KWFinder Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons, Free Trial

KWFinder Review


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VERY GOOD (4.5/5)

It comes with features like keyword research, competitor research, rank tracking, audit etc.

Ease of use
UI and UX are very well thought-out and designed. All the features are easily accessible.
The price is quite costly when you compare the features that other players offer for the price.
The support offered by Mangools is good, you can reach them out at their support email.



Bottom Line

As a professional Blogger I am using this tools from last 24 Months. This is the most affordable keyword research tools I have ever used. Read my complete review of KWFinder to know why I stick to this keyword analysis tool.

There are so many keyword research tools out there, each claiming to be the best with their offerings. KWFinder is one of them and has acquired a good share in the keyword tool market.

But how can you measure their effectiveness?

You can’t buy everything just to try.

This is why we have come up with this KWFinder review to help you choose the best tool and save you from hassles.

Let’s begin!

Features of KWFinder Tool

Want to get an edge over your competitors?

Of course, you do!

The impressive features of KWFinder help you achieve that. KWFinder offers plenty of different features and benefits to help you conduct effective keyword research for your website.

So first, let’s check what features it has hidden in its sleeves for you.

  • Hidden long-tail keywords
  • Local keyword search
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Google Suggest keyword source
  • Keyword listing
  • Bulk keyword importing
  • Keyword filter
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Keyword metrics and search volume
  • SEO metrics and SERP analysis
  • Alternative keyword planner

Hidden long-tail keywords

KWFinder claims to deliver fast search for hidden long-tail keywords within 3 minutes. Using this tool, you can find and analyze keywords specific to your niche to use in your content.

To help you analyze the keyword suggestions, it provides different keyword metrics. It includes trends in the previous 12 months, average search volume, average CPC and PPC in Google Ads, keyword difficulty (KD), etc.

Local keyword search

Using KWFinder, you can target keywords based on your niche irrespective of your geographical location. It gives you accurate search volumes to enhance local keyword search depending upon 50k+ local SERPs.

You can target long-tail and location-specific keywords to optimize your SEO rankings. KWFinder supports several location types -cities, regions, counties, departments, states, and countries.

In our KWFinder review, we found you can target countries with different spoken languages. For this, you get to choose from over 40 languages and target a selected location. 

Competitor keyword analysis

KWFinder lets you find what keywords your competitors are targeting based on your niche. For this, enter a competitor URL or domain and then start optimizing your content for relevant keywords.

You can also analyze keywords based on location to understand what keywords work in which area. At present, KWFinder allows you to perform competitor analysis based on 100+ million keywords for 18+ locations.

Additionally, you can find more of your competitors. KWFinder suggests competitors based on the original competitor URL and relevant keywords on it.

Google Suggest to find keyword source

KWFinder offers Google Suggest that can find relevant phrases matching your seed keywords. It does so through questions and autocompletes algorithms. When a user types their query in the Google search. the algorithm completes the keyword entered or adds more phrases in it.

This algorithm depends on factors – user search history, popularity, trends, location, and language. This way, KWFinder generates new ideas for your entered keywords.

Keyword listing

Save keywords that you find profitable into a keyword list in KWFinder. You can edit, delete, or export this list anytime and organize your research the way you want. 

Another thing in this KWFinder review is that you can generate any number of lists you want. You can then keep the largest of 1000 keywords in each list.

This way, you can use keywords for different purposes like a blog, eCommerce site, PPC campaign, and so on. You can also organize them to foster your workflow.

Every keyword list in KWFinder consists of aggregated data based on the keyword type in the list. You can find details like search volumes, Average CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty. 

Bulk keyword importing

KWFinder provides accurate search volumes, PPC, CPC, and trends for those keywords through a simple request. You can import those keywords in bulk using KWFinder.

Based on your plan, import 1200 times a day for up to 700 keywords, meaning, 840,000 keywords in total.

After importing keywords, you can explore search items related to those imported keywords.  It works when you press the arrow button beside “Trend”.

Additionally, you can track keyword performance using SERPWatcher. It comes with the package, Mangools SEO tools.  

Keyword filter

KWFinder provides you with the option to filter your keywords. There are many filter options included – search volume, PPC, number of words, excluded or included keywords, and show keywords.

You can set the least search volume with greatest KD to cut keywords with low traffic. Similarly, for searching long-tail keywords, you can set the number of words.

