6 Best Password Generators to Use for Free

Password Generators

A majority of account users on the Internet have almost the same type of password. Most often, it is a code with a few digits that includes the owner’s name, or date of birth.

However, given the current situation on the web, having a simple password is proving to be a problem. This is because the complexity is significant for the protection of personal information and financial data.

So to protect ourselves, let’s see what we can do.

Secure passwords

Password breaking has become a common act. This happens several million times a year, for all users around the world. How do you know if your data has been hacked and how can you protect yourself? In most cases, this is simply a misuse of passwords. Indeed, putting a date of birth or “admin123” makes the account much more vulnerable to pirating software, or any attempted break-in.

To ensure better security of said accounts. You should already have a unique password for each login account available to you. In addition, the latter must be composed of a string of numbers and letters, or even special characters.

In other words, there should never be a password where it is easy to remember. Because it makes it easier to hack you. This seems paradoxical given that a person has to remember their own password. But to face it, it is necessary to adopt a strategy that will allow the use of a single password, while guaranteeing certain security. A password generator is a handy tool for this purpose. And it’s part of a working system that keeps websites and more secure, free of charge.

The internet safety is paramount!

What is a password generator?

In absolute terms, it is a tool that manages and keeps the passwords of its users while allowing easy access to the connection of its accounts. The latter can also keep encrypted passwords under one roof. But also, it can create passwords with high potential. That is, difficult to decipher for hacking software. Usually, a password generator will also allow you to enter passwords automatically you. As a result, it brings a system together to create a single password that only you can access and manage.

Here it would not be necessary to try to remember it yourself. It would thus be easier to create more complex, even inviolable combinations for all your access to the web. Although the versions offered are free, the chances of hacking the generator area are low. The security techniques put in place, as well as the devices, ensure that the hacking is very low. So, compared to the paid models with more options, the free generators are just as reliable. They have local encryption of protected information before it even leaves any device.

Top 6 Free Password Generators to Use

Here are 6 free password generators available:


LastPass Password Generator

Rather, it is a password manager, which also offers other features. There is a Pro version, and therefore paid, but the free version also allows you to automatically import your pre-registered login details, as well as usernames and passwords, from the main browsers used by Internet users. , either Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari and Opera.

On the other hand, these allow the generation of “strong” passwords and give access to the system on any device, without direct access to one’s own desktop. It is therefore easier to enjoy and use your accounts in different places by configuring the LastPass manager.


Keepass Password Generator

KeePass is open-source software. The same principle of use as WordPress, but with a password generator. He has at his disposal all kinds of initiatives since anyone can contribute to the “open source” project to which he is linked. So this generator is a perfect option to consider as it helps keep all your credentials offline.

However, this site does not allow the devices to be synchronized with each other and does not allow use in different places. Which turns out to be normal due to offline use. Either way, it’s gaining popularity this year and seems to be adequate even for new users.


Dashlane Password Generator

In addition to offering a reliable and robust password manager, but also secure and easy to use. This software allows a standalone browser extension that can be used on almost all platforms. In other words, it’s great for Google Chrome users on all devices because passwords are managed in one place.

However, the free version is limited to [only] around fifty passwords, which is relatively a very good start for the majority. It also offers device synchronization, with automatic form filling, as well as monitoring and a VPN.


Online Password Generator

Coming from the company “Online Privacy”, Blur offers features such as masked email, blocking hidden trackers and hidden data collections.

Its mission is to facilitate the management and protection of identity, without however neglecting the convenience aspect.


Password Boss Password Generator

This generator works on iOS, Android and Windows. Their slogan “to each password its device” perfectly demonstrates the solidity of the overall system that it manages and the importance of customer security. Its encryption is AES 256-bit type, with end-to-end security, it also has an audit trail and role-based access.

Its use is therefore based on the management of users and groups to which they are linked.


Sticky Password Generator

Finally, one of the best free password generators is StickyPassword, because it allows its users to save time and protect their users’ information. We can cite for example that it generates strong passwords at any time while retaining information relating to the credit cards used. It also allows you to share passwords and data securely.

Free password generators, to conclude

You are still here? ?

The number of hackers is constantly increasing, requiring a more efficient way to design a password, without it being forgotten or lost. In 2020, it is advisable to seek the help of a password generator, in order to secure all your accounts. Do not forget to use one of these password generators for your web hosting and thus protect your website. ?

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