How to share a Tweet on Instagram

How to share a tweet on Instagram

Sharing Twitter posts on Instagram stories has become a common practice among users, especially after the feature became native to the bluebird platform.

The shortcut, in addition to adding more practicality to Twitter, also resulted in a more complete experience for those who view the publication. Learn how to share a Tweet on Instagram below. Tip applies to Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

How to share a tweet on Instagram Stories

1. Open the Twitter application on your mobile;
open twitter Share a Tweet on Instagram
2. Locate the tweet you want to post on Instagram;
Locate the tweet
3. Tap the “Share” button;
Tap the Share Button
4. Select “Instagram Stories”;
Select instagram stories
5. Twitter will open the Instagram app;
6. Wait for the tweet to take the form of a sticker in Stories;
7. Make any edits you want and share the content.
And ready. That simple.

Can I share any Twitter posts?

Yup. As long as the Twitter user’s profile is public and not locked.

Can I share Twitter videos on Instagram?

Yup. However, the tweet is shared in Stories only as a still image (sticker/sticker) and therefore the video cannot be played.

Can I share Twitter posts on Instagram Direct?

Yup. When creating Stories, simply select the contacts you want to tweet via Direct.

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