How to make money from a blog

There are plenty of posts on how to make money from a blog, but here’s one thing that makes this post different from all the others:

This blog has been a pioneer in this topic, since it was launched in 2010 and has been generating 5 to 6 monthly figures, more than 5 years, consistently, month by month. This blog has generated a total of more than 3 million euros. And I’m not talking about the blogs of my students who invoice 6 or 7 annual figures. Thousands have trained with me in the last decade, and some of these students have already passed their teacher.

In summary, I bring you 10 years of wisdom and practical experience on making money with a blog. And the strategies that I am going to present below have proven to be effective in all online niches and for all types of bloggers, from the most novice to the most veteran of web writing.

Which parents want their child to be a blogger?

Of course mine did not want it and even my partner at first did not want it.

Now, with the passage of time, with the arrival of income and with incredible foresight and consistency, as a result of the system I have designed on my blog, things have changed a lot.

So can you make money from a blog?

I think it is pretty clear.

But the question is not whether it can or not, we already know that. The question that we must solve is more complicated: how do you make money with a blog? What is the system to know how to earn money with my blog, whatever the theme?

I am going to dedicate this post to talk about this delicate topic and I will do it in a simple way: explaining everything that I would tell my twins in case they wanted to be bloggers someday.

The 6 best ways to earn money with a blog

Before explaining anything to you, I want you to stay with a very important concept: to make money from a blog you will need much more than being a blogger.

Perhaps this message is the most important of this whole post: your blog is not the purpose.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to have a successful business, the purpose is to sell. In other words, help your readers in the best possible way to advance on their life path.

Prepare to be an entrepreneur before being a blogger .

A good entrepreneur should be clear about their value proposition (how I help my target audience) and what their business model is (how I make money with my business).

I know that you are more interested in that second part about business models with which to generate income, right?

Well, let me introduce you to the 6 great pillars with which you can earn money with your blog.


What is the best way to earn money “fast” with your blog ?

Hang up a “hire me” button and sell hours of your time for a fee.

It is not optimal for your lifestyle, but it is for your portfolio.

Think of services for people more than for companies, since you will have access to more markets (and also to a market that consumes blogs daily).

The top 8 of the services sold on the network is this:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Programming
  3. Design
  4. Writing
  5. Marketing
  6. Virtual assistant
  7. Social networks
  8. Accounting finance

The idea is simple: you do it for your client and he pays you.

Now you can be more creative. Today an army of new services is being born in the SER line more every day of the year:

  • Personal trainer
  • Wedding planner
  • Personal shopper
  • Dog walker
  • Cook at home
  • Turnkey parties
  • Space organization
  • Feng shui
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Health Coach
  • Spirituality / Tarot
  • DIY and repair …

The list is endless.

Think of something that makes a person happier, richer, or freer, sell an experience rather than a service, and there will always be someone willing to pay you.


This second line of income is also very natural on a blog.

If you have knowledge, in addition to selling services (I do it for you) you can also sell training (I train you to do it yourself).

We live the boom of Do It Yourself . People want to learn and not depend on others.

And we have types of formations for all tastes.

In offline for example we have these 5:

  1. Face-to-face coaching
  2. books
  3. Formations
  4. Workshops
  5. Seminars

Find a rental location and serve your customers. The last 4 mentioned allow you to scale your time, since in one hour you will be serving more people.

But obviously, if you want to overcome the geographical barrier , you can think of a digital version of your training materials:

  1. Ebooks or Audiobooks
  2. Download courses
  3. Online courses
  4. Intensive online program
  5. Private membership clubs

A blogger without infoproducts is leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you don’t create your own infoproducts, other less prepared bloggers will do it for you.

It is never too late to start, so start now.

I want you to be aware that your Lifestyle as a Blogger depends on your ability to sell infoproducts .

Infoproducts scale almost to infinity. The services, no.


Digital products are different from infoproducts, as content or information is not sold.

