Top 20 Free Meme Generator Apps

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good chuckle on seeing a well-made meme on social media? Memes poke fun at current affairs, pop culture, history, and everything in between.

Become an epic memer in a matter of minutes with meme creator applications.

How to create memes on a free meme generator?

All you need to do is select a template or upload your own image, enter your text, and customize it however you like. And as simple as that, you can either save it on your device or share your meme-ing prowess with your friends and followers.

You can truly explore the range of your “dank” creativity and set the internet alight with your meme skills.

These are our top 20 picks of the best free applications for creating quality memes. Happy meme-ing!

Free Meme Maker Apps (Top Picks)

1. Meme Generator

Meme Generator is a fun and simple platform for creating viral memes and editing pictures and videos. It works on laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

● Choose from over 1000 meme templates or save and create your own templates for future use.
● No watermarks that you take away from the hilarity of your meme.

2. GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator ranks in the top free meme maker apps on the Google Play Store. It is an intuitive app loaded with features that create the most meme-able content on the internet.

● Get access to daily viral content to use in your memes.
● Check the live preview of your meme in the editing window. You can shortlist and save your most favourite creations within the app’s environment.

3. Mematic

Mematic focuses on the classic memes that defined a whole generation’s childhoods. Use the app for a fun throwback creative spree.

● Use memes templates from its well-stocked library. Else, you can export templates from your device to create your meme.
● No in-app purchases and additional hassles while using the app so that there are no unnecessary distractions.

4. MemeCrunch

Meme crunch ticks all the boxes for us for an ideal meme creator platform. Simply pick a template, upload your picture, fill in the text, and you’re done! The template gallery is forever expanding and includes the latest popular formats.

● The app works online and as an application on your device. This is useful for browsing and creating memes even when you’re not connected to the internet.
● The app works best if your device can support running javascript.

5. Meme Factory

Meme Factory is probably the most advanced and diverse meme makers in our review. You can create, share, and exchange memes on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform also supports massive communities of users who can sign onto different forums like a jobseekers forum, a cryptocurrency forum, etc.

● Create Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) to trade with other meme-collectors.
● The Dank Registry is a community-generated list of the best memes on the platform and provides crypto incentives for the highest rankers.

6. Imgur MemeGen

Users of meme-sharing platforms like Reddit and 9GAG are no strangers to the image hosting website Imgur. But did you know that Imgur has its own meme creator application too?


● An impressive 140,000 meme templates to choose from. Truly spoilt for choice!
● All your creations get saved to your Imgur account so you can access and link to them anytime.

7. Make a Meme+

Want to create hilarious memes to share with the world? Or a private collection to refer to in the future? Make a Meme is a great free software for generating both public and private meme galleries.

● Choose from a directory of over 50 fonts, text styles, and colors to give your meme that extra something.
● You can safely use pictures of your friends and family in private mode. These memes cannot be shared over the platform and stay within your network.

8. Meme Studio

Meme Studio is an open-sourced meme creator website. We found the editor to be quite straightforward and the template gallery up to date.

● Share memes directly to your social media from the website. Alternatively, you can easily download your creations and save them on your device.
● Responsive editor: You can create funny memes and gifs almost instantly. The editor can be utilized by meme amateurs and pros alike.

9. 9GAG

9GAG is the OG app for memes of all types under the sun. Not only can you browse through millions of popular and archived memes, but you can also generate your own memes for free.

● Humongous template gallery: Get access to a mind-blowing collection of old and new templates to choose from.
● Share directly on 9GAG: 9GAG is one of the biggest online communities for sharing dank memes. Share your humorous genius with the world directly and invite comments from all 9GAG dwellers.

10. Memedroid

Are you a fan of the classic 2000s meme format? Memedroid is the best app for harking back to the good old days of the top-and-bottom text formats and rickroll references.

● All your favourite classic memes in a single repository. Flip through hundreds of pop culture references and the memes that defined your childhood.
● You can also add your own formats and templates to the gallery for other users to edit.

11. Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker

We like Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker for its up-to-date meme collection. Just sort through the most popular memes to see what’s trending around the world.

● You can post directly to your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Twitter channel from the app. Otherwise, save the meme to your gallery for sharing later.
● Toggle on any meme to access it’s delightfully informative ‘Know Your Meme’ entry.

12. Meme Maker App

Use this application’s vast template repository or create your own memes from scratch.

● No advertisements and watermarks on your memes.
● Change text settings and captions with a single tap.

13. Video and Gif Memes

This is one of the top free meme generator apps for mobile-only use. To create an epic meme, all you need to do is select a picture from the gallery, add your text, and hit send.

● Add as many captions and text boxes as you want to your picture/video. You can tinker around with the video speed, frame rate, quality, etc.
● Integrate text into GIFs to capture meme-worthy moments perfectly.

14. Modern Memes

A Tumblr meme is simply not the same as a meme shared on Twitter. Modern Memes caters to a range of meme styles and formats for different social media platforms.

● Edit, share or comment on thousands of daily meme posts on the community page.
● Watermark your meme to protect your content from being reshared without permission.

15. Memes Generator

Create endless funny memes and trolling images with Meme Generator. This app allows you to edit images in HTML canvas, therefore, your images are created and stored on your device instantly.

● Customize your meme in an intuitive drag and drop editor. You can play around with the size, font, color, and repetition of each text box.
● Choose from dozens of stickers and filters to give an edgy vibe to your meme.

16. Meme Creator

Meme Creator has everything you could possibly want from a free meme maker. Loads of templates? Check. Text customization? Check. Easy sharing? Check.

● Create a personal archive of your memes that can be accessed anytime. The best part is that your memes are entirely your intellectual property — no pesky watermarks.
● You can stitch multiple images together to create meme chains that tell a story.

17. Simple Meme Generator

With the Simple Meme Generator you can, what you see is what you get. The app truly is simple and very user-friendly.

● Upload any picture or GIF from your device, slap some text on it, and share it with your friends.
● Scores of text and image customizations available in the editor.

18. Memasik: Meme maker app

Memeasik is one of the highest-rated meme creator apps on the market. It is free, fast, and very fun. Whether you’re just looking to “lurk” and browse through quality memes, or you want to create some gems yourself, Memasik is the site for you.

● Dozens of stickers, filters and fun add-ons to jazz up your memes. You can also draw free-hand on any image or text box.
● Share to your social media channels directly.

19. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the earliest and most successful social media sites for creating and sharing images, GIFs, and videos. It is still home to a huge collection of memes on every subject imaginable.

● Sizable template gallery of the dankest memes on Tumblr.
● “Ask me anything” feature for quick search results and assistance in your quest to create hilarious memes.

20. Elsew here

We like Elsewhere for its commitment to sharing vial content and trending memes. Its meme creator is easy to use and works seamlessly.

● New viral memes, hashtags, videos, and reactions posted in the explore tab every day.
● Add your unique watermark on your memes to claim posting rights.

My Opinion – Best Free Meme Generator App

While any pick from this list gets the job done, we particularly favour 9GAG and Imgur MemeGen for their non-nonsense editors and updated template galleries. Meme Factory is an interesting mix of an online community and meme-ing space, and we are all for its unique approach to digital content.

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