Convert Pro Review – The Best Lead Generation Tool

Convert pro review
Convert Pro Review
Convert Pro has got very similar features like Thrive Leads.
Ease of use

Convert Pro is really very easy to use. It comes with a free canvas design.

Compared to Thrive Leads, Convert Pro costs more. But Convert Pro really worth the price as you can

Technical support provided by the team is quite good. You can reach them via email or support ticket

Bottom Line

Convert Pro is a leading lead generation plugin for WordPress yet affordable. Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, developer, or small-scale business owner, you can get most of this plugin to garner target customers into your website. You can boost your conversion rates with its wide range of useful features.

Convert Pro is relatively new still but has gained so much hype lately. Maybe the reason is its great tools and deliverables, or is it? 

Does Convert Pro really worth investing in?

Find the answer to all these questions in this Convert Pro Review

Lead generation is crucial for modern businesses. Growing your email subscriber list is a powerful way of increasing website traffic and customer base. 

Convert Pro is one of the best lead generation plugins to build an email list for your website. 

So, let’s find everything about this tool in detail!

What is Convert pro?

Convert Pro is a lead generation plugin widely used with WordPress based websites. This plugin helps you to collect emails and grow your email list.

Convert Pro Review

Convert Pro offers various impressive features such as a drag-and-drop builder, different types of email opt-in forms, and more. 

Brainstorm Force is the creator of Convert Pro, the company behind WP Astra Theme, the fastest WordPress theme in the market.

Brainstorm Force has developed many quality products like Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons For Elementor and WP Portfolio, which are used by thousands of people. This alone is an indication that Convert Pro is a plugin with awesome features.

Convert Pro: Features

With Convert Pro, you get lots of impressive features to cherish and grow your lead generation list. The features included are:

  • Mobile Editor
  • Cloud Technology
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Ready-to-use and converting templates
  • Send timely messages with advanced triggers 
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced filters
  • Powerful analytics
  • Responsive UI design
  • Seamless email integrations
  • Types of Opt-in forms
  • Add-ons

Mobile Editor

Convert Pro lets you customize and design everything and the best thing – you can make edits with a few taps on your smartphones. It increases convenience and flexibility so you don’t have to depend only on your PC.  

Cloud Technology

Utilize a huge number of templates that Convert Pro updates regularly on its cloud infrastructure. Just install and start using your favorite template to increase the conversion probability. 

Drag-and-drop editor

The drag-and-drop editor is useful and easy to use for designing exquisite modules in no time, eliminating the need for coding. 

With Convert Pro, you have the freedom of designing your opt-in forms the way you want by using the drag-and-drop feature to add elements. Design elements that this tool supports are headings, paragraphs, images, countdown, subheads, HTML tags, videos, and more.  

Ready-to-use and converting templates

Convert Pro provides you with ready-to-use and converting templates designed professionally to simplify the overall process of designing. With fewer modifications on these templates, you are good to go!  

Send timely messages with advanced triggers 

Never miss a chance to connect your customers when the probability for conversion may be higher. In our Convert Pro Review, we analyzed that you must have an idea about the time when your visitors can transform into your customers. 

Convert Pro lets you display timely and highly converting messages at such crucial times in order to increase the likelihood of conversion. This way, you can also build a robust email list to reap more profits. 

You get tools like:

  • Exit-intent trigger to display opt-in forms or interactive messages the moment a visitor is going to leave your website. 
  • User inactivity trigger lets you engage with your inactive visitors by showing relevant and conversion-specific messages after a certain period. 
  • Well-timed trigger shows relevant message spot on to increase conversion chances.
  • After-scroll trigger displays conversion-focused messages after a visitor scrolls through a certain page level on your website.
  • Welcome trigger displays messages on visitor’s arrival
  • After-content trigger displays messages when a visitor completes reading a post or web page content.    

A/B testing

There’s nothing like the “one size fits all” policy applicable on modern businesses. 

You need to assess your opt-in forms regularly to understand if your targeted audience can connect to it. Hence, it is essential to test your designs periodically and use the best ones on your website. 

For this, Convert Pro offers:

  • A/B testing for creating two slightly different designs and then tests them to choose the best one.  
  • Multi-variant testing to create different versions of a single opt-in form. You can test them and choose the better design out of two. 
  • Inter-style testing for modal popups and info bars.

Advanced filters

Convert Pro provides advanced filters to help you target your audiences based on their device access, referral websites, viewed pages, etc. You can track these factors and target your audience for improving your conversion rates. 