What is sold here is the following:

  • Themes / Templates
  • Plugins / Software
  • Audio Video
  • Music
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Apps

Welcome, if you are a digital native and you can design and/or program because the future is yours and you can sell bits or software and also services and training.

If you are not a digital native or have never managed computer projects, I recommend starting with another line of income.

If you don’t know what you are doing, hiring a team of designers and programmers without having clear ideas about what to do is the best way to lose your savings very quickly.

And they will not have cheated you, you will have cheated yourself. If you do not know what you want or change your specifications every 2 by 3, the only responsible is you.


For many people the best way to monetize their blog is not to sell digital services, training or products.

For many, the blog is an enhancer of indirect opportunities .

Let me explain this concept better.

Imagine an employee who runs a blog where he shares his knowledge and who ends up creating a Master’s degree on his subject, integrating the training team and achieving indirect sales.

Or imagine the employee getting a raise because his blog makes him more visible, prominent, and valuable.


There are many indirect opportunities that without the blog would not exist:

  • Pay rise
  • Job change
  • Third party training
  • Alliances with other experts
  • Presentations at events
  • Book with publisher
  • Media
  • Blog Trip

Many of them can generate 5-figure opportunities.

Others maybe less, but if you are a travel blogger and they pay you a trip full of activities so that you can later write your experience on your blog… I am sure you will be very happy that you will be paid to travel and write, right?


Although it is not a model that I like, for some types of blogs it can be interesting to think about advertising.

Well, surely more in sponsorships that are managed 1 to 1 directly through the blog.

There is a transactional cost and you will have to retain these brands by demonstrating that you can value their bottom line, but at least the margins that you will get will be more exciting than those given by the large display networks, starting with Google Adsense.

Except in some very few niches, there is no money with advertising on a blog.

And if luckily you find a winning niche, you will have to become a specialist in this subject and abandon everything you have learned so far.

This does not make sense to me. Nor for many of the niche bloggers who suddenly launch infoproducts.

It’s clear what I think about advertising, right?

It is passive and easy to activate, but at your traffic levels you will not be able to overcome the barrier of 100 euros per month.

If afterwards you try to replicate these niches every 2 by 3 in other sectors, I don’t understand what passive means in the concept of passive niche .

However, there is a topic that I find more interesting: affiliation .

And more than the affiliation of large affiliate networks (see here ) I speak of the affiliation of infoproducts between bloggers.

These infoproducts can be very relevant to your audience and you can earn 50% for each sale. Much better than the sad 10% that Amazon offers you or the 5% that you will charge from an airline or a hotel.

And finally, I want to emphasize sponsored posts and / or podcasts.

As a blogger I am not willing to accept that a brand dictates what I should publish on my blog .

I mean, I write something because I really think about it and I think bloggers should announce their conflicts of interest with more transparency.

Brands sure don’t want to, but the law requires you to, and your audience deserves to report it.

Another thing different is that a brand supports an event, a podcast or a blog (or a category of a blog) without ever meddling with the editorial line.

That is what I call sponsorships.

There are brands that believe in them, although the vast majority are concerned with generating short-term sales.

For all these reasons, right now there is no advertising on my blog.

I accept sponsorship without intrusion into the content and affiliate with other blogger products for which I would put my hand on fire.

This line of activity for me is attached and does not exceed 3% of the income generated.



A blog also serves to sell physical products, especially if you sell unique products such as crafts . You will want to publicize how these products are produced, how you work and what you believe in.

If you sell art or crafts with hardly any brand, these themes become more important than the product you create. Also if you sell Premium products and want to position yourself more as a seller of experiences rather than products.

In other words, if you sell rather expensive products, a blog can help you sell .

“So, doesn’t a blog to sell in an e-commerce make sense?”

In many cases, no, because you compete for prices with little margin and the blog is an additional effort that your clients will not value.

Before mounting a blog, I would invest in advertising campaigns in Adwords, Facebook Ads, email marketing, etc. There is a learning curve, but I am sure the return would be better.

