What is an ebook: How to create an ebook for free

You are crazy. It is. You can only be crazy about to create an ebook for free with this content.

That was one of the lightest phrases I heard in 2016, when I created my first ebook .

In this virtual book, I have told everything we knew about digital marketing.

Yes, I sent free content to anyone with internet access that I could sell and make a lot of money.

For you to have an idea: in the ebook was the very content of an event that I was a co-organizer, where tickets cost $ 250 (and sold out in seven days).

It was a book that told the basis of the strategy that led my real estate auction company to make a lot of money.

For many it was crazy for me to hand in all my knowledge. A knowledge that took me so long to acquire.

If you think it was a mistake too, I don’t blame you. The idea doesn’t look good at first.

But the ebook allowed me to gain a scale that I never imagined before and in addition to increasing my revenue and adding several million reais to my profits.

I will repeat because this is the advice that I could give to my son.

Writing an ebook was the turning point that allowed me to have a successful online business and quit a job I didn’t like to work with what I love.

That 2MB file became my company’s biggest lead generator by far. Today this ebook has already passed the mark of a million downloads.

This is the basis of the strategy at Blogger Cage and I thank my team every day for taking the attitude of swimming against the tide and making that ebook.

I’m going to teach you now how to create an ebook that can change your company’s history.

Because you can no longer ignore this reality. Writing a killer ebook can save your business and ensure peaceful nights of sleep for the rest of your life.

Just by being aware of it, you are already many steps away from your competitor. Just reading this text so far, you are already ahead of many people who are not dedicating themselves now.

But if you read this entire text, you will acquire the most complete knowledge on this topic.

Because I will teach you the complete step by step of everything that worked for me to make an ebook that reached the hands of more than a million people.

It is a summary with everything you need to write a successful ebook.

With this post, you will be able to:

  • Write an ebook that will make you a reference in your market
  • Get more results and recognition
  • Higher profit possibilities (maybe even multiples of what you earn today)
  • Don’t waste so much time chasing leads

You will be able to read all of this content in the next twenty minutes. And tomorrow you will be able to apply the techniques you have learned.

Because after that article, you will never again worry about writing a failure .

In a simple and fast way, I condensed all the main information about how to write an ebook. Even techniques that I had not revealed until then, such as:

  • Create an ebook in a simple and fast way, what you need to put, how to structure and what is the best theme for your line of business
  • What is the main mistake of entrepreneurs trying to make the digital book and why are their ebooks a failure (and how to avoid it)
  • The best strategy to promote your ebook

You don’t need to decorate everything at once.

Save this page to your favorites and come back whenever you want to ask a question.

You will be amazed at the power of an ebook to make your business take off.

There is the best way, which only those who have already traveled can reach.

And I will show you now.

What is an Ebook?

Ebook is short for electronic book. It is an electronic book.

It is a book in digital format that can be downloaded or purchased over the internet.

They have a number of cost advantages over traditional books.

You don’t spend on printing, stocking or shipping the book, for example.

Ebooks also appeared as a revolution in access to information.

Now, anyone with cell phones, computers, tablets and smartphones can read an ebook.

It is a simpler and faster way to consume content.

Practical knowledge, instant access, at the palm of your hand.

A possible reality for your customer, no matter what their profile.

Regardless of social class, the use of smartphones, for example, is a fact that is here to stay.

According to Statista, 92% of Americans use smartphones to access the internet.

This means that a very large portion of the population can have an ebook. Imagine how many people you can impact with the dissemination of this tool.

Keep that in mind. Producing an ebook is a matter of survival for any digital business.

The Importance of Using an Ebook in Digital Marketing

Remember when I said that an ebook allowed my company to grow to a point I never imagined and also increased my turnover by seven digits?

This was for a simple reason …

What I am going to say now is the main point of this entire text. This is a fundamental question for you to understand the rest of the information.

The ebook is the main bait of content marketing . He is often directly responsible for attracting most of the leads from his digital business.

The client searches for content that can teach him how to solve a problem. The company that offers this solution is ahead of the competition.

And the ebook is the main way to offer these answers. You use free, quality content as bait to attract visitors to your digital business.

