Doodly Review: Features, Price, Pros & Cons and Free Trial

Doodly Review

Doodly is the first whiteboard software for laptops or computers that allows creating Doodle videos with ease. Whether you are not a professional in making doodle animations, you can easily make animated videos with the help of this app.

Doodle animated videos are fun to watch but can be a nightmare for creating them but not anymore. With the help of this intelligent whiteboard software, you can make fun and interesting animations on the go. You will find a drag and drop option in this software by which you can easily create animations. Inside Doodly software, you will get thousands of images and templates. Besides creating animations, you can also create different types of videos in seconds.

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To understand everything about Doodly, you can go through the Doodly Review, which is elaborated further in this article.

Who Is Behind Doodly?

Doodly is a brilliant software app created by Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen. They are the real originator or the finding father of this app. Brad Callen was the CEO and Originator of Snaptactix, and Jimmy Kim is the CEO of Apart from this, he is also incorporated with fashion companies. Apart from Doodly, they have incorporated many unique and brilliant software apps.

Doodly Features

Doodly is mesmerizing software that has made people’s lives much more easy and convenient in attracting a large group of people. If you are a professional, you can easily meet deadlines with creative content. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money on video creators and rigorously wait for their service to come. You can be your boss now.

Doodly Features

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Doodly Review

Some of the main doodly features are:

  1. You know that you can create Whiteboard videos. Additionally, you can make blackboard, glass board, and green board videos in the Doodly app.
  2. Doodly App is filled with images and sketches from where you can easily create images.
  3. Doodly App has a point and clicks feature; with this feature, you can easily get the image’s outline and diversify your imagination to a nest extent.
  4. The doodly app is a smart app with smart technologies in built-in it.
  5. The doodly app also allows you to record your voice modules and use them in the animation or video to make it more attractive to watch.
  6. The doodly professional artists make all the Doodly images you can access, so you do not have to think about copyrights.
  7. You can easily provide your video with the perfect song or your most likeable song by simply dragging the song or music.
  8. You can use this software on many laptops or computers at the same time.
  9. This software allows you to edit full HD quality videos and animation videos on the single go.
  10. This app also provides free software update as long as you will use this app.

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How Doodly Works?

Doodly works best in the following factors that include:

  • Creating YouTube videos for marketing purposes. Doodle videos attract more audience than any other form of video.
  • You can create an interesting online presentation that can help you in the teaching and training profession.
  • Doodly can also be used to make various interesting and attractive Facebook advertisements. A person gets attracted to doodle videos at a high rate than any other video.
  • This works best for creating sales videos; it makes it easy to sell digital and online products like books, services, courses, etc.
  • With the help of Doodly, you can make fun and inspirational videos.
  • You can create your unique sketches and impress others with your unique talent.
  • With Doodly, you create the most identical reality videos with highlighted content for any industry.
  • You can also build your business to a great extent by creating fun animations for your site.

Doodly Pros and Cons


  1. High Affordable
  2. Works Offline
  3. Contains Variety of Board style, images, and guarantee music inbuilt in it
  4. Convenient in terms of using
  5. Versatile Software
  6. Best for marketing and designing unique contents
  7. Users can customize images as per their requirements
  8. Available on both MAC and Windows


  • Cloud storage space
  • Images supported only in JPEG and PNG format
  • Internet connection is necessary
  • Available only in Desktop Version

Doodly Pricing & Plans

Doodly can be divided into two categories, and the pricing also depends on these two categories. You can choose the according to your accommodation:

  • Doodly Standard Plan includes a price range of $39 per Month on monthly billing or $20 per Month on annual billing.
  • Doodly Enterprise Plan includes a range of $69 per Month on monthly billing or $40 per Month on annual billing.

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Further classification of these two plans for your better understanding:

  1. If you calculate by yourself, you will find that you can profit from $228 on Doodly Standard Plan by paying a single one-year payment.
  2. You can also enjoy a profit of $349 on Doodly Enterprise Plan by paying a single-year one-time payment.
  3. In some Doodly ads, you can find the benefit of lifetime membership at $67, but that is a myth.
  4. You can upgrade to the Doodly enterprise plan at $97 and also can enjoy an add-on at just $67.

Doodly vs Toonly

Doodly is a high-quality app if compared with Toonly. In Doodly vs. Toonly, both the app is user-friendly and easily accessible. Both give a high amount of user support to those who are new to this profession. Some of the points are given by which you can understand which app is better than the other:

  1. In Doodly, you can include a lot of text, whereas, in Toonly, it allows you to put a certain amount of text.
  2. A doodly animation occurs one after another, whereas, in Toonly, you can get automated sync animation.
  3. Doodly allows whiteboards and other boards animation creation, whereas, in Toonly, you will not get that option of creating animation on boards.
  4. In doodly, you can provide animation to your custom image, whereas in Toonly, you cannot perform that.
  5. In Doodly, you can get an auto-save option, but in Toonly, you have to save the videos individually.
  6. In Doodly, you can get a video recording option, whereas Toonly only allows voice recording options.

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Doodly vs DoodleMaker

Doodle maker and Doodly can be a good competition to each other. Both Doodly and Doodle Maker allows you to create animated videos at ease. Both are user-friendly and highly rated apps. Some of the common factors that classify Doodly vs Doodle Maker is given below for your better understanding.

  1. Doddle Maker gives a vast amount of templates, and Doodly gives you templates but not as Doddle maker.
  2. Doodly is the winner in handwriting as it allows you with a lot of writing styles, whereas Doodle Maker doesn’t have so many writing styles.
  3. Doodly allows video voice recording, whereas Doodle Maker has an FTS recording option.

In Doodly and Doodle Maker’s comparison, both are convenient in terms of specific things, but Doodly allows much more features and can be perfectly used in this generation. One has dominated the other in few terms.

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Who Should Go for Doodly?

There is no limit to accessing Doodly. Anyone and everyone can create a video by using this software. Even you can also go for this amazing software. This does not require professional training or knowledge to master the software. You can use this software for various purposes that are explained below:

  • Those who want to create new and improved product advertisements.
  • Those who want to elaborate a product considerably.
  • Those who want to provide education to students through online media.
  • Those who want to create videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Those who are interested in create public awareness and spreading knowledge through videos.

My Verdict on Doodly Review

Doodly allows people to think differently. It helps to build content creation even with zero ideas about tech and design. This is the most useful app that can make people learn many things and help many individuals get jobs. Doodly allows you to gain success in life by helping you in many ways and also helps you are in the Doodly community.

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