You can also distribute merchandising from your blog, if your brand is already consolidated.

In many niches, think sports and nutrition, there are many hyper-relevant physical products in categories like electronics or nutritional supplements.

Again, I don’t think e-commerce is the best business model for a blog, but in some cases it does make sense to integrate it.


It is always bad to depend on a line of cannibal activity that accounts for 50% or more of the generation capacity of your blog.

Do not depend on a single client.

Don’t depend on a single digital product.

Do not depend on a single source for generating visits either. If Google or Facebook change their algorithm, your business may disappear overnight.

When you are small, to avoid disaster, it is always healthy not to depend too much on a single actor involved in your business (the famous “stakeholder”).

The best way to generate diversity today is to carry out lifelong offline actions (trainings, workshops and seminars) together with a digital version of them.

There is no cannibalization of income from offline to online (or vice versa) and you get different clients who prefer different formats.

How much money can you earn with a blog?

Ahhh, the million-dollar question.

Well the truth is that there are no limits.

Some blogs have been transformed into magazines and generate millions of euros a month. Obviously they are no longer one-person blogs, there is a team behind, both commercial and editorial.

If you prefer to target one-person blogs, it depends on 3 things:

The market niche you have chosen
The business model you have chosen
Of your ability to deeply connect with your audience and transform their lives with your solutions
The third is by far the most difficult thing, but all newbies are obsessed with the niche.


Come on, I don’t want to leave you without answers, I’m going to get wet:

  • If you sell premium services, consulting, coaching and / or infoproducts , it is feasible to generate 5 figures per month , consistently. With hardly a team. When you start to have money because your blog already generates money, if you set up a team and / or if you invest in online advertising, it is possible that the best proposals will escalate to 6 monthly figures.
  • If you do not want to face customers, then you need to bet on advertising and affiliation. In this case, a good niche blog should generate around € 1,000 / month. If you want to bill 5 figures consistently, you will need to create a niche blog network.

These numbers are reasonable to me.

But it doesn’t mean that monetizing a blog is easy, guaranteed and fast.

Let’s see…


Totally, although I would say that without the help of a mentor it is unlikely that you will succeed.

First, you earn little money and then as much more in the world of blogging as in any other.

The key is to know from the start what you are going to sell and to produce the best possible content to attract the target audience of your reference solution.


It is one thing to have a blog and earn a few thousand euros a year.

That is great and it is an extra for you and your family. For example, a trip in the Tropics to recharge batteries with heavenly images is a nice purpose.

But another thing is to be able to live with your blog .

First you will have to reach € 1,000 / month by subtracting what the government takes away + expenses. You will keep a little more than half, net, in your pocket.

Yes, I know that nobody lives with dignity on € 500 / month. Many multinationals pay this in Spain, but it is not a decent salary.

If you want to be a ‘full time’ blogger, you will have to have the ability to consistently generate around 2,000-3,000 euros per month .

To achieve this you will need a mix of consulting / services, face-to-face training of a lifetime and infoproducts.

This is a reasonable goal, but the problem is to achieve it as a side-project blogger, also having a Full Time job that feeds you and pays your bills.

This phase in your blogging project is the authentic journey in the desert where you will understand the meaning of the word sacrifice.

You will have to get up early, go to bed late and sacrifice time from your family and / or friends to make your blog take off.

It is essential that you do not let this phase last too long, since your family will make you pay bills (rightly so!) And your body will tell you enough. Never play with health.

Someday, if you really want Lifestyle, you will have to take the leap and take a chance with your solo blog.

To undertake is to live with risk, even if we try to minimize it.


The second million-dollar question ?

Well here is my best Galician answer: it depends .

  • It depends on when you will start selling.
  • It depends on what you will sell, to whom and at what price.
  • And it depends on how you will sell it.

Some have been blogging for more than 2 years and have not generated a single euro. They may have earned advertising money to pay their friends a round for a weekend, but little else.

