12 Best Instagram Scheduling Apps For Auto Posting On Instagram

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

Whether you are a creator or a brand, Instagram is of utmost importance. Mainly, its increasing user base, which is associated with long sessions, is the result of the platform’s evolution, which offers a variety of features, such as reels, stories, and shopping feeds.

Instagram can make it challenging to reach your target audience with your product or message. No matter if you’re looking for your business account or your client profile, finding the right resources on time can be a challenge.

We reviewed the best Instagram scheduling tools for maximum success and narrowed your options.

What Is An Instagram Scheduling App

Users can automate Instagram posting with scheduling apps. Furthermore, it can provide
analytics, suggest hashtags, and provide workflow management.

Selecting the right audience and time for the post can assist in automating the posting. You
can keep your Instagram feed fresh and consistent with content planning and marketing for

Benefits Of Scheduled Instagram Posts

We have listed below four essential benefits of scheduling your Instagram feed:
● Your Instagram posts will be more responsive if you schedule them in advance.
● Create visually stunning Instagram feeds with social media tools.
● Traffic and sales can be increased by optimizing your Instagram schedule.You can
also, for instance, tag locations and users.
● You can make better content strategies by monitoring and analyzing engagement
and response.

Best Instagram Scheduling Apps

Despite their claims to “automatically schedule Instagram posts and stories,” most Instagram
scheduling apps require you to provide your credentials and some of your personal

Check out these top free and paid tools for scheduling your Instagram posts:
Free Instagram Scheduling Apps


Platforms like this one make social media publishing easy. With Buffer, you can schedule
and post to a few social media networks. If you don’t need advanced scheduling options,
Buffer is a good option.
Buffer is mainly recommended for beginners since it lets you post directly onto Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn along with Instagram.
● Posts can be scheduled and published at a scheduled time and date.
● Analytics and reporting are available on the dashboard.
● You will need a third-party app for bulk posting, namely BulkBuffer
● You must upgrade to a paid plan if you want detailed analysis.
Pricing: Free, Essentials: $5/month, Team: $10/month
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)

is the scheduling tool of choice for experienced marketers. Additionally, this tool gives you
the option of managing multiple social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook,
Pinterest, and YouTube.
The app also allows you to preview Instagram posts before scheduling them.
● A simple dashboard with easy-to-understand results. Measurement and reporting are
● More than 150 apps are compatible with it for efficient scheduling.
● Especially for new and small business owners, Hootsuite could be overwhelming with
its enterprise focus and great options.
● The customer support team responds slowly to some users. You can upgrade the
service available for an additional monthly fee.
Pricing: Free 30-day trial, Professional: Rs 1260/month, Business: Rs 45000/month
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)


You can schedule and publish posts directly to Instagram using Sendible, another popular
free tool for planning Instagram posts. Directly publishing Instagram videos up to 100
megabytes is now possible with Sendible.
Sendible offers support for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
● You can use multiple social media platforms to schedule and queue posts
● Interacts with the user in real-time
● Influencers can be identified using this tool
● Performance analysis of campaigns
● Only a 30-day money-back guarantee is included in the free trial
● Services in the premium and enterprise categories are more expensive.
Pricing: Free Trial, Creator: $29/month, Scale: $199/month, Team: $89/month
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)

SproutSocial offers a composed window feature that lets you post images or videos directly
to Instagram. Content can be instantly published, queued ahead, manually scheduled, or
saved as a draft.
● Well-organized dashboard
● Beginners can easily schedule posts
● It is limited to a few social media networks
Pricing: Free Trial, Standard: $89 per user/month, Professional: $149 per user/month,
Advanced: $249 per user/month
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Instagram posts and stories can be visual planned and scheduled with Sked Social or
ScheduGram, a popular tool. In addition to auto-posting videos and stories, you can tag
users and locations, edit images, pin, schedule boards, etc. Instagram, Facebook, and
Twitter are among the networks it supports.
● Multi-platform posting with customized content is easier
● An excellent strategy tool is their visual planner
● Limited metrics for analysis
● Multiple resources are needed to manage limited social platforms
Pricing: Free Trial (7-days), Fundamentals: $25/month, Essentials: $75/month,
Professional: $135/month
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android & iPhone)

Instagram scheduling tool, ViralTag, allows you to manage multiple social networks,
unlimited schedule content, collaborate and report across them all. Additionally, content can
be automatically recycled. This lets you plan to remarket with this content better.
Small businesses and individuals can use ViralTag due to its support for collaborative team
workflows, Google Analytics, UTM Tracking, and Social Analytics, as well as the ability to
view the previous year’s history for up to one year.
● Scheduling is easy
● Analytics options enable better reporting and analysis with charts
Integration of multiple platforms
● Pricing of premium versions needs to be less
● Difficult to set up an account
Pricing: Free trial for 14 days. Individual: $24/month, Small Business: $79/month, Brand:
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)
Paid Instagram Scheduling Apps

