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Typically, maintaining a website such as an online store, WordPress, or community site requires some compliance. It is called the GDPR compliance and literally means the General Data Protection Regulation. So that a site is in the European standards, it is necessary to implement this conformity. And while the task may seem complex, it is actually quite simple.

Essentially, it’s about choosing one of the many WordPress privacy policy plugins that meet your expectations and needs. This will put the site in question in the compliance standards of the GDPR.

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What is GDPR compliance?

The data protection law has had an update. Currently, it advocates the protection of data on the privacy of Internet users. To do this, website owners must inform visitors of the use of cookies, and the collection of personal information through their site. They, therefore, have the option of accepting or not the conditions. Then choose to continue browsing the site or to leave it.

However, this compliance does not apply to all sites on the web. For example, a personal blog that does not collect any information about its visitors is not subject to it. Like others, such as a mailing list, or a newsletter which store personal addresses. Those who do not obey the law are subject to fines and penalties. Even the simple addition of an element on a social network for comment must be submitted there.

6 Best Free GDPR Plugin for WordPress

The GDPR regulations exist to protect the rights of EU citizens. But they also affect everyone on the web, regardless of where the online activity takes place. It is relevant to ask what would be the best WordPress GDPR plugin. This is why we present to you 6 of the most used plugins by Internet users in 2020.

CookiePro – Best WordPress GDPR Plugin

Cookie Pro GDPR Plugin

This plugin is an intuitive system which, on the one hand, informs its users of the compliance to be respected. On the other hand, to scan the site in order to detect the cookies used. That is, you can also use this tool to check if your website is GDPR compliant by entering its domain name. In addition, it provides a fast and easy-to-use interface that allows the deactivation of specific cookies to users during their visit. They can therefore choose the ones that suit them best, if necessary.

CookiePro is also equipped with a secure portal that submits the tracking of data requests. The solution offered by this plugin is therefore affordable to comply with GDPR standards, you can use the very complete free version. Users benefit from greater flexibility and control.

Cookie Notice GDPR Plugin

The use of cookies is arguably one of the most common forms of data collection and use on the Internet. For sites using this form, “Cookie Notice for GDPR  ” is the most popular plugin for WordPress. It provides several customizable options, such as being able to accept or not the scrolling of cookies. But also to refuse the functional, even revoke the user’s consent, and / or redirect to a page related to the compliance of the privacy policy.

With already more than a million users, it stands out for its compatibility and multilingual support. It remains in line with referencing and cookie expiration settings. Quick, easy and efficient, it does however require you to write a confidentiality policy for the use of cookies.

WP AutoTerms GDPR Plugin

WP AutoTerms GDPR Plugin

In a rather legal access framework, WordPress self-terms prove to be the solution. This plugin allows you to meet many requirements to make WordPress completely legal, including the GDPR standard. By adding a warning when using affiliate links. In addition, it authorizes the creation of a cookie policy, terms of service and privacy policy.

The tool is also used to govern any legal document, by creating links to specific pages. This action is done in an automated and accessible way from the site footer. Notices are posted regularly, in addition to having an update in the announcement bar that informs users of any changes.

GDPR Plugin

GDPR Plugin for WordPress

This plugin is named after the applicable standard in question. And it just happens to be a great consent system for those in need of basic coverage. In particular, it offers a variety of compliance forms ranging from a simple submit button to entire registration fields.

The front-end is used to manage cookie preferences and is asked for banner permission for specific notifications. For example, it is possible to erase all traces of personal data with a simple confirmation email. Finally, GDPR tracks data sent to other sites, and reports on the responsible plugin, theme and file.

GDPR Cookie Consent

It is one of the most popular plugins for its purpose. It has almost half a million users who have it installed on their website. Having a variety of settings to help make the site more compliant, ” GDPR Cookie Consent ” allows you to choose whether or not to enable the cookie bar. It is also CCPA ready WordPress plugin. It can display it as a banner, where the information is sticky when the page loads.

On the other hand, it is possible to customize the plugin to better adapt to the design of the site. For example, the color of the cookie bar, or the message can appear as desired. Finally, the plugin has a cookie audit, with a shortcode offered that displays the cookies used by the site. This is to show users the privacy policy page.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

This is another basic notification system for users accessing the website, with an information bar and a link to the privacy policy. These are customizable, and create an element of contrast that sets the opinion of Internet users. However, the plugin does not block cookies, but it is compatible with software allowing multi-language.

GDPR Cookie Compliance is, therefore, part of the classification because of its basic form, and its ease of use. Because, beyond its appearance, it provides the basic elements of GDPR compliance, and does not include a lot of thoughts on this subject. These are what earned it its popularity.

And which GDPR plugin do you use? In practice, compliance and security, therefore, affect the cookies of your browsing on the web. It is, therefore, necessary to choose, but also to know the best WordPress GDPR cookies in order to make the right choice on your Web Hosting ?

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