In general I think it is very healthy to start selling as soon as possible and overcome the barrier of the first sale before the 90 days of your blog .


Because if you don’t make money with your blog, you will end up throwing in the towel.

A blogger needs sales to keep giving everything on his blog.

I will return later on the less known but absolutely key aspects to transform your blog into a real business.

The perfect roadmap for newbies who want to know how to make money from a blog

OK, now that you have very clear ideas about the type of things you can sell from your blog, I’m going to explain how to activate these income streams.

There are 5 essential stages in the life of a blog designed to support a digital business.

Keep reading and you will discover them.


It is an important decision that should be based on your talents, your tastes and interests and obviously the market potential of this topic.

You need both 3 aspects to be able to generate money with your blog, and not give up trying.

Be careful with the themes that curious people generate who do not want to pay anything: video games for example. Much demand for information, but the only ones who make money are the video game manufacturers.


It all starts with writing or at least producing content.

You can be more comfortable producing audios and/or videos. But in this case, retrieve the transcripts and rework them as posts. Google still needs texts before any other format despite YouTube being its best friend.

And, since you have started writing, you better write great posts .

And, what is this from a great post?

Excellent question.

A great post is a post that feeds on the most acute problems of your readers and tries to answer them as best as possible .

It doesn’t have to be long, but if you need many words to answer this question well, don’t be afraid to write 5,000 words . For example, this post will exceed 7,000.

Why? Because I can’t seriously explain how to make money on a blog with a 750 word article.

Even if Google placed it on the first page of its results, it would be useless because, dear reader, there is no way to deceive you.

You are much smarter than Google and you know how to unequivocally identify an epic post from an SEO post that says nothing.

Let’s go to the third step.

Since you write with art, I hope you have well defined the business strategy of your blog and that you do not write for a faceless lambda reader. If you do, you will be wasting time writing without intention.


OK, the next step is to get the email from this reader. Without your email, you will not be able to contact this person.

And to catch an email, today, you need a great Lead Magnet . It is nothing more than an attraction magnet in the form of a free gift that will help you to encourage your mailing list (ebook, free course, private video, …).

If you want to know how to create this Lead Magnet from scratch, take a look at this post .

Now you can start your work as an entrepreneur.

With visits, you control nothing. But with a mailing list, you are building a digital asset that is worth money for your blog.

Put $ 0.5 / month for each subscriber.


And now it’s time to sell?

Nope, not yet.

Without relationships, there is no sale on the Internet.

You will have to share certain types of content.

Some content designed to prepare the terrain for sales in order to generate:

  • Authority
  • Trust
  • Sympathy

Without these contents, it will be very difficult for you to sell with your blog.

Here we talk about mega guides, tutorials, success stories, etc, etc.


Of course, to sell you need a solution.

If you don’t have anything, start selling the product of a blogger in your niche as an affiliate or try to sell a service. Both do not require you to create an infoproduct.

You will do it later, once you have shown that your business idea has sales capacity .

Set yourself a sales target and, until you achieve it, don’t blur. Keep selling that affiliate product or service and nothing else.


The time has come to get more profitability from this newly acquired client.

A buyer is not the same as a subscriber. The subscriber is a person who has shown you, with his credit card, that he is willing to invest in solutions on the theme of your blog .

Focus on it and try to upgrade it. If he has bought you a very cheap product, have him buy you something around 300 euros. And if he has already bought you a service for € 300, try to sell him another complementary service for € 1,000.

A customer is worth much more than what he pays you on his first transaction.

Integrate this concept in your digital business or you will be losing a lot of money with clients who in the end will spend their money with your competition.

In this context is when a tool like the sales funnel takes on its full meaning.

I summarize the 5 key stages to be able to earn money with your blog.

You are clear about the step by step to make money with a blog, right?

Well, we have not finished yet because now I am going to introduce you to some markets where you can position yourself with your next blog.

But first of all, I want you to stick with one concept: Make more money blogging in a booming market .

In this case, if you change the word blog for business, I think this statement would also be true.

