DoodleMaker Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Doodle Maker Review

Hello and welcome to my Doodle Maker review – Doodle Video software by Paul Ponna.

Doodle Videos are a form of video animation or preparation. They are another name for animated Whiteboard images. The mixture of the advertisement message and the hand drawings keeps spectators engaging and absorbing all the details you needed to convey. You can discover all about it in this detailed DoodleMaker Review.

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What is a Doodle maker?

Doodle Maker Review

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Nowadays, consumers use so many publicity ads that you have to do something else to enjoy them. Doodle Videos are one of the most popular and influential ways to share the marketing message.

Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar’s online app Doodle Builder offers you the chance to create doodles using brand new technology, whether on a whiteboard, blackboards, or glass boards. In seconds one video can be translated into three different formats. 

You may then make the doodles various choices, and above all, no doodles are the same! This is also a tremendous breakthrough and advantage, not only because you will save time and money, but because commercial rights cover the kit, you will also be able to use it for your own business or make a considerable profit from it as a service.

If one human draws the first letter of a word, the second is automatically expected by the mind. The same happens to the drawing of cartoons. We look forward to seeing what will follow. This excitement encourages viewers to continue to watch your video clip.

Stories have shown themselves to be a useful way to help consumers consider essential details, such as the product or service’s characteristics and benefits. Of course, getting visitors on your website most likely means that they can access more than one site, minimizing your website bounce rate.

Features of Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker is designed to grant you absolute power and to customize your doodle without any restrictions. This helps the doodle to be original and doodled according to your wishes.

Both for personal or company use!

Video templates inside

The animated Fastest Video Creator program used for Artificial Intelligence throughout the world. Build a blank, blackboards, and glass boards video within minutes with ONE APP – multiple applications are not needed. We are using our next generation to turn all your Current videos into animated doodle videos.

60+ languages

Entirely the world’s best language text to make quality. Every LANGUAGE studio videos without ever filming your speech, posing in front of the camera, or recruiting costly voices over musicians. Look like a talented video animator without the need to develop complicated animated skills (let our AI system send you all your thoughts!) More than 300+ lovely models!

High-quality images

You can start with an introductory post, text script, or material, and our app can generate a professional Doodle video in seconds with no extra work to do. To make even more HD quality images, click on the millions of icons, photos, and content that you can conveniently import into the app.

About Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar; Owner Of DoodleMaker

Owners of Doodle Maker

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Pros and cons of Doodle Maker


  1. The choice to send out programme options simply indicates the best available meeting solution. Mass emails are no helpful way to do so.
  2. For a particular meeting with a community of people, it is nice tech. It is good to find a moment that most people will invest.
  3. Doodle is simple, but it has several customizations to get from users what they really want. It’s extremely beneficial how granular you can get input from consumers.


  1. Currently, you must remember to use it. However this is not the software’s own fault.
  2. Nothing is wrong with Doodle except maybe crashes and login errors of the Android programme.
  3. Doodle makers are outdated for some institutions.

What do people say about Doodle Maker?

While researching over the internet, you’ll find many reviews and ratings about the DoodleMaker Software. Most of the comments and reviews are legit, and users love this software. According to many users, they are saving time and money while creating interesting animated Videos.

With the help of DoodleMaker, making doodles is a matter of minutes. Above all, with so many features, users never get stuck while using the tools and creating doodles. In simpler words, they love this software. It is one of the best programs ever released for creating Whiteboard Videos.

Doodle Maker Pricing and Plans

Doodle Maker Pricing

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  1. DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited  (One-Time price is $497)
  2. DoodleMaker Deluxe Upgrade (One-Time price is $49)
  3. Toon Video Maker Video Maker App (One-Time price is $39)
  4. ClientEngine App (One-Time price is $29) 

Who needs a Doodle maker?

If you’re a trainer, an instructor, a teacher, a consultant, or a mentor, NOTHING makes whiteboard videos easy to understand for your students, ideas, and suggestions.

You don’t even have to stand or even use your voice before a monitor. Now you can connect with consumers internationally in their native language with the AI Video Conversion Engine.