In return, the company gets the visitor’s email. This is the lead, the philosopher’s stone of any marketing strategy.

Remember that building your digital business without generating leads is like building a house on rented land.

Companies that publish ebooks generate 7x more leads compared to institutions that do not adopt this practice.

Having a direct way to reach your customers is essential to not be held hostage by the algorithms and goodwill of social networks.

Because you can’t just rely on social media to communicate with your audience.

Facebook for example delivers posts from a Fanpage to only 2% of its followers, in some cases.

In addition to gaining leads in return, the ebook has another very positive effect:

Creation of authority with the public.

By creating a quality digital book, the company shows that it has credibility and knowledge to provide a certain service.

Besides, of course, promoting the brand and being remembered by the audience.

Amazing how an ebook can transform both your company’s image and profitability, right?

I know it was a lot of information so far. So, I will summarize the two main points so far.

An ebook is important to your digital business for two main reasons:

  • Generate leads: one of the main baits of content marketing, the ebook is a great reward for getting the visitor’s email in return
  • Authority: by producing quality content and solving a certain audience problem, you become an authority in your market

Here at Blogger Cage, for example, the ebook is still the main source of lead generation. Today, over a thousand people have downloaded my ebook.

And the ebook is responsible for x% of all downloads.

So you must not forget to think of the ebook as a fundamental strategy within your planning.

Why is the ebook ideal for winning your customer’s heart?

I will explain in practice why the ebook is the best strategy for you to conquer your target audience and multiply the base of new customers.

But first, I’m going to tell you a story.

You may have already met a man who flirts with the signal “all the time”. He barely knows the person and already wants to take him to bed.

This guy may occasionally succeed, but the chance of succeeding is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, there is that other guy who talks to the girl, talks about her interests, shows himself as a person she can trust. It reveals credibility to the other.

This second type of guy will have a better chance of getting a relationship, correct?

Content marketing is the same. You do not push your customer straight into the purchase. This is what all other companies already do.

You gain his trust little by little. When the person decides to buy from someone, he will buy from you.

This model delights because it leads you to a purchase, instead of pushing you.

And the ebook is one of the main and most effective strategies in the world of content marketing.

Here on the blog we made a complete guide to talk about a dense subject like content marketing. You can open another window and take the time to read it later.

After you structure your ebook, the article will help you think of other strategies to reach your audience.

But always understand that content marketing is the main fuel for any successful communication strategy.

And the ebook is the star and main actor of this whole film.

So far I’ve told you that producing an ebook is not a luxury, but a matter of survival for your digital business.

Understanding this already puts you ahead of many competitors who at this point in the championship have no idea that this is possible.

Now we’re going to get our hands dirty. Apply this knowledge in practice.

If you read to the end of the post, you will learn:

  • All the advantages of the ebook over any other marketing strategy
  • How to create an ebook in 48h
  • The main tools for you to create an ebook, including ready-made templates and templates used by market leaders to launch these digital books
  • The most killer way to publicize and promote your ebook

Are you excited? Remember that this can be the turning point in your life to attract more and more leads. Even multiples of what you get today.

This tactic worked for me and I will teach you how to do the same. In a simple and uncomplicated way.

5 advantages that make the ebook essential in your strategy

Generating leads and building an image of credibility are the main objectives of the ebook.

Building your digital business based on this strategy is a great way forward.

It has unique advantages over any other reward in digital marketing.

Mastering each of these advantages is ideal when assembling your ebook.

Knowing the points I’m going to list now will help you make the most of this strategy.

1- Production cost

I remember a saying that preached the secret to a complete life: having a child, planting a tree and writing a book.

And whenever someone remembered that saying, he said that the book was the most difficult to make.

Writing and publishing a book before ebooks was a task restricted to a small group of fortunate ones.

Having your name on the back of a book was a combination of luck, competence and contacts.

Now producing a book and disseminating it to the whole world is available to anyone.

The ebook has almost zero production cost.

You don’t need to print, waste ink and paper, store, have a bookstore to display your title.

2- Ease of distribution and sharing on the internet.

Still using the example of the physical book. Before, for someone to know that the book existed, they needed a bookstore to display it on the shelves.

Now, a simple email eliminates all these intermediaries.