It is easier to sell in a booming market than in one that is dying.

Who would mount a video club today? Doesn’t make much sense with Netflix one-click.

And since I do not want you to be in the wrong niche, I will tell you which are those 3 markets that are going to petar in the next decade. In fact, they are already having a lot of success today.

You probably know the first one, but I am sure that when you discover the other 2 you will have a revelation. A revelation that will explain why you yourself are attracted to these markets.

3 booming markets to make money with your next blog


This market is nothing new, but it is exploding more than ever.

We are going to focus it on the B2B world, from business to business.

Companies want e-learning solutions for their employees, suppliers and their clients because the technological environment is changing and the cycles are very short.

It is an ideal job to work as a consultant. Wherever there is complexity, there are organizations that get stuck and consultants are the solution.

In this market, the long tail is also coming: increasingly smaller and hyper-specialized consultancies.

The market is no longer in the hands of the Big 5. There is a disaggregation that causes many opportunities.

The difficulty is knowing how to reach your potential clients .

Focus on the actors that consume digital content on a daily basis and think about educational solutions (infoproducts), digital and/or SaaS services such as QuadernoApp designed to serve these micro-businesses.

Consulting in the US is a market valued at $ 449 billion / year . To this we must add the e-learning market and now make a global forecast.

Come on, if you dedicate yourself in any way to consulting or business coaching, your future is assured as long as you update your knowledge by training with the best.


This is already a new trend because you yourself will be seeing that there is an increasing supply of infoproducts. Most are obviously ebooks, but also online courses, memberships and paid content.

It is not a passing fad, it is the direct consequence of the liberation of knowledge on the Internet: now people can learn about everything and nothing .

Link this situation to the long-tailed factor, which has already paid off in the book market, and start doing the math yourself.

As long as you know something that others want, you can position yourself as an online trainer and sell your infoproducts .

Being a digital product, the cost of distribution is almost nil and you can operate instantly worldwide.

The reference is companies like ClickBank.

ClickBank is the largest marketplace for infoproducts in the world, since it works in several languages ​​and already bills many hundreds of millions of dollars a year with rapid and unstoppable growth.

The reality is that the distribution of infoproducts is mainly done directly from blog to customers, without going through an intermediary like ClickBank, which makes the market much bigger than these numbers.

There is no exact estimate, but the market is exploding and the info products are here to stay.


Whether it is to accelerate a professional career (Executive Coaching), to grow as a person (Life Coaching) or to enjoy a healthier life (Health Coaching), now it seems that if we do not have one or several coaches in our life we ​​are “Has Been ”totals.

In the West there is more and more wealth and more time as well, but there are fewer jobs and I think that the work of the future depends on working less.

We already have many material things, so the hour of HAVING is over and the era of BEING begins and of enjoying more today.

Killing yourself working to dispose of goods does not make sense and that is where coaches come in, who help and accompany people in transforming their lives for the better.

If you want to see it differently, everyone who provides an advisory service to people (not companies) is now a coach .

Although some very smart bodies claim that it takes an accredited degree to be one, I am talking here about the market and not about the title.

He who knows how to help people, let him show it with or without a title.

These services are also exploiting in many areas of life:

  • Buy clothes
  • House organization
  • Sport
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Sex
  • Personal development
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Professional reinvention …

Coaching in the world of pets has even come!

This is another of the trends that is here to stay. I am sure you had intuited it, but when reading it now you understand better what is happening.

If you position yourself in one of these 3 booming markets with a value proposition consistent with who you are and what you know, I can tell you right away that the only problem you are going to have in the next 30 years is not becoming a Workaholic.

Yup, a workaholic, because you will not lack neither work nor money .

Now, I have been talking about making money with a blog for almost 6,000 words, but I think we have to get to the bottom of the matter.

Yes, you can earn money with a blog and it is proven, but … are you really so committed to this idea that you are willing to pay the sacrifice of being a full-time blogger?

