MilesWeb Review: Best Low-Cost Shared Hosting Provider

MilesWeb Review

Choosing a hosting provider is not as easy as you think. A gamut of web hosting companies is there in the industry. And each of them claims to be the finest. So, it becomes difficult for us to figure out the right one to get the web hosting package specifications.

Doing comprehensive research can help you Buy the Best & Cheap Cpanel Web Hosting Plans in India. You can do research based on the following factors:

  • Customer Support 
  • Uptime 
  • Pricing 

Similarly, I had a small business and wanted to get my website online. So, I was looking for a web hosting provider to get my first website online. As mentioned previously, I did research and concluded, the MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is one of the most well-known web hosting companies in the world. At a low cost, they provide top-notch features, a high uptime guarantee, and industry-leading features.

And shared hosting is the best way to get the initial level and low-traffic websites online. MilesWeb offers inexpensive shared hosting plans. 

At low prices, you get great features that will make your website run faster and more efficiently. MilesWeb uses the fastest SSD storage drives to speed up the performance of websites. 

Throughout the article, we will know in brief about MilesWeb shared hosting,  including plans, features, and pricing.

Let’s get started!

MilesWeb Shared Hosting

When you opt for shared hosting, you share server space with other users. Even if you share the server resources, no other customers can access your website files/folders.

It is the cheapest web hosting service as multiple websites are on a single server. Each user is allotted a definite amount of space, and bandwidth that you can utilize for hosting websites. It is frequently an ideal hosting solution for small and medium website requirements.

Shared hosting can handle the low-level traffic on your website, but if the traffic grows, you might need to switch to a higher hosting option like VPS or a dedicated server. Linux and Windows are two options for the operating system you get with shared hosting.

Linux shared hosting is a hosting service that uses Linux operating system on the server. With Linux, you are allowed to make use of Python, CGI, and Pearl. These are the ideal webmaster choices.

Overview of MilesWeb Shared Hosting Plan

There are four options for Linux shared hosting with MilesWeb. You can select either Tyro, Geeky, Rapid, or Turbo. 

Each plan has a definite amount of resources and is priced accordingly.


You will have to pay Rs.60 to subscribe to the Tyro plan. The price is after a discount of 70%. It is a good choice if you have a small website where much traffic isn’t there.


You will have to pay Rs.99 per month for this plan. It works well if you have a small and medium business. 20 email accounts, 10GB SSD disk space, and unlimited bandwidth are what you get from this plan.


You will have to pay Rs.150 per month for this plan. It works well if you have a small and medium business. 50 email accounts, 30GB SSD disk space, and unlimited bandwidth are what you get from this plan.


If you need to host multiple small and medium-size websites, the Turbo plan is a good-to-go option. For this plan, you will have to pay Rs. 255/m. Unlimited websites you can host with the Turbo plan. Also, you get a free domain (worth 899), unlimited email accounts, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL (worth 950).

Features You Get with MilesWeb Shared Hosting

Web Hosting in India

It is vital to consider the location of the server. MilesWeb hosts its websites in an Indian data center location. They have Tier-4 data centers that deliver the best uptime, security, and best performance to your website/application.

Malware Scan and Removal

It is crucial to keep the website safe from malware and threats. With the built-in malware scan and removal tool, the risk of malware and threats is reduced.

1-Click Installer

You can install and activate WordPress, Prestashop, and Joomla with little effort in no time. You can search for the applications necessary for your website and install them with one click. Search the essential application for your website and install it with one click through the one-click installer.

Free SSL Encryption

When you obtain an SSL certificate on your website, it will increase the security addition to the SEO rankings of your website. MilesWeb includes a free SSL certificate with all web hosting packages.

Free Website Builder

You can create a website by yourself without doing a single code. You can build your website effortlessly with MilesWeb’s website builder tool application. You have to choose a theme, and design it according to your needs, then by making use of the drag and drop feature, you can launch your website.

Customer Support Team Available for you 24×7

If you are worried about getting into trouble with your hosting plan, you don’t have to be when you host with MilesWeb. They have a skilled and proficient support team available 24x7x365 to help you. There are different support channels to connect with their support team, like email and live chat. You can choose one of them.

Final Words

Shared hosting is an ideal option to launch your first website online. With MilesWeb, you get rich features at the best price points. Their affordable web hosting plans are an excellent option for anyone looking to launch their business online.

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