The smart keyword filter of KWFinder shows only the results you are interested in.  It avoids unnecessary keywords in wasting your time. If you already have a keyword in your list, you can set a filter “Not in lists”. It is useful to see keywords that are not included in your list.

Keyword difficulty

It’s important to have an idea about keyword-difficulty level relevant to your niche. This way, you don’t use those keywords. If the difficulty score is high, it becomes tough to rank your content for that keyword.

That means a lower difficulty score will do the trick. KWFinder review gave us an understanding that the tool can provide the most accurate keyword difficulty.

Keyword metrics and search volume

There are some occasions when the search volume for some keywords becomes huge.  It allows you to prepare for high-quality content with relevant keywords.

For that matter, KWFinder offers an option of search trends. Here, you can check keyword trends in the past 12 months.

SEO metrics and SERP analysis

Your dream of outranking your competitors on the first page of search engine rankings is possible with KWFinder.

For this SERP analysis is an important aspect of keyword optimization. It provides you with an idea that you have chosen the right keyword to rank for your content. And, it also provides an insight on your competitors along with the search intent of users.

KWFinder includes SEO metrics such as:

  • Page authority
  • Domain authority
  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow
  • External backlinks
  • Visits per month
  • Link profile strength

These metrics provide a broader view at popularity and authority of sites rankings in the first SERP.

You can also use SiteProfiler to check site authority. Use it for any other SEO metrics associated with a URL. 

Keyword planner

KWFinder is a good alternative to a keyword planner that you may have been using such as Google Keyword Planner.

KWFinder provides you with an exact number of search volume results for a keyword. With this tool, you also get historical search volume data, charts for Google Trend, average PPC and CPC, and exact keyword difficulty.

Additionally, it provides Google SERP analysis, and a largest of 700 keyword recommendations based on your plan.

Other features included are exporting keyword lists in CSV files, and integrations with Google Suggest. It also lets you enjoy Questions, and Autocomplete features.

Ease of use – KWFinder Review

KWFinder, you do not need to be an SEO magician!

The tool is pretty straightforward to use with the simple English word for each operation. There’s a search box to address your queries with no other setup needs. By entering keywords in its search function, you can specify the language, city, or country.

Import keyword lists easily, get metric charts, difficulty score; everything with ease. You can toggle between different services, and locate traffic sources. Use different organic and paid searches, apply filters, and many more.

KWFinder: Customer Support

To this KWFinder review, we found their customer support to be pretty good. They offer round-the-clock customer support through live chat and email. If you are a beginner, you can take their expert help to get started and running.

If you have some idea about using the tool, you can also check their technical documentation. Check KWFinder knowledge-base for useful articles. Besides, they have an active YouTube channel with useful tutorials and how-to’s based on different topics. 

KWFinder Pricing & Plans

KWFinder lets you save 40% with its annual plans with a 48-hour money-back guarantee included.

KWfinder Pricing
image credit: KWfinder

Pros and Cons of KWFinder


+ Robust data aggregation

+ Easy keyword search

+ Intuitive data filter

+ Polished UI

+ Excels at keyword difficulty

+ Useful tools included

+ More affordable than other tools on the market

+ Don’t need a credit card for the free trial

+ free extensions for Chrome and Firefox


– Very limited trial period

– Low keyword suggestion limits

– Does not integrate with Google Analytics

KWFinder Review – Final Thoughts

So far in this KWFinder review, you saw this tool has most of the things necessary for keyword research. Besides, it helps you with analysis and comes with a bunch of useful features. It has a polished user interface and is available at an affordable price.

If you calculate its pros and cons, you can see the pros outshines the cons. Thus, KWFinder is a great keyword research tool. It is especially great for beginners with no headaches in using the tool.

FAQs about KWFinder Tool

Does KWFinder provide a free trial?

Yes. You can avail the 15 days of free trial to explore the tool.

How can I get new keyword ideas with this tool?

KWFinder comes with Google Suggest feature which helps you to get the best matching phrases, autocomplete feature for finding the long-tail keywords, and questions feature to get the questions based keywords.

Can I import the keywords in bulk?

Yes, you can do this with its bulk import feature. You can also use this feature to improve your local SEO.

Is KWFinder accurate?

Yes, KWFinder keyword difficulty is one of the most accurate on the market.

Will it charge me automatically when my trial ends?

No! It doesn’t require a credit card to activate the Trial plan. When your free trial ends, it doesn’t automatically charge you like some of our competitors do
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