How Video Can Help Boost Your SEO

If you are looking for a single good idea to produce video content for your company or brand, let it be this one: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO not only forms the basis of your whole online marketing presence but has also been shown to improve marketing ROI, conversions, and (ultimately) income. So it might be safe to say that videos have a direct influence on your business.

SEO is a metric that is immensely improved by your video marketing efforts. In fact, crafting videos is perhaps the best thing that you can do if you want to energize your internet marketing strategy.

So, if you are looking for factors regarding how video content helps in bolstering your SEO rankings, we have culminated a list of 6 factors! Read on to know how videos can help you in boosting your SEO rankings.

6 Factors How Videos Can Bolster your SEO Rankings

If properly accomplished, a movie may create a significant number of website links and often from very good-name sites.

And not just a few links here and there. Videos have the potential to provide you with thousands of high-quality links back to your site from authoritative site names.

The issue is that there is so much video material online, that even if you produce an extraordinary clip and have a fantastic marketing strategy for SEO and video, your success might be restricted.

These days, people don’t share sub-standard content. So you should ensure that the production quality is top-notch! This may seem cumbersome for novice editors who haven’t yet taken the plunge into video editing.

However, with an online video editor, you can create highly shareable videos that can be targeted at any platform of your choice.

In essence, your video must give the audience something. It should make people laugh, instruct, surprise, or upset (or even a combination of these) and if you achieve these things, it will improve the social appeal of your content and boost your rankings.

2. Google Prefers Video Content over Any Other Content Form

The first and most obvious method your video can assist your SEO is to rank your clips in Google’s search results. Video material is thus far more likely to rank than any other kind of content and is included in the search results.

This is because, in Google’s search results, unique information has become more important. Multimedia content such as videos is an example of value-rich and relevant content. Actually, 62% of typical Google searches result in a video.

A search by Google for just about any topic will produce videos on the first page. Moreover, most videos come close to the top of the search results. Alongside this, you undoubtedly saw Google’s search results search tab for videos. Through this, you can only display results for videos.

3. Videos Enhance User Experience

Videos concentrate on the user experience – they convey everything consumers want, fusing images, audio, and movement together flawlessly. In addition, videos can be seen easily on mobile phones, which results in approximately 60 percent of worldwide video views.

From the perspective of things, videos are not bound to lose momentum in the near future. Experts estimate that by 2021 over 80% of all internet traffic will become videos.

And video material is sure to produce good business outcomes in so many areas that it would be a no-brainer not to include videos in your marketing strategy.

4. Videos Increase Audience Retention Times

Video not only captures the interest of your visitors but is usually enough to keep your visitor watching till the conclusion. This is how video is proven to improve your website’s layover time, which is of course very helpful in improving your SEO metrics.

Spiel’s SEO Survey shows the huge increase in time spent by 93.3 percent of SEO experts following postings of video content on their websites.

Wistia also examined its top 100 most visited sites and discovered that its users spend around 2.6 times more on pages with video content.

5. Videos are Conversion Rates Booster

Although some SEOs may differ, I do not think the purpose of an SEO expert is to improve rankings, but rather driving internet sales and more conversions.

This is obviously a dual process: getting more people to a website and then optimizing the site such that more of them become paying customers.

Video SEO material may be excellent for boosting conversions on almost any website. In reality, more businesses than ever are using videos on their landing pages and other websites to captivate visitors and ultimately persuade them to make a purchase.

It is possible to improve conversions with video in two primary ways: by including a video on the landing page or by using rich snippets.

6. Videos are Great for Improving CTR

When individuals look for information on Google, they prefer to click on results that include videos far more often. By letting visitors and search engines know immediately in the SERPs that your website includes a video, you may boost the CTR and generate much more traffic to your site.

Google sometimes changes its SERPs to provide consumers additional information about websites and their contents.

The outcomes of this information are rich, often known as rich snippets. They assist visitors to comprehend what they’re going to discover on a page before they click.


The rise of internet video offers SEOs a tremendous chance to create innovative outcomes. The production of videos isn’t always inexpensive, but it isn’t always as costly as people think.

If you have commissioned and promoted infographics previously, you can certainly make it possible to make a marketing video and utilize VSEO that generates a high ROI for your customer. It is also becoming cheaper for small companies and more accessible.

Ensure that you utilize video for both: the marketing impact it provides and for improving the SEO of your website.

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