Human Synthesys Studio Review

Human Synthesys Studio Review

Today’s businesses are different. Apps like these are impacting businesses because creativity is a game changer. Human synthesis studio creates human sounds from typed or Google material. In this Human Synthesys Studio Review, you will know everything that is important.

Human Synthesys Studio Review – Key Takeaways

Product NameHuman Synthesys Studio
Official Website
Product Creator :Todd Gross
Special Offer :Get A Special Offer Here
Overall Rating :4.7/5.0
Human Synthesys Studio Scam or Legit :It’s not a scam. It’s a legit software for video marketing
Product Type :Video Tool
Who is it For :Any business or person that need affordable software for video marketing
Refund :Yes, 30 Days Money back Guarantee

What is Human Synthesys Studio?

Human Synthesys Studio is the world’s first real-human text-to-speech app. Here you’ll find human avatars with human voices speaking what you desire. Type it. Yes! Finally. It will generate the most exciting videos from your script.

Human Synthesys Studio is designed for businesses, affiliate marketers, product and service providers, trainers, doctors, travel bloggers, and food bloggers.

Who Is Behind Human Synthesys Studio?

Todd Gross created Human Synthesys Studio. He’s a well-known digital and video marketing software expert. VidSnatcher, FaceSwap, VideoBuilder, Videojeet, Automation Bundle, Videopal, and Designo are among his top products.

What Problems does Human Synthesys Studio Solve?


It’s challenging to make. Most organizations don’t since it may waste time and money. This system is different. It produces high-quality videos.

Slow voiceovers

Voiceovers take time. Voice-over artists’ deadline-keeping influences how quickly you get results. Voiceovers take longer the slower they are. This can hurt business. Profits may take time to rise. You don’t know how long it will take, limiting your potential. Human Synthesis has shown this can be fixed. You’ll love the shorter creation-to-delivery periods.

Editing went smoothly

The system edits well. You can make changes as you or the client wishes. You can correct voices to fit potential clients’ desires, which increases sales.


Most systems today make multilingual videos difficult. That may require a voice actor. The current up-to-date voiceover artists charge exorbitant fees. Syntheses allow multilingual voiceovers, attracting more potential clientele. You’ll gain consumers.

What can Human Synthesys Studio do?

For this Human Synthesys Studio Review, I have a look at all the problems that this software can solve:

  • Videoize text
  • Real individuals film natural, captivating videos.
  • Create better, faster adverts
  • Better than animations or avatars
  • The videos are real.
  • Human Synthesys Studio creates human videos to boost conversions.
  • Find and hire a cheap freelancer instead of an expensive one.

Human Synthesys Studio Features & Benefits

Real voices

Robots are the worst. When we learn these machines are speaking is the worst. This system handles it. The tracks are mimicked authentic voices, so you won’t notice a robot talking. Real voices help convert sales because they have a personal touch. This is a cheaper alternative to real people speaking.

Cloud storage

It also reduces the danger of losing data. Without actual hardware, cloud-stored data won’t attract vandalism. It’s always accessible.

Easy-to-use editor

Creative works need editing. PR and marketing care more. Making skits is easier with a more straightforward UI. That’s encouraging. Most internet marketers have found this effective. This boosts internet sales and earnings over time. Simplicity reduces task time. Thus, deadlines and deliverables are easier to meet.

Audio background

Recording background sounds is essential. An excellent background complements a picture, and so does audio. Recordings should be quiet and uninterrupted.

This feature cancels noise and keeps only needed recordings. This adds professionalism and helps the client quickly understand. Conversion rate rises, and earnings increase.


Business licensing is crucial. Without this document, your services may be illegal. That’s why your firm needs one.

Commercial license. This reduces logistics expenses. This license is not available elsewhere. With syntheses, there are no issues in getting a license.

How does Human Synthesys Studio Works?

Select a humatar

Choose one from the dashboard. Preview your avatar by clicking the icon.

Add details

Once you’ve chosen a corporate model, enter the video title. Write the script in the text box. At this point, you must set your humatar. You can put a little circle, a body, or a voice in any corner.

