivity.

When looking for good hosting options, be sure to at least hire an SSL security certificate for your website. It is exactly this certificate that encrypts the transmitted data and indicates that your page is safe for visitors by adding the “s” in the “https” protocol and indicating the padlock in the browsers URL bar.

Some browsers even alert users to sites that do not have an SSL certificate with a warning that the connection is not secure, which certainly negatively impacts their number of accesses.

Google itself gives preference to sites that have SSL certificates when ranking them on their search results pages. This means that the certificate has a direct impact on your SEO actions (search engine optimization).

Did you learn how to buy a domain and put your website on the internet?

We hope that our tips and suggestions from listed companies that are already an authority in the hosting and domain registration marketing market can help you get your website up and running.

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