With just one click your content can reach your customers. They can share with other friends and thus expand their network of influence.

3- Organize your content in a single document

The ebook gives you space to develop a subject with the freedom you want, mainly because it does not have a character limitation.

Let’s say a physical therapist specializes in athletes. He has innovative methods and studies the main trends in the world about treating injuries in sport.

In a blog post he will not be able to fully address the topic.

In the Facebook post or Instagram, much less. The space is even smaller.

The ebook serves to summarize all the knowledge you want to pass on a certain subject.

So, whenever the customer wants to ask a question about a topic, he goes straight to his source, instead of wasting time looking elsewhere.

4- Simple and quick way to learn

As I promised, whenever I can I will use as an example my experiences that worked to show you the right way.

When creating the ebook “How to Use the Internet to Leverage Your Sales or Create a Digital Business 100% from Zero”, one thing became very clear.

The ebook is a less serious and lighter way to present content.

Imagine if a person who wanted to do a digital business from scratch had to resort to academic books, master’s theses, dozens of blogs, 500-page books …

It is quite different from an ebook. Which has language closer to the reader, short paragraphs, use of visual language, such as graphics and images.

More accessible and easier to learn.

5- Basis for creating incredible content

You worked hard to make a complete ebook, with all the information to solve your audience’s problems.

Why not take this job and use it as a basis for blog posts or social networks?

This is very important. The first ebook shows a path that many entrepreneurs have not yet discovered. The potential to generate great content frequently.

Remembering that the reverse path is also very common. Gather a set of blog posts and adapt to create an ebook.

12 quick steps to create an ebook

1- Define your personas

Before launching an ebook, you need to know who you are launching it for.

In digital marketing, without identifying your persona, there is no strategy that works.

It is thinking of her that all her actions are proposed.

Persona is a term used to define the type of ideal customer among those who make up your target audience.

This is done by combining their main characteristics, habits and interests, including gender and income range.

Remember that your ebook has to solve a question or someone’s problem.

So you have to know what that persona looks like, what she thinks, and why she is looking for you.

Creating an ebook without defining the persona is like running your business in a dark room.

2- Keywords

Are you in doubt about the topic that your ebook can address? Researching popular keywords on your topic can help.

These are the most popular words among people who search for your topic. Defining these indicators also makes it easier for users to find your ebook in search engines more easily.

To find it, log in to Google Analytics and notice the most searched keywords on your theme.

3- The theme of your ebook

Now that you know who you’re writing the ebook for, it’s time to define the book’s theme.

Always remember that your e-book has to solve a problem, a demand from your audience.

Put yourself in their shoes and understand what the pain is and what makes you sleep before going to sleep.

And above all, you need to define a relevant topic with a unique advantage over your competitors.

4- Write about something you’ve been through (or pay the price)

Remember that one of the main goals of the ebook is to create authority?

The best way to achieve this is to share your personal experience with the topic with the user.

Show your readers that you have lived and worked hard enough on that subject and have the necessary background to know what you are talking about.

For example in my case, I created the ebook “How to Use the Internet to Leverage Your Sales or Create a 100% Digital Business from Zero”.

If I had never created a digital business from scratch, I would not be able to pass on the feeling and experience of going through this challenge. I would not have the credibility to teach someone to do the same.

And believe me, the reader feels this when he finds your text. If you don’t have confidence in what you’re saying, your ebook will fail.

No matter what your topic, give your approach a personal focus. This will make your text more incredible.

5- A very specific title

The reader has to catch his eye and understand what his problem is going to solve. Or what opportunity are you going to create for him?

For example: How I earned 20 thousand dollars from blogging in 8 months. A direct title that leaves no doubt about what the person will teach you. Creates an instant appeal.

The more specific you are, the more chances to impact the user and arouse curiosity for him to download your ebook.

6- Take a breather to the text. Use titles, subtitles and short paragraphs

Research shows that very large paragraphs make reading difficult and make readers abandon reading more quickly.

The brain upon finding a large paragraph sends out the message that the task will be tiring. It is as if, intuitively, you are too lazy to continue reading.

That’s why people don’t like to read large pieces of content.

Here on Blogger Cage you will notice that I use paragraphs all the time. Many paragraphs. All short, preferably with two lines.

