Retainful Review: Feature, Pricing & Complete Setup Guide

Retainful Review

If you are a budding eCommerce store owner, you might have experienced the scenario where the customers abandon their carts without any purchase.

According to the research, 69.57 per cent of the visitors add something to their carts and vanish without buying. Without knowing how important it is, many eCommerce store owners put forth their hard work to convince customers to browse and complete their purchases.

Though the hard work pays off, it will not satisfy half the bowl. Still, two-thirds of the customers go away without completing their purchase. If you are curious about reducing the number of abandoned carts in your store, it is time to do something different.

It is necessary to tune up your strategies and create a way to reach the customers. When the strategy pays off, you can bring your customers back to your store. In this article, we will look at how Retainful helps you reduce your cart abandonment rate. We will take a look at the Retainful plugin that can do more than you imagine for your WooCommerce or Shopify store.

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Retainful Review- A Cart Abandonment Plugin for your eCommerce Store

Retainful, the popular feature-rich WordPress plugin, helps you to recover abandoned shopping carts in your store. But, how? It sends numerous email series that consists of attractive cart recovery emails with customized templates. It can also help you to turn your one-time customers into potential customers.

You can make use of the coupon system available in the Retainful plugin. It helps in triggering the customers to purchase products from your store at a discount price.

With Retainful, you can send more automated emails to prompt your customers to recover their carts with the discounts you offer. You can also use the plugin effectively to provide next-order coupons that shoppers can use to get products at a discount rate in the future.

Retainful helps you recover abandoned carts and drive 10X sales easily. Since 2018, Retainful has been one of the popular WordPress plugins with 5000+ recovered carts, 10000+ next order coupon delivery, and 1000+ connected stores.

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Why Choose Retainful?

Retainful, a cart recovery email plugin, allows you to convert your lost sales to profitable sales easily. In this Retainful review, you can eye at the enlisted functionalities that the Retainful plugin offers to its users.

● Automated unlimited cart recovery emails to the customers
● Drip/sequential email reminders
● Unlimited cart recovery emails
● Attractive pre-existing email templates that are completely customizable according to the target audience
● Enriched customization of the cart emails using the shortcodes
● A single click recovery link provided to the customers in the emails
● In-depth analytics using the comparison between the abandoned cart values and recovered cart values
● Easy and flexible tracking of the email marketing campaigns

Apart from reducing the number of abandoned carts, Retainful plugin also contains the next order coupon feature. It generates unique coupon codes for the customers that can be shared progressively with them once they complete the purchase in your store. The code will be delivered along with tier transactional emails or through thank you emails.

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An Elaborated Feature List of Retainful Plugin

As you had an overview of Retainful’s functionality, here comes an in-depth explanation of its features. At a high level, Retainful collides with the eCommerce store to pull up its revenue.

Retainful accomplishes the goals of the eCommerce store using the abandoned cart email series. You can create your sequential emails with the appropriate content in them. Either you can go with the coupon code or any attractive referral programs to trigger your audience.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Customizing and designing your emails through Retainful is not a difficult task. Instead, you will have a visual editor that dynamically inserts information with merge tags. So, the drag and drop editor becomes a gift to many eCommerce marketers who prefer simple yet effective plugins rather than involving codes.

Beyond that, the user can also track the revenue generated for a particular period. For example, he/she can check the improvement in their cart recovery progress once they kick start their email marketing campaign.

On the WooCommerce store, the Retainful plugin includes a plethora of tools that gathers the email addresses of visitors. It becomes a chance for you to recover any single cart.

Next Order Coupons

Retainful helps in driving repeat purchases for your eCommerce store. Using the next order coupons, you can make your customers complete the purchase. It becomes a unique idea to bring customers back to the store with more enthusiasm.

Retainful works well for all eCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify stores. You can sooner see the seamless integration of Retainful with BigCommerce, Magento, and Volusion.

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How Does Retainful Work?

As of now, we have gone through the features of Retainful. Now, let us get our hands into the phase that describes how Retainful works for your store.

You can take any WooCommerce, Shopify, or eCommerce store as an example. While I am taking the WooCommerce store as an example, the features will not differ. You can use Retainful to create and manage your campaigns efficiently.

Retainful – Installation and Activation

Retainful is easily available in the WordPress repository. Just go to -> Plugins -> Search “Retainful”.

Retainful Plugin

Download Retainful Now

Now, you will get the Retainful listed. Click and download it for free from the WordPress site.

Retainful Plugin Download

After installing Retainful in your WordPress site, go to the settings of Retainful.

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Once done, you can connect your store to your Retainful account by adding the respective API keys from your Retainful account to the plugin settings. You can find the settings in your WordPress Dashboard.

You will find four options including,

● Abandoned/Recovered Carts
● Email Templates
● Next Order Coupon and other settings

Retainful Plugin Review

As the features of Retainful have been explained below, let us see how to customize and make use of the features effectively for your store.

You can configure various options in the plugin’s setting tab, including tracking carts and sending next order coupons. You can also configure whether to include “On-hold” orders as abandoned or not. You can exclude the specific IP addresses.

Setting Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails Through Retainful

With Retainful, you can recover abandoned carts and schedule your email reminders in a sequenced manner. Using the Settings tab, you can easily find WooCommerce -> Retainful Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Plugin.

