ChatterPal Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

ChatterPal Review

To attract potential buyers, it is necessary to contact the visitors directly. Make them understand the blog, website, product, and services. It becomes easier for marketers to get conversion if they use the chatting option. It not only helps them in campaigning. But also encourages sales and brings amazing results. ChatterPal is one of the best technologies designed for eCommerce businesses. It helps in boosting sales and services. It is a great chatbot solution for you. To know about its reliability, you can check out ChatterPal Review and can put it on your website. Now, let’s jump to the detailed description of ChatterPal. Check out its benefits and features.

What is ChatterPal?

ChatterPal Review

When it comes to putting an automation chat option on your website. ChatterPal is the brand-new technology for it. It is a combination of cutting-edge 3d avatar technology. It is also artificial intelligence-backed smart chat automation.

It is completely different from other chat applications. The reason is that you can add ChatterPal to any website or blog even if you do not own it. After checking out the ChatterPal review, it is found that there are no technical skills or experience required to use it. Everything is automatic and needs you to go for a few clicks, and you will get the results soon.

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Who is behind ChatterPal?

Paul Ponna Sid Diwar

There are two famous personalities behind ChatterPal, namely Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. Paul Ponna is a famous affiliate marketer and founder of various software. He is an award-winning tech entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant. He belongs to Canada and serving in this field for more than 14 years. Paul is also known as the founder of several million-dollar SAAS companies. Sid Diwar is also a software developer and professional tech entrepreneur. He has been working as a marketing consultant in Canada. He is known for providing various marketing campaigns and product ideas. He has high experience in his field, and this is the reason behind the success of ChatterPal.

ChatterPal features

ChatterPal offers many benefits to its customers. You might not find these with any other application. As per ChatterPal reviews, its features are:

  • ChatterPal offers one-click logo mapping. It also allows you to create your logos and images. These creations automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar.
  • With more than 100 life-like voices available in 25 languages. ChatterPal offers the next-generation text-to-speech option.
  • It comprises a wide range of interactive 3d avatars in all age groups and genders. It includes male, female, and animals, different backgrounds, and traditions.
  • A smart artificial chat automation system makes it easy for bloggers to contact customers.
  • You can also activate done for your chat templates to convert visitors into paid buyers.
  • With the help of revolutionary live link technology, you can place ChatterPal on any third-party website.
  • Built-in language translation allows you to convert chat into 25 + languages.
  • Besides this, it helps the bloggers to get real-time feedback and data analysis.

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Moreover, it lets you collect all the information related to viewers. Such as emails, names, and other information as well.

How ChatterPal works?

ChatterPal offers you to create new campaigns and allows you to convert visitors into paid buyers. It allows you to create two types of campaigns which comprises of chat and avatar or avatar only. Let’s understand how to create a chat and avatar campaign. You just need to go through six easy steps. These are:

First, choose an avatar by using four ways. Make sure to choose the avatar that allows you to insert your logo into it. You can use 3d avatar, animal avatar, greenscreen, and even your real human avatar. But if you use your avatar, you will need to upload it from your computer.

Next, set up an attractive and welcoming message to call the authentic traffic to your website. To set up a message, you can use text to speech built in, upload video, or record audio option also. Make sure to choose the language from the available ones. You will need to put your text into the desired language and click on import speech. To make your task easier, you can go for a ready-made script also.

Then, do customization in your chosen avatar if you want to. The best thing about ChatterPal is that it allows you to insert your logo into an avatar and set it up as you want to.

Next, make changes to your char dialog box and set it up perfectly. Try to manage it using ready-made templates and then go for customization. Using the desired languages and readymade scripts.

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After that, choose to customize player options and change some other elements.

Complete your campaign. You can set up an exit message and even put a URL to show ChatterPal.

ChatterPal Pros and Cons

ChatterPal is a great chatbot solution for bloggers and website owners. It is because it not only allows them to insert various elements into their websites. But also attracts traffic and boosts sales. Thus, ChatterPal is a perfect solution to enhance the eCommerce business. ChatterPal reviews show that this software offers various other advantages such as:

  • More than 25 languages
  • Automation
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to navigate
  • Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed
  • No technical skills or experience required
  • Commercial license

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The only disadvantage of ChatterPal is that it demands a good internet connection.

ChatterPal Pricing and Plans

Being a great product and blogger’s top choice, it offers various pro features to its users. Make sure to choose the perfect plan from the below-mentioned ones: Front end package – ChatterPal – $37 OTO 1 – ChatterPal deluxe – $44 OTO 2 – ChatterPal agency – $67 OTO 3 – ChatterPal premium voice pack – $39 OTO 4 – ChatterPal international – $29

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Why should you buy ChatterPal?

Now you might be thinking about whether you should buy ChatterPal or not? Well, ChatterPal reviews reveal that it offers many benefits to bloggers. Also, fits perfectly into your budget. It is beneficial to you in numerous ways. Moreover, it allows you to choose from the various offers and bonuses available for the users. E-commerce and bloggers use it to offer various coupons and discounts and thus try to boost sales.

Local businesses and small companies, use ChatterPal to book various appointments. Local food stores, shops, and grocery websites take daily orders using the automated chat option. In this way, you can consider ChatterPal to build smart chat flows and can provide good customer support. It will help you to collect buyer information. Such as names, emails, and other important information and convert your visitors into paid buyers.

My verdict on ChatterPal Review

In my opinion, ChatterPal is a very supportable app and process to be much helpful to increase sales. I am using this chatbot solution for my website and it has helped me a lot to develop my online business. I recommend it to all bloggers and website owners. Make your investment in Chatterpal and beat the competition.

As I believe in transparency, this is my honest ChatterPal review. If you still want to know more about it, you can check out other reviews also. It will help you to make the right decision. It is high time you need to add ChatterPal to your website. Take full advantage of its automated technology. Save your effort and invest your time in other tasks.

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