Subtitles are essential to take a breather and separate your topic by topics. It makes it easier for the reader to find information.

7- Illustrate with very good images

Incredible as the content is, no text survives a book without layout or good images.

This study by Webdam points out that the organization, the images and colors, stand out in the first place, well before any written content.

If you arrive at a restaurant where the walls are dirty, the waiters don’t wear a uniform and the decor is weird, the first thing you want to do and run out of place.

Even though the food is great, but the first impression, the visual sensation is unpleasant. And that matters a lot to anyone.

Use infographics, photos and statistics to help the reader understand your argument.

In a little while, in the Tools topic, I’ll show you some free programs that can help you with this task.

They are tools that I use in some jobs or that people I work with use to produce ebooks.

The important thing is that your ebook does not look amateurish. If the reader has the impression that he could do what you did yourself, something is wrong.

8- Do not invent the wheel

A very common mistake that I see in ebooks is that the author dares too much and ends up sinning by excess.

The font you are going to use is essential to make the book easier to read. Use a font that is easy to see on your smartphone or computers.

Studies on the ideal types of sources for digital media are not lacking .

The Arial or Garamond in size 14 are some of the great examples that you can use.

Don’t forget: less is more in design.

9 – Write as if you were at the bar

After you have gathered all the information to produce the book, write down everything you find interesting on the subject.

The most important thing is to avoid technical terms and jargon that only you and your professional colleagues understand.

Don’t let your ebook become an academic text. Nothing against this type of text, but you need to impact as many people as possible.

A clear, simple and objective language is the best way to get your book to go viral .

The secret is to write your book as if you were in an informal conversation, sitting at the bar table with friends.

Imagine that you are meeting with friends and need to explain what your ebook is about.

If they get bored or don’t understand your topic, rewrite it until your ebook is interesting enough to become a topic on the bar table.

10- Edit, correct and revise

No one is able to write a book and edit alone.

When we write, we have a line of reasoning that is very clear in our head.

But it is very different when someone who has never seen the subject picks up the book to read from scratch.

That person will give you tips and pointers that can improve the reading and fluidity of your text.

In my blog posts, for example, it is common to pass some grammar error, a verb that does not agree with the subject.

Even the most experienced and famous writers also need great editors. A good edition changes a text from water to wine.

And ask that favor for a person who will not be afraid to give you feedback, however negative it may be.

Editing can save text and increase the potential for audience engagement.

11- Adaptive design

It may seem incredible, but a huge amount of online content is not adapted for different media, such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

Make sure your ebook is responsive . This means that it must adapt to the screen of different devices and platforms.

A common mistake is not to adapt the ebook for viewing on smartphones.

It is very annoying to open an ebook on your cell phone and it is wider than the screen, as if it were in the shape of a computer monitor.

In USA, 70% of users surf the internet using smartphones. If you are not adapted for this, you are sure to lose leads and stop converting customers.

12- Time of birth: convert to PDF

Here your ebook comes into the world. And why the PDF format for an ebook?

It is the friendliest format of all. It is read by different systems, without rejection.

Macs, PCs, all sorts of smartphones. Everyone accepts the PDF format.

It stays the same for everyone who opens it, and it also doesn’t allow editing your file.

That is, all your work to choose fonts, colors and images will be maintained.

How and where to promote your ebook

The main objective of all this work in producing an ebook is to generate leads.

The exchange is simple.

You offer a free book with interesting content that you have invested time and knowledge in.

In return, he takes the person’s email or other data.

But where am I going to put this ebook for the person to download?

How do I set up my website to make this ebook exchange by email?

I’m glad you asked.

I will answer this and other questions now.

After all, creating your ebook is the first part of that process. Many entrepreneurs can get here.

But knowing the best way to spread the e-book, generate leads and take off billing is the difference between boys and girls, men and women.

1. Landing Page

I don’t know of a success story with ebooks that didn’t use a landing page.

Landing page is a conversion page, also called a landing or landing page.

When using a direct and objective language, it focuses on leading the user to perform an action on your website or blog.

This page is configured in the smallest details to take the user to a click, purchase or download, for example.

A page created just to generate conversions.

