ConvertKit Review: Features, Price, Pros & Cons

Convertkit Review
ConvertKit Email Marketing

ConvertKit is one of the best email service providers meant for bloggers. It comes with advanced features and helps blogging websites grow to impeccable heights. The usability is quite easy and I found its customer support to be par excellent. 

People are switching their preferences from different email service providers to ConvertKit. They wanted to get information on its features to plan for switching service as per their needs.

So, follow this ConvertKit review till the end to know more about its detailed features and other associated aspects.

Let’s get started!

ConvertKit Review: Features

ConvertKit email service provider is further divided into five different sections that represent its operation abilities. These sections are subscribers, forms, sequences, broadcasts, and automation. All the features of ConvertKit revolve around these sections. 

Moving on, here is the list containing some features of ConvertKit. They play a major role in helping it offer convenient services.

So, its key features are:

  • Segmentation & Tagging
  • Email Templates
  • Automation
  • A/B Testing
  • Sign-up Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Broadcasts
  • Sequence

To help you understand the features in detail, below in this ConvertKit review is the detailed explanations on all its associated features.

Segmentation & Tagging

ConvertKit features segmentation and tagging. They allow you to organize your subscribers and maintain them. This feature allows you to keep track of the subscribers and tag them. Tagging depends upon their sign-up dates.

With the segmentation and tagging feature, you can also know the emails or links that the subscribers have clicked so far. After this, you can create different segments from all these tags. 

These are also referred to as labels. You can apply these labels to your subscribers whenever they implement certain actions. It helped me to send hyper-targeted emails, broadcasts, and newsletters. Most of the email service providers still do not have this feature embedded within their plugins.

For instance, if you need to send a particular email based on the niche of your choice to different people, then you just need to check the tags of people who have opened emails or links on that niche. And then you can easily create a segment on it. Now, you can command ConvertKit to send the mail only to those people present in the segment group.

Moreover, ConvertKit also allows you to combine separate tags to make different segments to make your emails more targeted. There are usually two parameters in the segmentation part referred to as course creation and marketing. Editing or adding of these parameters is permissible at any time.

Email Templates

ConvertKit comes with three types of email templates. They are, namely, modern, classic, and text. There are differences in all these templates that make them suitable for different types of mails. I must admit that it lacks the shiny email templates, but that does not put in more impact.

Move to the account settings section to find the option to choose the email templates. If you want to customize your email template, ConvertKit gives you the option for that as well.


Convertkit Automation

While doing this ConvertKit review, I found that ConvertKit is best known for its visual automation builder. It helped me handle the workflows with automated measures. There are many triggers available for commencing automation workflow. You need to select the triggers for starting with the automation sequence. 

Select the form that is subscribed by most people for a particular course or eBook as the trigger and the email automation would begin. It improves the autoresponder sequence of creating emails.

A/B Testing

ConvertKit allows you to implement the A/B split testing to decide on which subject line performs better as per your expectations. Once you create the broadcast, the A/B test icon is available near the field.

Now, you can enable the A/B testing, and then you will get a deeper insight into which variation of the subject line has a higher open rate.

Sign-up Forms

There are some forms that your subscribers refer to and come into avail of the service. The subscriber profiles will have the forms that they opted in for availing of the services of ConvertKit. The sign-up forms are a set of tags that helps ConvertKit to send google or YouTube content to the subscribers.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are quite optional and the standalone pages host them. I found the landing pages of ConvertKit to be easy for scaling up to multiple purposes. It eradicates the need for you to make separate landing pages for every eBook or report.


ConvertKit Automation

Forms are the feature implementations of ConvertKit. It’s where the subscribers submit an email address. All the subscribers that you get on your ConvertKit account come in through this entry point. These are quite essential infusions that help your subscribers remain on your list and it is eventually the first step.


The broadcast mailing feature over ConvertKit allows the users to send a single message to the entire list or a segment group. For all the blogs that are uploaded onto the site, the broadcast emails are being sent to the entire list of subscribers. The broadcasting feature also helps you target a segmented group and send them emails particularly.


The sequence mailing feature of ConvertKit allows the users to send emails in a fixed sequence in a delay period of a day or two. It lets you send sequence emails and subscriber names, tags, and other details can be used for sequencing the mails.

ConvertKit Review: Customer Support

ConvertKit Review

As per my ConvertKit Review, I found that the official customer support team of ConvertKit helps you through live chat or email. 

They were able to help within a stipulated timeline of 8 AM to 8 PM. There is a deep knowledge base with ConvertKit that will guide you with all the processes and steps to master the functionalities. Moreover, the consultants of the company will also help you with assistance in answering your questions and queries.

So, considering the customer support aspects, the ratings are pretty high. They deserve it as they are putting in a lot of effort to make sure that the users are satisfied with the services. 

I found its live chat to be highly responsive and it is the ideal supportive channel for people to get answers to their questions and queries.

ConvertKit Review: Plans & Pricing

The pricing of ConvertKit is moderate and you can consider it neither too high nor too low it has a 15-day trial version for the new users. 

ConvertKit Pricing

For 2500 subs, the price is $49 per month, which goes up to $79/month, $119/month, and $199/month for 5000, 10000, and 25000 subs, respectively.

The pricing is decided on the features offered and it is quite feasible and worth the value. There are no duplication aspects of subscribers in ConvertKit which makes it quite worth the money spent.

ConvertKit Review: Pros & Cons


  • Easy Usability
  • WordPress Integration is quite feasible
  • Dynamic Emails can be sent using ConvertKit
  • Live chat & email support are offered by the team of ConvertKit.
  • Constant Updates for improving functionality.
  • Efficient Integrations are possible with several tools and platforms.
  • No duplicate subscribers and unique subscribers are being charged.


  • The A/B testing factor is limited to the subject lines only.
  • Template customization is also limited
  • Pricing is a bit higher than a few other similar providers.

ConvertKit Review: Comparison Table

Pricing $316-$566/month$299-$499Above $149
SubscribersNo charges for unsubscribesCharges for unsubscribesCharges for unsubscribes
AutomationFlexible AutomationNot-so-flexible automationAutomation ability is moderate
Email EditorNo Good TemplatesShiny Templates AvailableAttractive Templates are Available
ReportingBasic ReportingIntermediate ReportingAdvanced Reporting
IntegrationsBest in the list for integrations such as ZBS CRM and others.Over 227 integrations with restrictive functionalities.Fewer integrations are available

By the looks of this comparison table in this ConvertKit review, you can get an idea of whether ConvertKit is better than the above-mentioned counterparts or not. 

ConvertKit Review: What’s The Verdict?

So, it was my ConvertKit review with a detailed study on key aspects along with its feature specifications and other associated details. This explains that there are several positive aspects of switching to ConvertKit and I definitely recommend it. 

This ConvertKit review gives you a clear insight into the different attributes that makes it a feasible email service provider that users can avail of.

FAQs about ConvertKit

Is Affiliate marketing possible with ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has the feature of enabling users to do affiliate marketing. But, within the strict guidelines or policy to prevent spammers or fraudulent activities from entering the space.

What is the refund policy offered by ConvertKit?

The refund policies offered by ConvertKit are for 30 days. If you do not like the service or are not satisfied with the integrated tools, you can get your complete refund within 30 days.

Is it essential for opting in for subscribers again when switching to ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has the feature to bring in all your subscribers along when you switch so that you do not need to do anything spammy for opting them again.

Why is the price higher than MailChimp and Aweber?

The pricing is high but the features you get are also intuitive and quite impressive to give you more productive outputs.

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