What nobody tells you about how to make money with your blog

How to make money from a blog is not the best question you can ask.

Nope, it is not.

What is really relevant is:

  1. How much or little do you believe in yourself and your project of living from your blog?
  2. What time do you take out a week to make your dream come true?

Don’t be deluded: succeeding with a blog is a lot of work.

Let me ask you a few questions before you really think about it.


I see 4 different profiles of bloggers:

  1. Amateur Blogger: If you have a job for someone else and less than 5 hours a week, you are an amateur blogger. In the best case, you can earn some extra money with an ebook, but you will hardly be able to make a living from your blog if you don’t find more hours a week. If you do it for a pure and simple hobby, the monetization of your blog should not interest you
  2. Professional blogger: If you are a professional and you sell services, you may do it with less than 10 hours a week, so you are a professional blogger. Even so, the blog makes more sense in your life because you know that it generates new opportunities for your business. I encourage you to explore the wonderful world of infoproducts, as they can give you back the freedom that your best clients have stolen from you.
  3. Infoproducer blogger: if you are clear that your professional future involves transforming yourself into an infoproducer and that the blog is your platform for attraction and loyalty, you can one day hope to make a living from your blog. I didn’t say it will be easy or fast, but you are aligned with your dreams. You allocate the vast majority of your time in the life project # 1 you have in hand and you live from the content you produce.
  4. Corporate blogger: If you blog for an organization, either as an employee or as a partner of your own startup, I doubt that blogging ends up being your job. The blog will continue to be a tool you use, perhaps on a daily basis, but it will not become your No. 1 tool either. You are a corporate blogger and you get paid to blog.

As you can see there are many types of bloggers, full-time or part-time.

The question is what kind of blogger do you want to be?

If you want to be an infoproducer blogger, go looking for 25 hours a week from now and give yourself a maximum period of 24 months to be working full time with your blog.


In the world of blogging, timing is not everything.

If you want to accelerate your learning, you will have to train with:

  • books
  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Intensive programs
  • Individual or group coaching
  • Individual or group mentoring

You do not reinvent yourself only in DIY and without a budget, that is a lie.

Go preparing a budget of several thousand euros for 2 or 3 years and keep an eye on how you are spending these 3,000-5,000 dollars per year.

Choose as mentors people who have managed to be positioned where you want to be in 5 years .

And do me one last favour: have the decency to listen to what your mentor tells you and implement what he recommends.

No, you don’t know how to do it alone.

No, your ideas are not better.

No, not everything will work.

But give your mentor a chance to transform your life.

There is no money worse spent than money involved in mentoring / coaching with resistance to change and pay attention.

Experiment, stick with what you like best and go find another mentor, that’s how it works.


This question is also fundamental.

We all want to be on a paradise beach and have a mojito and a very fresh coconut, but… is this the life you want forever?

If you are interested in 5-star hotels and millionaire cars, fine. This is your goal in this case.

My dream is not the goal, my dream is the path that leads to success .

It consists of helping people and drawing smiles on their faces, as if each smile you get gives you more days of good life.

This is why it is so important to understand your own engine: what motivates you? Why do you do everything you do?

If you have a life project like I do, then you will achieve it. The only question is when.

Be careful, many people are not clear about their priorities in life Clarify yours before you start or on the road.

Anything goes for me as long as you’re happy.

And if you don’t need a blog to be happy… fuck the blog.

That easy!

20 powerful teachings on blogging to generate more than 5 figures a month with your blog

If you are still reading me after this post on how to make money with a blog, I have decided to give you a jackpot.

I am going to give you 20 crystalline and powerful ideas that will save you months on trial-error trials on your own blog.

20 teachings of an old Yoda teacher of blogging.

Here we go!


It is a waste of time trying to monetize with advertising .

You do not have enough capacity to generate so many visits to earn more than € 100 / month with your blog. If you don’t want to transform into a niche expert amateur SEO, forget about this now.