Pick your backdrop

This stage selects the background. You can choose from images, movies, or colors. Here you can upload photos or videos.

Create the Video

Click “Create Video” to add your video to your gallery. Once the video is made, it can be downloaded and edited. Click a button when you’re happy with the result.

Human Synthesys Studio Review Pros and Cons


  • Natural Text to Speech Text to speech sounds authentic. Audio upload is available with Enterprise.
  • Camera Options: You can set the avatar position when creating a video, as shown. You also have camera choices which is helpful when making videos.
  • You can easily upload a custom backdrop of your choice. HSS has seven images, four movies, and eight color possibilities if you don’t add your background.
  • Upgrade to the Pro version for 61 more avatars.


  • No Lip Sync: It’s a beautiful technology, but everybody can tell it’s CGI. The mouth is seen here. Black space is visible.
  • Samples Issue: They own a separate website for samples. However, in ActorMonster, you may play simply by a single click on the avatar. You must go to a different page to hear samples, which is frustrating.
  • Text-to-speech voices are also missing in the voice samples.
  • Video rendering is slow. In the Human Synthesys Studio Review, this is a huge cons. A 30-second video takes 3 to 5 minutes easily to render

Human Synthesys Studio Pricing & Plans

Front end Human Synthesys $67

  • 17 Humatar Avatars
  • 6 Realistic transition of Text to Speech
  • 254 Human Voices in 66 Languages

OTO 1 Humatars Pro $77

The JV page says $67. The cost is $77. The price went from $67 to $77. Here is what’s inside Pro

  • 61 Humatars
  • More TTS Voices

$67 HSS Enterprise

On jvzoo, the enterprise pricing is $57. But it was $67. 

  • MP3 or audio upload
  • Priority rendering
  • 100 Local Niche PPT/Keynote Templates. You can edit or add to the HSS or use as a video
  • Future updates

AudioSuite 67

AudioSuite is a two-in-one tool.

  • Text-to-speech tool Synthesys
  • Infinity (first AI-Powered Music Software)

While conducting Human Synthesys Studio Review, I realized that you can’t obtain synthesys text-to-speech for life. Like Human synthesys studio, you receive credits that expire. New users get 4000 credits. Buying this upsell adds 30000 credits to your account if you possess the product. Credits symbolize each character.

Why Should You Buy Human Synthesys Studio?

Human Synthesys Studio lets you use actual individuals or human voices in various sectors, including:

  • Video Ads
  • VO Services
  • Brand Video
  • Ads/Commercials
  • How-tos
  • Prezi Videos
  • Video training
  • Demo video
  • Animations
  • Cartoon Video
  • IG Stories
  • The Talking Heads


No worries, newbies. With text-to-speech software, you’ll sound like a pro. With Real Human Avatar, you can make videos in any genre with a few clicks.

TTS (English only)

In the dashboard, Google Text to Speech is available. Each can voice over your videos.

A collection of human avatars

No doubt. You receive an extensive library of lip-syncing Human Avatars to make your video more realistic. It boosts video engagement, traffic, and leads, helping you generate more money.

Add your voice

If you want to upload your own voice for a video or any other audio in any language, drag the file from your device.

You can pick from many clothes.

In Human Synthesys Studio, you may choose from a large selection of actual human avatars in different clothes for your film.

Bounce rate and engagement up

The Human Synthesys Studio improves visitor engagement. No matter whether the robot is weird about the goods or service.

Prefab voices

You can use voiceovers straight now. It saves money and time.

unlimited background music

Their background music can be added to your videos for free.

Custom wallpaper

Any video or image can be a background. Inspiration is available from free templates.

30-day refund

My Verdict On Human Synthesys Studio Review

Text to human video demands more GPU power to render. It’s pricey because of this, but it’s cheaper than a human spokesman. Humans can make facial expressions AI can’t yet. AI videos will accomplish that eventually. As per my Human Synthesys Studio Review, if you have an expandable budget, then you can definitely go for this amazing software.

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