New SEO Methods of 2020 to rank your website

New year, new SEO techniques? So is! With the arrival of 2020, I’m sure you’ve been more restless than usual and worried about the new updates in the Google algorithm. It is absolutely true that any project if it does not adapt quickly to the new paradigms marked by Google, will be completely obsolete.

We have to be aware that SEO is constantly evolving and there is no other option but to adapt to the conditions that Google sets in mind in improving the user’s browsing experience. However, you should know how to work SEO on other platforms such as Amazon, eBay or YouTube as well as social networks. Increasingly, users go directly to these search engines and insert topics related to products or any other item.

To keep up to date, we recommend you continue reading the following post about the new SEO strategies of 2020 to position your website. Do you want to know all the details? Read our post!

The world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving and this 2020 has arrived full of new trends. However, there are some SEO techniques that are consolidated this year and it is necessary to influence them.

Voice search and Visual Search are some of the SEO trends that will generate the most impact in 2020. Why? Because users are expected to perform almost the same number of voice searches and visual searches as text searches. All this is possible because of the large increase in mobile consumption and the installation in them of personal assistants, such as Google Assistant and Google Lens or Siri for Apple, as well as Amazon Alexa.

At this point, telling you that the mobile is paramount in your SEO strategy would not be anything new. But every year it is more essential that we continue to take it into account, not only for the new ways of conducting searches but also to position content and optimize SEO in Apps. The more visibility the better, right?

On the other hand, we are sure that until now your SEO strategy was only pending from Google. Well, it is necessary to change the chip and expand horizons. Another SEO trend in 2020 is to implement the strategy in other search engines for greater visibility into organic results on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

But SEO 2020 trends do not end because of it, then read on the main techniques that the new year has brought with it. Attentive, do not miss any details!

What are the new SEO techniques for 2020?

Mobile First, don’t forget it!

Is your website not adapted to mobile devices? Well, you’re in a good mess. Google will penalize you and a large majority of users who want to visit your website will have to leave it, thus increasing the bounce rate. It is not something new, we know, but neither Google nor users already understand a website without it working perfectly on mobile.

It is essential that you take into account this SEO technical recommendation so that the navigation of your web in mobile is just as good as in desktop. It is no news to say that searches on these mobile devices have surpassed computer searches. It’s time to catch up!

In addition, the mobile is your great ally for an excellent SEO strategy. The consolidation of trends such as voice search, visual search and SEO for apps make it the tool to take into account even more.

Voice Search and Visual Search, SEO techniques in 2020 that we cannot ignore

Voice searches and visual searches are consolidated and their growth is unstoppable thanks to the appearance of both personal assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri and in Visual Search with Google Lens.

The basis of SEO and content is to answer questions, concerns or solve user needs. And there is nothing easier for users that instead of doing a written search, do it out loud getting an answer immediately.

With the appearance of personal assistants and the evolution of personal assistants on the mobile, voice searches have shown great growth. In fact, voice searches and written searches are expected to be matched. Thus, Voice Search becomes one of the main SEO 2020 trends. In 2020, domestic assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home will be established in more homes. Therefore, voice searches will increase and search engine changes are expected.

Search engines as we know them so far may be a thing of the past and will be fully adapted to voice searches. Therefore, your website must anticipate changes such as the disappearance of SERPs or be the owner of snippet zero.

What can we do? Basically what we must do is add markup language and so the search engines will recognize the content you have made and will be read aloud through these devices. Because they will choose those three contents based on keywords and optimization performed.

In addition, if you take into account the speakable element you can use the assistant and disseminate your content and have a large number of users access it.

Now, voice marketing will be a highly competitive sector with non-visible interfaces.

More and more users are more comfortable and it cannot be ignored that a picture is worth a thousand words. Thus the visual searches are stronger thanks to the mobile and its great ally, the camera.

Thanks to the possibility of taking a picture of a product, it is easier to know what the product is and to buy it faster, leaving aside more specific characteristics. One of the tools that play a crucial role is Google Lens.

Therefore, although it especially affects eCommerce, it is highly recommended to position the products in visual search taking into account aspects such as image optimization or the inclusion of them in the sitemaps.

It is very important to practice the different SEO techniques in 2020 to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase the chances of conversion, always following good SEO practices.

SEO on Amazon, the great SEO trend 2020

The web positioning in Google will continue to be important but it is also necessary to apply SEO techniques in Amazon. A large majority of users go directly to Amazon to search for products for getting search engines like Google.