You can quickly produce conversion videos whether you’re a marketing or advertising firm or want to make more money as a freelancer now as an independent freelancer.

If you’re hiring a professional to make fun animated doodles, you’d have to spend $300 –$500 to do a 30-second video doodle.

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Why Doodle Videos are so essential for the online market?

A professionally colorful doodle video can be time-consuming, distracting, and costly to describe. Doodle Maker is the first worldwide video production app that uses intuitive artificial intelligence to render spectacular, practical, and competent doodle videos easily possible in more than 60+ languages in minutes independent of technology, age, or design capability.

Doodle Creator is a brand-new cloud-based app that produces whiteboard, crystal-clear, and blackboard videos in 70 languages in a matter of minutes, with a human-like voiceover. It also comes with transcription and localization features to translate video scripts in every language to doodle videos.

Why do I recommend a Doodle maker?

Doodle Maker is the first Doodle Video Software development app to be released recently that uses Intuitive Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone to produce spectacular and believable doodle videos quickly in over 30+ languages, regardless of technical ability, age, or style.

You can create and commercialize animated video, animation video on a whiteboard, video demonstration, training video, and advertisement or advertising video with the aid of Doodle Maker. You may white-label this product and market it to an infinite clientele, or you can use this tool to offer services by using Doodle Maker’s commercial license.

You are using the versatile freehand Doodle Editor to create videos from scratch. Only insert any text, whether it’s a short paragraph, an e-Book, or a text paper, virtually any material you want. Then the AI functions and intuitively scans material and automatically pairs text keywords with the related doodle graphic.

The high-quality Doodle Image Library, icons Finder, and Pixabay API are entirely free to edit and modify icons, making sure you have unlimited possibilities at your fingertips. The essential thing is that you can do anything by dragging and falling; you need no hard-core technological ability. With Doodle Builder, the robust freehand Doodle Editor enables you to create videos from scratch.

Just enter all of the text, whether it is a simple post, an e-book, or a text script. The AI functions and scans the material intuitively and then automatically pairs the keywords into the corresponding doodle image.

Furthermore, by accessing the Thousand library of high-quality doodle images, Icon Finder, and the Pixabay API Integration, you can also modify and customize the logo.

This means that you have infinite options when making your doodles, and most importantly, no doodle is never the same! This is a real plus, since not only can you save time and resources, but also you will have the ability to make the most of this by delivering this service as trading privileges are included with your own company or income!

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Final Verdict On Doodle Maker Review

Overall, Doodle Maker is one of the best software for every internet marketing professional. It saves both valuable time and money. 

With the online market for education booming, people are now mindful that they can no longer rely on one source of income and the threat of another. Doodle Video Creator on the whiteboard is the ideal way to encourage, teach, and sell the world’s public. So the perfect time to unleash your Doodle videos online now is more than ever.

If you are an Online business owner, Freelancer, Agency owner, Marketer, Education Institute, Coach or Consultant then this tool is for you.

In the end, I highly recommend Doodle Maker to anyone who wants to create & sell an incredible amount of high-quality doodle videos quickly & easily, even if you are just starting out or have no experience like me.

Also Doodle Maker is the Once in a life Opportunity & it’s Never come Again, Just Try Doodle Maker!!

So, Don’t be late Grab the Doodle Maker tool now with Early bird discount + My Premium Bonuses For Free!

The Doodle Maker team has used their years of experience in product manufacturing and testing to develop a solution for this price that you cannot find elsewhere. Doodle Creator is an app that helps the “GLOBALLY” sales & transport business to take on the Industry & Skyrocket.

FAQs about Doodle Maker

How long does it take for this process?

Typically a 2-minute video from the final “voice ready’ script takes 15 days for the completion of the process. Times rely on the speed of input from a consumer. For instance, a small organization will also return immediately with comments where a large corporation would have to request input before acceptance from many stakeholders.

What’s the video price?

Depending on the selected choices a video cost between £650 and £1050.

What are the rates included?

Rough pictures storyboard, color graphics, competent voice-over, promoting of music and film production, 4 – 5 videos per minute.

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