Top 12 Free Email Marketing Tools for 2021

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing tool is used to create email marketing campaigns. Most tools make it possible to create and edit the email template, store contacts (Leads), trigger emails, and monitor, measuring metrics such as email open rate and click rate.

Email Marketing is the heart of a digital marketing strategy. It is an excellent tool for any company to relate to the audience in a personalized way.

For a long time, several companies have abused Email Marketing, misusing the strategy. This caused the email to be left out a little and “exchanged” by other channels, such as social networks, by many companies.

It turns out that one channel does not exclude the other and, nowadays, with the market more educated about good practices and with more developed technology, Email Marketing is standing out for having unique and valuable characteristics.

One of them is reach: an email is the simplest and most fundamental thing that anyone can have on the internet and people already have the tool fully incorporated into their lives.

Another is that emails are a more direct and profound form of contact. In social networks, everyone is talked about, and the various conversations are lost among each other. In addition, if someone is not online at the time of publication, they will hardly return to read what has been published before.

Emails are looked at more carefully, usually every day. As much as we all have to deal with some unwanted spam, there is a greater propensity to follow each message, and everything that is important and useful will be opened and read.

What does an Email Marketing Tool do?

If your company is starting to do Digital Marketing, you may have encountered some difficulties in sending emails on a large scale or managing an extensive contact list. Email Marketing software is there to remedy that pain.

Some actions you can do with an Email Marketing tool:

  • Segment your contacts: To have total control of the audience that will receive your emails;
  • Create efficient layouts: To help create the design of your emails and create replicable templates;
  • Automate the launch of your campaigns: To gain productivity and efficiency in sending emails;
  • Track the performance of shots: To see how many openings and clicks your campaigns had, among other statistics.

Many companies also already understand that it is useless to generate traffic and not relate to their visitors.

According to the TechTrends survey, 87% of technology companies use some email marketing tool. Mailchimp, ConvertKit and SendinBlue were among the first place in the survey.

The survey also indicates that Even today, email is one of the main channels for digital marketing strategies. It has a huge reach and is versatile enough that essentially every type of business can leverage a free email marketing tool and reach its target audience.

Knowing all of this, if what you need is exactly a tool that allows you to shoot and manage email campaigns for free, you will like to check all the options presented in our list.

And don’t forget – it is important to work with segmented bases, based on the data obtained from your customers through quality service.

Now, without further ado, get to know some of the most used email sending tools worldwide, according to the survey:

Top 12 Best Email Marketing Tools

  • MailChimp — Best one-stop-shop for inbound marketing management
  • Sendinblue — Best for growth and engagement
  • HubSpot— Best for startups
  • MailerLite — Best for the essentials at an affordable price
  • AWeber — Best value for low subscriber count
  • GetResponse — The best all-in-one solution for automated lead generation
  • SendPulse— Best all-in-one email marketing and CRM platform
  • Mailjet — Best for real-time collaboration between multiple teams
  • ActiveCampaign — Best sales CRM with email marketing capabilities
  • Constant Contact — Best drag-and-drop builder
  • ConvertKit — Best for eCommerce

There is a huge list of providers that offers email marketing services. But I recommend you to consider one from the above list for your business for hassle-free services.

Below, I’ll highlight the top features, price, benefits, and any potential drawbacks or downsides for you to consider. Let’s begin.

1. MailChimp (Best Email Marketing Tool)

MailChimp is one of the most popular choices, standing out among the other tools. It is evaluated as a leader in email marketing tools.

In your free plan, you have access to 7 marketing channels, automation, basic email templates, behaviour-based targeting, and all essential resources for you to start making your own email marketing shots.


2. EngageBay

EngageBay is an Email Marketing platform that helps you build and nurture your email list. Grow your subscriber base with A/B testing, Auto-Responder, Analytics, Lead Management.


With powerful customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, email marketing templates, action tracking, personalized email automation, and more, EngageBay helps you nurture buyer relationships for increased sales.