Therefore, having a good positioning of the different products on Amazon is essential.

What aspects should I consider for a good SEO practice?

  • Keywords
  • Ratings of products
  • Quality images
  • Price
  • Sales Amount

These are some of the indicators that Amazon has to show your product before the competition. Let’s do it!

The content, key to optimize a web page

Content quality is one of the most important SEO techniques that you should consider. Why?

In the first place, because for Google, quality content and a certain extension is a priority. It is essential to be clear that it is not worth any content that does not help the end-user and does not answer your questions or concerns.

Secondly, you need clear planning that meets the deadlines you have set. With the publication of content, you will be able to increase the traffic of your website, so that users stay longer in it and a greater presence in search engines, content aggregators or social networks.

On the other hand, you should be aware of how complicated it can be to position yourself for highly competitive keywords. Our recommendation is that you include long-tail words, that is, words that are more specific even if they have fewer searches. (“Many little ones do a lot”)

It should be added that graphic elements such as video, infographics or CTAs have gained great relevance in web positioning, so you cannot leave it aside in 2019.

Videos for SEO and SEO for Youtube

Video is an essential resource in an SEO and content strategy. They continue to be SEO trends for 2020 because you will increase the chances of positioning yourself in Google.

An SEO strategy on YouTube is an excellent option to earn a ranking on the results page and improve the user experience. In addition, it is necessary to include external YouTube links to improve SEO, especially in those contents that are more technical or extensive that are the most expensive to read.

Start a video marketing strategy, perform keyword analysis and searches and be the king of video content.

SEO infographics

Infographics are a graphic element that combines image and text in a conceptual order. These manage to simplify the information, facilitate reading and get more engagement.

How does it help SEO? Infographics help web positioning because they get quality backlinks because there is a possibility that other reputable sites point to your website.

Therefore, if you use infographics:

  • You will increase visits.
  • Interaction increase.
  • The content is viralized.
  • Get links gaining reputation.

The infographics are a great resource to include in the contents and earning positions in the search results because Google allows the search of them directly.

CTAs for SEO

The CTAs are a call to action for the user to perform an action within your website. In some cases, they are used on landing pages where the user has two options:

  • Click on the CTA and stay on the page.
  • Leave the page.

In this sense, the SEO manager will work to obtain a good positioning in landing page browsers to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

In your locality, the best

A completely booming SEO technique is the local ranking. Most mobile searches are local. Imagine you have a restaurant in Delhi. There is no doubt: position yourself by “Delhi restaurant” or local words that can generate qualified traffic

In this sense, to improve local ranking use Google My Business, Bing Maps, Foursquare, Yelp, etc. Win your competitors by being the most visible!

Social media, essential to position your website

How many times have you heard “if you are not in networks you don’t exist”? So far Google did not consider this aspect but everything changes and nothing remains. It is time that you use your social profiles correctly and that you share your publications in them. Why? Because Google takes into account the publications that are most shared on social networks and you will be the first in the search results. You see it? It’s not so difficult to get along with Google.

In addition, disseminating all the content you generate should be mandatory in your digital marketing strategy, not only for SEO but for branding, visibility and brand reputation.

Keep in mind that social networks are your great allies.

Website optimized for SEO, essential for positioning

All the elements of a website must be optimized and by now listening to this is no surprise. In fact, it is obvious. Work on it, whether it is a web with custom development or if it is from a CMS, for example, WordPress.

Google has updated its algorithm and will give much more importance to:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Clicks on your website.
  • User browsing time on your site.

Therefore, verify that all the elements of your website are optimized and work correctly to position the site and thus occupy the top Google search positions. Remember: create titles, metadata and friendly URLs correctly … Following the pattern of keywords with which you would like to position your website.

SEO for Apps: ASO Positioning

An optimized website is mandatory but the SEO of an App must be the same. Nowadays it is true that there are Apps for everything, but which apps are most easily downloaded? In addition to a good promotional strategy, the Apps that are most easily downloaded in an organic way are the ones that occupy the first results of the different stores. The work of ASO positioning experts will help you achieve the results you are looking for in the success of your app project.

How to occupy the top positions? To achieve this obviously the study of keywords is essential in the same way as the number of downloads, the user experience, number of downloads as well as the uninstallation. The ASO works!

Now you know the new SEO trends of 2020 to rank your website but, as you have seen, nothing is as easy as it seems. It is time that you have professionals to guide you in the SEO strategy to position your business by performing the best positioning practices and with the highest guarantee and reliability. Trust the best experts, trust

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