Retainful Review

It allows you to set various setting including,

● When to consider a cart as abandoned?
● Days to wait before auto-deleting the cart
● Notification permission when a cart is recovered
● Track real-time carts

As shown in the image, you can find various options that helps you to customize your email campaign.

Retainful Plugin Review

Following the image, if you wish to customize the email template for your upcoming email marketing campaign, here you go. You can click the “Email Template: section and start customizing your email starting from the name, address, and the reply-to address, etc.

Retainful Review

Once the necessary information has been filled in, now it is time to customize your template. Click “Create New template.”

To witness the plethora of attractive email templates queueing in front of your eyes.

Retainful Abandoned Cart Plugin

Once done, you can witness the plethora of attractive email templates queueing in front of your eyes. After choosing the right abandoned cart email template for your campaign, Retainful’s drag and drop editor allows you to preview the template. You can add or edit the template accordingly.

Retainful Templates

And, now, you are ready to activate the campaign. Once you finish customizing your template and filling in the sender’s information, you can click “Activate” to set the email marketing campaign live.

Retainful Plugin

Yes!! Your campaign is Live now!! You can edit or delete your campaign anytime whenever you want. This is how Retainful works to reduce the cart abandonment rate of your store.

You can also add email templates many times and at intervals. It maximizes your possibilities to recover your carts.

Retainful Review

Once you set up an email template, Retainful will send notifications to the customers after 1 hour of their cart abandonment.

The customer will get an email more related to the below image.

Retainful Plugin Setup

So, what’s next? Email is set!! Visitors have got your email reminder! But what about tracking? An experiment without proper tracking is of no use! Knowing it very well, Retainful has a wonderful analytical dashboard. You can use this to know the results of your email marketing campaigns and their conversion rate.

Retainful WordPress Plugin

And, this is how Retainful has been helping many eCommerce owners to achieve their goals just by simple automated email marketing campaigns.

Coming up next is the steps to provide next order coupons to the customers using the Retainful plugin.

Next Order Coupon Using Retainful

Retainful’s next attractive feature is the next order coupon generator. As the name suggests, it helps you send coupons to the customers in return for their purchase. You can also make it a referral program that brings many customers in return and also satisfies the existing customers.

Let us know how to create the next order coupon using Retainful.

As discussed before, now navigate to the WooCommerce -> Retainful -> “Next Order Coupon.” In this category, you have to spare a while to fill up the necessary information.

Retainful WP Plugin

In this page, you need to customize the factors including,
● Coupon Type
● Order Status
● Coupon Amount
● Extra Coupon Restriction
● Resend the code along with the email reminder
● Custom Coupon Message
● When to display Coupon Message
● Coupon creation for new and old orders

Retainful Cart Recovery Plugin

Once you enter all the fields, you can now choose the location where you want to display the coupon code in your emails. Using the email customizer, you can edit the place of the coupon code and change it. Make a change that will trigger the audience to go for it. You can also apply more coupon restrictions on the page, including the Coupon expiry date, coupon for specific products, etc. Your output will be,

Retainful Plugin Coupon

Now comes the analytics section. Like the abandoned cart recovery, Retainful has clear insights for Next Order Coupons too. The eCommerce owner can check out how well their coupon codes are attracting their customers to the store.
You can view the complete Retainful analytics for your store using the dashboard. And, this is how Retainful works and benefits multiple eCommerce store owners.

Retainful’s Pricing

Retainful is available free forever for the eCommerce store owners, marketers, and others who wish to reduce cart abandonment rates in their store. And, the paid plan starts from $7/month. It varies between the enlisted factors.
● Starter – $7/month
● Growth – $23/month
● Professional – $79/month

Retainful Pricing Plans

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Final Views About Retainful

Not only Retainful but implementing any plugin without a strategy is in vain. Picking up the right cart abandonment plugin like Retainful on time will help you curb the abandonment rate and boost the sales of your eCommerce store.

In my personalize Retainful review, I found Retainful is the easiest and flexible way to bring back sales and send reminders to your customers. The email reminders are easy to customize and design. You can also set up automated sequences that eliminate human interruption. This is why most experts recommend implementing abandoned cart recovery plugins for the eCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce stores.

If you have a small or medium eCommerce store, you can go with the Free version of Retainful with more useful features. Or, you can get premium tiers to boost your revenue. Cheers!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we use Retainful for Free?

    Yes, you can enjoy Retainful for Free forever. And, the premium features starts from $7/month.

  2. How do I edit the From address in emails?

    Retainful Plugin Review

    You can edit/delete the “From” address using the email tab of your Retainful Account. If you do not find any From address, the address would be the email address that has been used to register with Retainful. Still, you can edit or delete the From address easily.

  3. How to customize the Next Order Coupon message in Retainful?

    Retainful Coupon

    You can customize the message in your Next Order Coupon by navigating to WordPress Dashboard -> Retainful -> Next Order Coupon Tab

    At the bottom line, you can find the editor section. Here, you can edit your Next Order Coupon code. Using the tab, you can also edit the Next Order Coupon value, coupon type, etc

  4. What is the contact limit allowed for my plan?

    Retainful Pricing Plans

    For example, let say you are a customer under Free plan. If so, you can get the contact limit of 300.

    Once you reach the limit, the cart recovery emails and the tracking would order to extend the contact list, you need to upgrade to the plan that suits you.

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