The blog is an attraction, your Lead Magnet captures an email and then tries to sell this subscriber something they need or want. Point. You are business. Sell ​​solutions.


Whatever the joint actions you do (sponsorships, advertising and/or affiliation) and whatever the amount of money these brands are going to pay you, never compromise your asset Nº1: your reputation.

It takes years to build a good personal brand and minutes to lose it. Always think of your readers and their needs and do not promote anything that you or your family would not use.

It takes years to build a good reputation and minutes to lose it

And when you get paid for doing an action, tell your readers. By the way, it will comply with the law and you will be phenomenal.


Yes, there is no better sales school than selling the infoproduct of one of your direct competitors with affiliate marketing: you make money, you do not waste time, you confirm what your audience wants and, if you are smart, you can detect new needs to improve the product from your competitor.

How? It offers a bonus that you give away if they show you that they have bought with your affiliate link . Once you have identified these clients, stick to them and work for free solving their doubts. Something good will come of this, believe me.


If you sell something tailored, sell it really very expensive because the pre-sale phase of these tailored services can be eternal.

If you sell a service with a buy button, like a product, you turn the tables: you eliminate the pre-sale by offering a sale page and you can simultaneously “sell” to many customers. And to top it off, they pay you 100% of the service in advance.


The key? A productized service should be worth 20-30% of what its equivalent is worth to measure to open the market to a new type of clients.


Your first infoproduct will already mark a before and after in the life of your blog. Income will skyrocket, but they probably won’t give you a decent living and pay a salary every month.

When you overcome the barrier of the second infoproduct, you will realize the scale power of a product portfolio for customers who love you. Many of your customers will buy from you without thinking about it and you will continue to attract many more that you had not activated with the first infoproduct.

Be careful , producing infoproducts can be addictive if you like to create.


In general, they are coaching, mentoring or individual consulting services at 4 digits ($ 997 to $ 9,997).

I know these numbers are surprising, but the logic is relentless: at the beginning, you don’t have many visits, so if you sell something very expensive with 1 sale you can last a couple of months.

And best of all, it… works!

If you don’t sell anything, you still anchor a Premium price reference in the head of your readers. When you later launch an infoproduct at $ 197, it will seem like a bargain if they want to collaborate with you.

The other route also works, but income generation is diminished in the short term because you will normally be selling an entry product below $ 47.


To launch is to capture the attention of the market for a few days. It is not for newbies, nor is it turkey mucus, but it is outrageous.

With the passage of time, my releases have exceeded $ 10,000 and now in the last 100,000 dollars of sale in about 7 days in which registrations are open.

The idea is to give something really incredible (3 videos) to make the sale in the room. You can talk about hours of releases, their planning and their mistakes, but stay with the idea that someday, as a blogger, you will want to experience this of a launch.


Yes, very much. And they are also much more affordable than launches, although people do not know how to do webinars or manage the pre and direct post.

The important thing is that you keep that webinars are a great selling tool if you have your blog and sell infoproducts and / or services. Put it on your subject radar to study someday.


Ohh Yeahh, the famous 100% automated funnels.

Right now we are in a massive launch of funnels on the blog and perhaps you have noticed. This is the third sales strategy that I want you to know about.

The idea is to use a technology called an autoresponder to attract, capture, retain and sell 24 * 7 * 365 in full autopilot. Incredible but real, I am already generating a few thousand euros a month with this system and it is only the beginning.


Its size does not matter so much, what matters much more is the relationship you can have with your subscribers.

I have seen lists of 300 people generate $ 20,000 in sales in a launch in more than one case. Segment and pamper everything you can.


If you do not sell with your blog , it is probably because you are not selling anything specific.

The sooner you face your fear of failure the sooner you will overcome it forever. Create something, even if it is a contract me button, with which you sell an hour of your time in exchange for a ridiculous fee.

From minute 0 your readers should understand that this blog is a commercial blog . The Taliban are completely free to suck the blood and the illusions to blogs in which the owner has a bad relationship with money.