It comes up with

  1. Drag and drop builder
  2. Great email templates
  3. User list segmentation
  4. Personalized emails
  5. Rich formatting 
  6. In-depth analytics and more

Pricing: It comes with a Free plan. For more details visit here

3. SendinBlue (Lifetime Free Email Marketing Tool)

Then, we must present SendinBlue, another excellent alternative – also considered one of the best email marketing tools available on the market.

They offer an extremely practical and intuitive tool, where you can easily follow a few steps to configure your shots. Just create your message, personalize the content using advanced customization options, choose your recipients, and take smart shots.

The tool is capable of performing A/B tests to find out which models generate the best results and also makes sure that your email arrives at the right time through time optimization features.

SeninBlue Email Marketing Tool

Be sure to check out our complete SendinBlue review .

4. HubSpot (Email Marketing Tool for Startups)

As part of a free toolkit, HubSpot also offers its own email service, in conjunction with the solutions offered by its CRM system, ad management tools and more. And of course, if you need more robust plans, it is worth checking out the marketing packages offered by the company.

HubSpot Email Marketing Tool

5. MailerLite (Free Email Marketing Tool)

MailerLite is an alternative that offers you a free plan with a limit of 12 thousand emails per month for up to one thousand subscribers – in addition to a 14-day trial period so that you can try out all the features offered in professional plans. Even if you want to continue with the free plan, you will still have access to a detailed knowledge base, video tutorials, Drag & Drop email editor, file manager, and more.


6. AWeber (Premium Email Marketing Tool)

If you are interested in a professional tool that offers a free 30-day trial period, AWeber is a great option. They have a professional team to help you optimize the results of your campaigns and provide a robust tool, with all the resources you need to have successful campaigns.

7. GetResponse (Most used Email Marketing Tool by Bloggers)

GetResponse allows you to use your professional email marketing tool for free for a period of 30 days. During this interval, you will have access to up to 1000 contacts, you will be able to take advantage of marketing automation, high conversion landing pages, advanced analysis and testing tools, and automated funnels.


8. SendPulse

We couldn’t leave SendPulse off our list with free email marketing tools. With them, you can shoot for up to 500 subscribers and take advantage of professional resources.

In addition, if you eventually get to the VIP plan – over 1 million subscribers in your base, you can access exclusive prices, personalized email templates and work with a personal manager.


9. Zoho Campaigns

When it comes to digital business tools, you must have heard of Zoho – a company that offers a variety of business solutions. Zoho Campaigns is the company’s platform that has its own free email marketing plan, allowing you to send 12,000 shots per month to a base of up to 2000 subscribers. In addition, it can be integrated with other Zoho tools.

10. Mailjet

Mailjet is an option that allows you to take 200 shots daily for a total of up to 6000 emails sent per month for free. It is possible to register with the tool completely without obligation or without having to enter data for billing. They also do not limit the number of contacts and even offer an email editor complete with detailed reports so you can track your results.


11. Moosend

If you need unlimited shots for up to 1000 subscribers, Moosend is a great alternative, especially since it offers professional tools without my free package. Among these tools, we can highlight a Drag & Drop editor (drag and drop), email automation, advanced segmentation to optimize your campaigns and reports in real-time. It really is worth checking out.


12. Omnisend

Offering one of the biggest limits among the other options on our free email marketing list, Omnisend allows you to send up to 15 thousand emails per month, with a limit of 2 thousand per day. You will also have access to the tool for creating forms and pop-ups and performance reports for your campaigns.

13. Sender

To finish our list, get to know Sender – another great alternative. With your free plan, you can make up to 15,000 monthly shipments to a maximum of 2500 subscribers. An interesting difference is that they offer essentially all the features already in this package – without even having to inform your credit card or having to compromise.


How to choose an Email Marketing tool: 4 precautions you should take

Every company that already has or intends to include an Email Marketing strategy in its planning has already passed (or will pass) the challenge of choosing software that meets its needs.

The big problem is that there are many different tools with different functionalities on the market and it is quite common to be lost among so many options.

