7 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Help Smart Marketers

There are hundreds of thousands of online marketing companies in the digital world offering different types of services. Although marketing tools only assist in executing the best strategies, using the appropriate technology stack will go a long way in helping you grow your business.

A marketer’s life revolves around generating and converting leads, improving a brand’s image, promoting products and services, and creating sales. It can be challenging and unlimited responsibilities, but it can be exciting with the right tools and experience.

Currently, boosting your sales and attaining concrete results depend on your digital marketing skills. You have to create a stable online existence if you want to grow your company. Also, develop an effective way of applying digital marketing techniques, software, and strategies to promote products and services, increasing company turnover.

Top 7 Digital marketing Tools to help marketers

Luckily, various tools are available for digital marketing, thus making it more accessible. This blog looks into seven top digital marketing tools that each digital marketer should include in their tool belt.

1. Acquire.io

It’s a standard and complete set of customer communication tools focusing on sales, onboarding, and customer support. Acquire.io platform contains a wide range of essential features such as chatbot, live chat, video, and voice call. Also, it has a co-browsing feature which is quite interesting.

The co-browse allows the agents to view and interact with the web screen of customers in real-time. Hence, providing immediate solutions to their queries increases client’s engagement and satisfaction. Also, it assists your support in understanding and fixing various issues the user is experiencing in the shortest time possible.

Acquire.io offers other features, including Triggers and campaigns chat history, SMS, customizing, In-app messages, two-way communication, analytics, intelligent messaging, targeted messaging, and reporting.

2. Ahrefs

Cost: $99- $399.
Ahrefs being a comprehensive SEO tool, will assist in running a successful SaaS SEO strategy for your site. It is the best standard to brainstorm keyword opportunities and ideas to rank the top. This tool contains information for over a hundred and fifty million words in the United States. It’s an excellent tool when analyzing market competition as it allows marketers to see those linking to your competitors and their top pages.

In addition, the site explorer allows you to see organic keywords of any URLs and estimate how much traffic your competitor receives for any search term. Also, you can check out where the content of your competitor ranks and identify the top-performing.

With the help of the tool known as Content Gap, you can determine the main errors and weak points, improving the content’s poor areas. Also, Ahrefs has another tool called Top Pages which allows marketers to view the pages that attract more users while revealing the amount of traffic your competitors are getting.

Ahrefs has impressive features and remains the most robust product in the digital marketing space. It’s an excellent tool for competitive analysis and ensures your content ranks top when users search your website.

3. Google Analytics

Cost: free
The most standard tool for tracking website traffic for your company is Google Analytics. Every website must have this tool; however, you need some Google Analytics expertise to be a successful digital marketer.
55.4% of the total websites use Google Analytics as a tool for analyzing website traffic. Google Analytics provides traffic information of your website, bounce rates, geolocation of the users, and popular pages.

It helps marketers to understand their users and website. Google Analytics shows real-time details about the traffic, the sources of the traffic, and the devices your visitor is using. Utilizing this information can significantly drive your traffic and help in generating sales. Also, it will assist you as a digital marketer in evaluating the performance of products, marketing strategy, and content.

Google Analytics assists in getting precise information of your data, sorting and sharing it quickly using a simple interface and shareable reports. With the current integration of Google Analytics with a new platform known as Google Optimize, you can carry out A/B testing and come up with quality decisions based on available data.

4. Buzzsumo

Cost: starting at $79 per month
Buzzsumo is an effective and unique content research tool for discovering content. This tool operates by identifying influencers ranking at the top of the industry you are in and connecting with these competitors. Buzzsumo will assist in analyzing the topics that are best performing on social media. It allows digital marketers to view shared content on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Bazzsumo will enable you to discover the leading topics and determine the search results to bring out unique and trending content designed for your target audience. Then using social mentions and content analytics, you can evaluate the performance accordingly.

With the help of a question analyzer tool recently added by Bazzsumo, you can discover the common inquiries made across dozens of discussion forums, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Facebook, including other Q&A sites for all types of key phrases.

The tool operates magically by entering your brand name or that of a competitor. It responds by immediately showing who is inquiring or communicating about your brand. As a result, you can respond to browsing individuals by giving more information about your service or products and answering any questions. In addition, you can utilize this tool for marketing research.

5. Slack

Cost: it’s free for medium and small organizations and custom pricing for businesses.
In the current business world, Slack is the most preferred communication service. It’s a cloud-based collaboration service and tool that can review sales contracts, hire new developers, measure A/B tests, and show codes.

It functions in various channels designated for specific information; thus, conversions aren’t cut-off or distracted by tangents if the staff wants to go for team lunch. Slack promotes collaboration between the teams and employees while also facilitating de-silos.

The unique aspect of Slack is the network. It’s a great tool when it comes to networking and interacting with your audience on the internet. When engaging a company in marketing, you can select their layout, design, and various networks. You can access different networks you need while involving with the networks relevant to your job. With Slack, you enjoy the freedom of joining and leaving channels as you want.

Slack is the most utilized marketing tool by influencers and marketing because of its usage as a group interaction platform. You can add an unlimited number of integrations and applications to render the device more effective—for example, most teams pipe in analytics notifications, A/B results transactions, and customer support bots. Surprisingly, Slack is relatively easy to start using, even though it is undeniably powerful.

6. Survey Anyplace

Cost: Free trials are available, and the price starts from $33 each month.

If you are searching for a robust lead generation tool, your marketing team’s software should choose Survey Anyplace. A survey tool is vital since it is impossible to offer the best services that customers need or grow your business without receiving customers’ feedback.

There are various survey options in the market, but most are not wholly featured like Survey Anyplace. It is possible to add interactive questions that are effective when using Survey Anyplace.

Survey Anyplace comprises a ReportR pack, allowing respondents to acquire a personalized PDF report after completing their answers. Also, it integrates well with the existing market stack through Zapier, Webhooks, or Integromat. Thus, you can swiftly transport leads to your email marketing tool or CRM for marketing agencies and embark on creating nurturing campaigns.

7. Rebrandly

Cost: free
Marketers use Rebrandly URL Shortener, a free tool for branding, shortening, and tracking links that they build and share in the digital space. Using branded SaaS links increases the links’ trustworthiness and brand visibility by adding your brand name to each link before sharing.

The tool also comprises a detailed and private analytics feature that enables you to track your links and determine the content the target audience prefers across different channels. Interestingly, your competitors aren’t able to view your statistics.

However, there are many other different URL shorteners available in the market offering analytics. Still, you can view all link data by adding the “+” symbol at the end of the link. If you use branded links for your websites, the click-through rate will likely increase up to 39%. For any links that you share on social media, this is worth considering as a digital marketer.


The most effective way of building a strong brand on social media is by applying tracking and response tools. Every app discussed above offers unique functionality in different areas. You must have a deeper understanding of business objectives and various goals you want to achieve to select the appropriate tools for digital marketing.

Also, decide on which area to concentrate on first and focus more on marketing challenges that you are experiencing. Consider the tools that best fit ultimate goals and business structure.

After determining the end goal, you can operate backward to acquire tools to support those goals instead of moving forward. Then use those tools to direct your business approach. Using the method ensures you advance in the right direction with a clear path and the right tools to track your results.

However, it would be best to consider a robust technology stack that promotes growth and avoids using your time carrying out a tedious task. On the contrary, failure to take advantage of modern marketing tools translates into business lagging behind the competitors.

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