How unprepared we are to live abundantly!


You don’t need to learn something new or learn more about something you already master. You may not see it right now, but you already have a great blog within you.

If you want help, sign up for this training. I will guide you in that search of your blog within yourself.

Help me discover the blog that I have inside me!


On the Internet, the “Beat” is fast, so you will have to learn to be fast.

If you are not ashamed when you launch a new infoproduct, it is because you are doing it wrong. Do not invest in advanced formats until you confirm that there are sales. It’s a mistake.

Give the perfectionist troll you have inside a good host and listen to me: whenever you are helping your readers with your content, the initial format matters a cucumber.


Yes, another of the great truths of business. They tell you about surveys, focus groups, etc., etc.

Umm … Doctor House theorem: people lie. But if you take your infoproduct in pre-sale with a small landing page without having anything done, at 50% of the RRP decided and they buy it from you, there is no doubt: they want it.

Do it like this.


I have been almost 20 years of consultant, entrepreneur and whatever is involved with the business and the online world. I have learned to be humble because each case is different and everything changes quickly.

For each success there are 5 failures, those are the rules.

It’s not about “guruizing” the future, it doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is experimenting like crazy and sticking with what works best.

No one can tell or predict whether or not your business will work.


What you think and what you want has very little to do with being successful with your blog .

Kill your ego and focus on your readers, their needs and their desires. You are at the service of your audience, you are not the hero of this ascension. You are just the nameless sherpa who has helped them crown the top.

That’s the winning attitude on a blog.


Your success will be slow. Your abundance will take. Students who shape will take much longer than you expect to reap results. Your ideas will take 3 times longer to come true than you originally expected.

It is the law for micro-businesses. We are travelers on foot and, at most, by bicycle. Enjoy this slowness instead of burdening yourself with it, which is what gives substance to your vital search.


Well, no. Never. There is always something to do and you never end a day with your TO DO’s topped off, so don’t worry.

Being a blogger is doing a marathon every week and discovering a new route every day. Again, you better like the mambo, because as a blogger you are going to dance it.


I’m telling you this because I’m surely getting older, but the things that shine are usually lethal distractions that make you lose focus completely.

In the end, business hasn’t changed much. It is a matter between 2 people, one who needs / wants something and the other who is willing to give him what he wants in exchange for money. Either you add value or the market will put you on your site.

Strategy is everything and hundreds of hours of information on tactics swarm online.

I have stopped reading blogs .

Now I go directly to very expensive formations , I learn faster and with more networking opportunities with my mentors.


This is the last one, and better this way, because I am transforming myself.

You think too much and wrong because you are idle. You will not find any answer in reflection, only in action. Stop behaving like a real charlatan, transform yourself and become a real “hazlatan”.

Suddenly you will see how by magic, your life begins to completely transform.

So … yes you can make money with a blog

Of course!

I know that after reading this post on how to earn money with a blog you can feel overwhelmed by the number of options, tasks and processes that lie ahead.

At least, if you still did not believe it, you will have seen that earning a living as a blogger is very possible and that you have so many options to choose from that you can even combine them. If you don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket, you don’t have to!

Now I want to help you with the next step you have to take.

And for that I am going to put a very simple task:

  1. Choose your favorite theme to open your next blog: do not complicate it too much, think of something you like and where you could add value, because you know a lot about this topic
  2. Define what type of income you are going to generate with your blog as a priority: choose one of these income channels and say “this is mine”. Look no further than one and try to focus on that one path for now.
  3. Name at least one competitor that is selling something similar: look for one or more competitors that sell something similar to what you want to offer in your market. The more competition, the better!
  4. List 25 post ideas on this topic: It is to verify that your ideas really flow well and that it will not cost you to produce content. No need to write these 25 posts for now!

If when completing these 4 steps, something does not fit you, try again with a different angle or a different theme.

When things come together, stop thinking.

We must take action!

If you want to earn money with a blog, the sooner you launch your blog, the better it will go!

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