First of all, the two main questions that the company should ask itself at this point are: What is your goal with Email Marketing? What features does your company really need to achieve these goals?

Below, we will show you what are the main points that a company must observe when looking for the ideal Email Marketing software.

1. Does the software/company have a good reputation in the market?

The first step is to know the reputation of this Email Marketing software. See which companies are using them, look for successful cases and, if possible, talk to someone who uses this tool.

This point is important because it will point out if the company has good support if the tool is easy to use, if the delivery and reporting of the campaigns are good, among others.

Not only should the reputation of the company itself be assessed, but also the reputation of the email sending IP.

Talking to a salesperson from that company, or through a service channel, ask for the reputation of the IP address of this tool and, if possible, check out, a service that monitors and evaluates the reputation of sending several IPs.

Read more in the post Deliverability in Email Marketing .

2. How is the integration with Landing Page and CRM services?

We understand that Email Marketing is a very important part of the Inbound Marketing strategy and, being a part of the whole, it is very essential that the tool has integration with others that are also fundamental to the Inbound strategy, such as Landing Pages, CRM, and Analytics.

There are two main objectives of these integrations:

Avoid loss of information and consequent bad segmentation: it is the case, for example, to send product campaigns to those who are already customers and software updates for those who are not yet customers;

Get more intelligence about Leads: know, in addition to what materials that person downloaded, which email campaigns and automation flows participated, engaged, etc. When thinking about sales, this type of information is very important to help approach potential customers.

If your company already uses a CRM or some service for Leads capture pages, it is important to make sure that the Email Marketing software has this integration.

Another option is to use “horizontal” Digital Marketing software, such as Zoho Campaigns, which has all these tools (Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and CRM ) already integrated with each other and with third parties.

3. Are the lists static or dynamic?

One of the keys to success in Email Marketing is segmentation. The more segmented an email is the greater the Lead’s interest in the subject and, consequently, the better the direct (open, click) and indirect (response, Landing Page conversion rate) metrics.

To segment a Lead base before sending a campaign, the normal thing is to work with lists, whether they are static lists, where Leads need to be added and updated manually before each submission, or dynamic lists, where the software will do for you this filter based on various information, such as the position that Lead occupies, the purchase stage he is in the market segment in which he operates, or even his topic of interest.

In addition to this automatic segmentation, the company also saves time by not having to worry about manually updating the lists before each campaign submission.

4. Does the software have Marketing Automation functions?

When your company evolves in the use of Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy, it is natural that you start to feel the need to do Marketing Automation as well.

Whether to warm up Leads and increase the number of contacts passed to the Sales area, or to maintain an account for the volume of Leads generated monthly, it is important to assess from the beginning whether the chosen Email Marketing software also has Automation functionality, be it simpler, with Autoresponders, or more advanced, with Workflows, for example.

Once again, the use of a tool that has dynamic lists and is integrated with other services used by the marketing area is important, as it will help a lot when starting to work with Marketing Automation, avoiding loss of information and rework, in case you need to migrate from the tool.

Checklist: important points to evaluate an email marketing service

Below, some points that your company should check when evaluating Email Marketing software:

  • Has a good reputation for IP?
  • Do you have successful cases?
  • Has an integration with your company’s CRM?
  • Is it integrated with the Landing Page service that your company uses?
  • Does the tool provide information about opening, click, unsubscribe, bounces, and click map?
  • Does it allow you to segment the Leads base from this information?
  • Does it allow you to create automation flows from these interactions with an email campaign?
  • Has merge tags – possibility to use personalized information in the text, such as Lead’s name?
  • Is the support good? If there are any questions about the tool or about any Digital Marketing concept, can you count on specialists in the subject?
  • Do you provide ready-made templates, just needing to change the images or texts?
  • Do you accept the import of contacts that your company already has?
  • Does it inform invalid contacts (unsubscriptions and invalid emails) for cleaning the list?
  • Do you have a history of each contact, to know which campaigns a specific Lead received, opened, and clicked on, as well as which Landing Pages he converted? Are you Marketing Automation?
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