Different filters included are:

  • Page-level targeting to segregate your visitors and display relevant messages or opt-in forms.  
  • New/old visitors feature is useful to categorize between old and new customers. You can send conversion-specific messages or offers to your previous customers while some more introductory offers to new customers. 
  • Referrer detection to help you create opt-in forms to spark the visitors’ interest that come to your website through referrals.  
  • Cookie control is useful when you want to hide some messages for some time so your users do not find them irritating. 
  • Device detection comes handy to identify your targeted audience using the type of devices. It helps you target them with customized opt-ins accordingly.  
  • Logged-in user is a feature that informs you who all users are logged-in. This way, you can decide to hide or display messages from those users. 

Powerful analytics

You can track your conversion rates using powerful analytic tools that Convert Pro offers. In our Convert Pro Review, we found that you can easily integrate analytic tools with your website to start tracking all the conversion-related activities in real-time. 

For better data interpretation, you can see graphs straight on your website. Convert Pro offers analytics tools like Google Analytics that you can integrate and then import the outcomes into your website.  

Furthermore, if you have the real-time information on the conversion rates, it becomes effortless to run A/B tests. 

Responsive design

Using Convert Pro, you can create a 100% responsive design for popups and opt-in forms. They look superb on a variety of different devices. Plus, you can edit designs using your mobile phones. 

Seamless email integrations

Convert Pro facilities seamless integrations with major email services. Leverage email marketing with ease and witness increment in lead generation. 

Integrations include HubSpot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Mailster, AWeber, Ontraport, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Zapier, Drip, and many more.

Types of Opt-in forms

  • Modal popup
  • Info bar
  • Before/after form
  • Widget box
  • Full-screen popup
  • Yes/no popup
  • Slide-in
  • In content form
  • Convert mat
  • Content locker


Convert Pro offers six add-ons at present:

  • Connect add-on to help you integrate marketing software
  • Grid Add-on to add grids for aligning elements in the editor
  • A/B testing add-on to split tests your CTAs
  • Import/Export add-on for migrating your CTAs
  • Advanced script add-ons to add JS codes to target during form submission, pop-ups, etc.
  • Analytics add-ons to integrate with Google Analytics

Convert Pro Review: Customer Support

If you come across issues with your Convert Pro account, you can directly type your question on their official website. 

But in case your issue is of larger scale, you can request support. Here you can also ask pre-sales queries regarding their products, bundles, pricing and plans, and so on. 

And if you use their paid products, you can leverage their premium support. To get better with Convert Pro, it offers a Knowledge base through 50+ useful articles where you can find the solution to most of your queries. 

Convert Pro: Plans & Pricing

There are two plans included:

  • Convert Pro: $79/year consisting of features mentioned above for unlimited websites
  • Growth Bundle: $249/year with Convert Pro, Astra Pro, starter templates, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio plugin Our Future Plugins, SkillJet Academy, Beaver Builder, and Elementor for unlimited websites. 

We found the first plan to be affordable than Thrive Leads that costs $97 for similar features available for 5 sites only. In fact, Optinmonster is also costlier than Convert Pro as it costs $19/month for only 1 site.  

Convert Pro: Pros & Cons


+ Mobile editor

+ Drag-and-drop editor

+ 100% responsive design

+ decent loading speed

+ Advanced triggers 

+ Google analytics

+ Adblock detection

+ Referrer detection

+ Seamless integrations

+ Emails customization with shortcodes

+ form submission customization 


Price is high for individual website owners

No tablet-view editing

No Lightbox animations

Convert Pro Review – Conclusion

To boost your revenue, only traditional marketing is not sufficient. Convert Pro gives you advanced features as mentioned above to attract new customers while managing the old ones efficiently.   

Even though it is priced high, it’s totally worth it; given the tool’s wide arena of offerings. It comes handy especially if you are an agency managing your client’s websites because in $249/year you can manage unlimited sites. 

Thus, in our Convert Pro Review, we found Convert Pro to be an excellent lead generation plugin for WordPress sites based on performance, impeccable features, and ease-of-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose to Convert Pro over others?

Convert Pro is a leading lead generation plugin for WordPress yet affordable. Whether you are a blogger, digital marketer, developer, or small-scale business owner, you can get most of this plugin to garner target customers into your website. You can boost your conversion rates with its wide range of useful features. 

Do you have to be a coding ninja to use Convert Pro?

No. Even a little bit of knowledge in using the software can help you get started with Convert Pro. It is endowed with a straightforward user interface along with the impressive drag-and-drop feature to design opt-in forms in no time. 

What happens when your Convert Pro license expires?

You will receive notifications to renew the license so you can renew it. However, if you don’t want to use it again, you can continue using the plugin. However, you can’t access free updates, cloud templates, and support. 

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