You can schedule automated social media publishing, manage content, track brand
engagement, and manage content with SmarterQueue, an intelligent scheduling tool. In
addition, queue post options, content categories, recycling options, visual calendars, and
content variants are available.
Advanced analytics, a social inbox for collaboration among teams, and content curation will
be available to you.
● Evergreen content recycling
● Multiple Content categories and posting plan
● Bulk posts through RSS feed
● Multiple platform support with easy to use interface
● Doesn’t have auto-posting for Instagram (yet)
Pricing: Five pricing tiers ranging from $36/month up to $299/month.
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Mobile (iPhone & iPad)

Syncing your social media scheduling with your content marketing workflow is a unique
feature provided by ContentCal. Workflows are integrated into the product, and you can
create content based on your content calendar and share it across your networks.
ContentCal is the perfect choice for in-house teams and freelancers alike. Now, you can
automate the Instagram publish process with ContentCal.
● You can reuse templates in future posts.
● Web Clipper browser extension enables you to submit links, articles, and ideas to the
Content Hub Library.
● Your team and clients can also comment, collaborate ideas, and give feedback using
the content hub library.
● Analytics Reports can be exported as a PDF.
● You cannot schedule Instagram videos.
● There is a lot to learn about the platform interface

Pricing: 2 Price Tiers ranging from Essential at $30/month up to $96/month for Advanced.
Custom packages available.
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Desktop (Mac, Windows, Chromebook), Mobile
(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Social media managers can manage content more easily and structured with Loomly. With
workflows at the center of the solution, you will collaborate with team members with prior
approval. Setup begins with selecting a calendar, as well as a time zone and niche.
Once you have scheduled posts, you can use either the app or Buffer to schedule them.
● The price is reasonable, making it an appealing option.
● Features a preview option and advanced curation options, making it easy to use.
● It schedules, posts, and even researches content.
● Provides good customer support.
● Some users discovered problems with notifications.
● Social media accounts disappear from calendars and need to be linked frequently to
remain connected.
Pricing: 4 Price Tiers ranging from $25/month for primary up to $249/month for Premium.
Custom packages available.
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)

With AgoraPulse, you can schedule and post Instagram photos and videos in multiple ways.
For example, you can schedule individual image and video posts on Facebook’s mobile app
or schedule carousel posts and Stories.
For big teams, you can set who receives the reminders.
● Schedule unlimited single image and video posts directly.
● Increase your engagement by tagging your posts and adding location.
● Use push notification to schedule Carousel posts and Stories.
● View all posts in the color-coded calendar.
● Inability to link (the same) users between platforms.
● Not having Instagram DM capabilities.
Pricing: 3 Price Tiers range from $75/month for Pro to $159/month for Premium. Custom
packages are available, while for beginners, AgoraPulse also offers free access for a single
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad)

By focusing more on design than other scheduling tools, PromoRepublic stands out. You
can use all major social networks to schedule posts, and it allows you to create great visual
posts without a separate graphics program. Instead, you can manage your posting
schedules using a centralized calendar.
● Determines when to post on a social media platform based on audience analysis.
● Content marketing tools help save time from rewriting posts.
● Graphic design apps with auto-posting and integrated editing are fantastic.
● Limited accounts within each pricing tier.
● Not good customer and product support
Pricing: 4 Price Tiers range from $9/month for Solo up to $125/month for Expansion.
Platform: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, Mobile (Android & iPhone)
Combin Scheduler

In Combin, an Instagram scheduling tool, a free Starter plan with limited features is available
for those just getting started or who do not wish to commit to an enterprise app just yet. For
example, you can schedule not only posts but also Instagram stories, which we appreciate.
Additionally, posts can be dragged and dropped.
● You can either schedule ahead or post right away.
● As well as creating and scheduling multiple posts, you can work and edit your
● Utilize geo-targeting to increase engagement with Combin’s posts.
● Reporting is an issue as the dashboard lacks analytics options.
● Instagram users often encounter issues where they lose access to their accounts and
are frequently prompted to change their passwords.
● You can connect only a few social profiles with the Free Starter pan.
Pricing: 2 Price Tiers range from $25/month for Personal up to $30/month for Business.
Combin also offers a free version for starters.
Platform: Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows)
Is it easy to schedule Instagram posts?

Creating great content is much easier when you schedule Instagram posts ahead of time.
Even though there are many things to consider when choosing an Instagram scheduler, you
can quickly learn the tool and its features.
What makes Buffer a good choice?
Instagram scheduling app Buffer offers analytics and the ability to schedule posts in
retrospect and schedule and publish them on time and date. Aside from providing a feature-
rich free version, the free version also offers link shortening with upgrade options.
Which is the best free scheduler app for Instagram?
Instagram scheduling apps such as Hootsuite are among the best, but you should consider
the options you need. This application has several features, including planning, scheduling,
evaluating, and publishing directly to Instagram.
Engagement statistics and performance tracking also come with it. As well as mobile apps,
Hootsuite lets you post videos without any hassle.
Final Thoughts
As you see, using an Instagram scheduling app can help you gain tons of benefits for your
profile or brand. But choosing the right to meet your requirements needs to be done
carefully. We hope our list of paid and free Instagram scheduling apps helped you decide
what’s right for you.

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