It is simple, and eliminates any distraction that could be an obstacle for the visitor to perform the action.

Foundr magazine produced an ebook teaching how to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram. See the landing page they produced:
See how the title is specific, direct, and the page does not show any alternative of interaction other than downloading the ebook.

If you want to get inspired, there are plenty of great examples of ebook landing pages available on the internet.

And if you want to make a killer landing page to promote your ebook, Elementor Pro is an expert on the subject.

Elementor Pro is a reference in the global market in the creation of high conversion landing pages, which attract customers and leverage your business.

It has ready-made templates that you can customize your way. You don’t need to be a programmer or understand computer code.

You change the face of your page in a few clicks and put everything up in minutes.

2. Promote on social networks

These are powerful channels of communication. Facebook alone, for example, has 2.07 billion active people per month (data for the 3rd quarter of 2017)

It doesn’t matter who you want to reach. And it doesn’t matter which customers you want to win. They will probably be on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter …

Look for profiles and groups on social networks that may be interested in your topic. Pay close attention also to the size of your posts , because it directly affects your engagement.

If you have a Fanpage , don’t forget to advertise there and invite followers to know the ebook.

In all cases, don’t forget to make a killer Call To Action , which is impossible to ignore and leave the audience scratching with curiosity to visit your landing page.

3. Set aside a budget to boost

It is not mandatory, but it helps a lot to allocate a budget to sponsor your posts on social networks.

Just one example: Facebook delivers only 2% of its content to its follower base.

Sometimes, $ 10 can already make a brutal difference in your engagement.

This boost gives you more visibility and can attract followers that you wouldn’t impact without using that money.

Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram… everyone has their own advertising tools that allow entrepreneurs to boost their publications.

4. Spread the word out

“People influence people. Nothing influences more than a friend’s recommendation. ”

The phrase above is from Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. He’s already proven a fact: word of mouth marketing works, and it’s the best advertisement you can have.

Everyone has been influenced by word of mouth marketing. You certainly chose a restaurant or a movie because you heard a good recommendation from a friend.

So much so that 92% of consumers around the world say that they completely trust the indication of a friend or family member, above any other form of advertising.

Show the ebook to all your friends and ask for a promotion force. Each share helps – a lot – in reaching your info product.

Tools to promote & create an ebook

Digital Books

The Digital Books platform allows you to create books in a practical, simple and freeway. Created in 2012, the platform currently has 65 thousand registered users and more than 50 thousand books created. On this platform, anyone registered can create, publish and share their book, or even print it in booklet format for distribution.


This tool allows users to write, create, edit and store an unlimited amount of e-books in the cloud. You can download your digital book in epub format, ready for distribution in popular electronic book stores, such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble and Google Books, Lulu.

Registration on the website is free.


I say that Canva changes your life forever. Do you want to make a beautiful cover for your ebook, or an illustration to use inside the book? He can help you.

There are thousands of ready-made templates, you just need to change the text or add the photo you want. It is intuitive and practical. It is aimed at professional designers or curious amateurs.

Ready Templates

Many websites offer ready-made ebook templates for you to use. The fonts, spacing and layout are already formatted and ready to use.

The Growtraffic did a great list, as well as LucidPress and Hubspot .

PDF Converter

You can take the file from your favourite text editor and convert it to a PDF. There are several websites that do this service for free on the internet.


This tool is aimed at those who use Twitter.

This application allows you to create a tweet with a link to your ebook.

Then, readers can click and share your tweet. High power of engagement and dissemination of your content.


Making an ebook allowed me to gain a scale that I never imagined before and in addition, increased my revenue and added several million reais to my profits.

The ebook is a great ally of any entrepreneur. He is most responsible for generating leads from a digital business.

With a powerful bait to attract leads, you will never run out of customers and never speak to yourself in your content marketing strategy.

Few strategies give the author so much credibility in the market. A good ebook can make the company the absolute reference in the business it operates.

Here you found all the tips that worked for me and the step by step to create an ebook that will boost your sales.

And when thinking about making a landing page to give visibility to your ebook, count on Elementor Pro. It has all the necessary tools to help you on this mission.

After you create an ebook with the tips that are here, leave a message in the comments telling me about your experience.

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