How to Add Twitter Widget to your website

add twitter widget to website

Twitter is among the most loved social media platforms. Almost every trend begins here, especially the hashtag trends.

Talking about its monthly active users, Twitter has around 300 million, and they all love to keep up with what’s happening around the globe.

It is a typical Twitterati behavior to keep up with what’s trending, and they all love to share their views upon it, in 250 character limit, of course.

So, why should you bring its content to your website as a Twitter widget? Let’s find out.

Why Add Twitter Widget To your Website?

Embedding Twitter Widget on your website can help you improve the website experience of the visitors’ to a great extent. In addition, it can create better engagement and sales opportunities.

You get to highlight your interaction with your audience from Twitter, which may attract your website visitors. In addition, you bring transparency to your website when you embed UGC tweets tweeted by your customers talking about your brand.

It also builds social proof for your brand as more people feel encouraged to post for you, giving you more tweets to embed on your Twitter Widget on your website.

How To Add A Twitter Widget To Your Website?

Twitter has its embedding option to embed Twitter content on your website. And you get options to embed Tweets, Twitter timelines, and the Tweet button on your website.

Here are some easy steps you can follow:

Step 1: Go to the Twitter Publish webpage (

Twitter Widget

Step 2: You will find a blank space on the landing page to enter URL.

Step 3: Enter the tweet URL on that space that you want to embed after selecting the option to embed

Twitter Widget

Step 4: Copy the generated code and paste it on your website builder in the HTML section

Add Twitter Widget

Follow similar steps to embed the Twitter timeline and the Twitter buttons on your website.

Although this Twitter widget embedding option is free of cost, it lacks in many areas. It doesn’t come with many customization options. You only get to choose between the dark & light theme. There are no moderation filters to filter out irrelevant content. Besides, you can only embed one tweet at a time, which is a big drawback.

Allow us to introduce you to some tools that you can use to embed the Twitter widget on website, however you like.

Tools To Add Twitter Widget To Your Website

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox is the number one UGC platform to aggregate and publish trustworthy and inspiring user-generated content across various channels. It enables brands to build UGC campaigns to grow brand trust, engagement, and sales.

Its tool, Taggbox Widget, builds and publishes UGC galleries, hashtag campaigns, social feeds, and reviews to boost web engagement, performance, & ROI. The product

focuses on curating & embedding social feeds, UGC, & reviews to your website with a creative, engaging, & responsive social media widget for the website.


Juicer is another tool that works around creating and embedding display walls on websites. You can collect tweets using hashtags or handles and directly embed them on your website. It also comes with various moderation filters to maintain the quality of the Twitter widget on your website.

It updates in real-time, so each time, a new tweet with your unique hashtag will automatically appear on your website. So all the recent tweets will be there on your website.


With Everwall, you get to collect Twitter feeds and embed it on your website using hashtags, keywords, mentions, searches, etc. If the feed is public, you can embed it very quickly. It can help you easily create a feed for your preferred tweets, generate the embed code and paste it on the backend of your website.

Not to forget its moderation features to eliminate unnecessary content. So, you get to give the best quality content to your website visitors that updates in real-time, and you can customize your widget to make it match the theme of your website.


Hootfeed is another tool that lets you create and display Twitter Widget on your website. It offers its users some fantastic designs and themes to customize and create a stunning Twitter widget compatible with every size needs.

Like other Twitter widget tools, you get the moderation feature to filter out unwanted feeds and only present the best content to your audience. They provide powerful analytics as well to track the performance of the Twitter widget.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We have now reached the end of this blog with the hope that you understand how you can add a Twitter widget to your website, why you need it, and how some tools can help you achieve your goals better!

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, collect all that you have & all that you need, and leverage the wittiness of Twitter to your website!

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