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Are you planning to go global with your WordPress? And that too in a short period, and become a secure enterprise? And over time you have provided the best backing up services and better SSL? And all this arranged into a single integrated platform? Well, you don’t have to go far looking for it. Look for Review online. All you need to do is to pick up your phone and call hosting.

try hosting for $1 is a hosting service managed by WordPress. It will provide you with the right amount of speed and security. bundles all the sites of WordPress with Cloud flare Enterprise. Thus, it makes it more secure for better processing. Thus, when you are looking for hosting services, always read the review. It is one of the most efficient and secure hosting providers. And knows how to manage WordPress sites.

What is Hosting is a web hosting service provider which is the best of its kind. It is one of the most secured and optimized hosting services. Every feature is integrated into one WordPress platform. Additionally, it is then delivered by the Cloud flare Enterprise. All the installations in WordPress deliver the highest security. Additionally, it has speed with the help of in-built CDN and WAF.

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Who Is Behind

Rocket Internet was a tech incubator firm in 2007, developed by the Samwer brother. It was a firm based in Berlin and run by the three brothers Alexander, Oliver, and Marc. After almost seven years of building up, the company became public, in October 2014. Oliver Samwer is the acting CEO for and he is a belligerent and ferocious leader. The three brothers own Forty-five per cent of And the firm touched an exuberant $8 billion mark during the IPO session. Hosting Features

There are several features of Hosting that make it the best among many.

Thus, let us look at some of the features discussed on reviews that make it the best.

The Edge

The Edge is a data center located in almost 20 different places. has its server integrated into the Edge. With the help of the Edge, provides you with a better hosting service. It helps you to reach a global audience who can view your content.

It gives you an edge over the speed, and reliability of the content you publish over WordPress. It has a feature that is always on by default, which allows the availability of the posted content to be instant.

Better Speed CDN

One of the best features of is that it provides you with the best possible speed. And all this without installing any extra plugins or any WordPress configurations. hosting allows you to have an increased speed by using the cached content of the site. And helps in delivering it to the configured servers. After this, the sites go through the premium network of the Cloud flare Exchange. This allows your content over WordPress to go global.

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Increased Security

The one most important feature of having a WordPress is to ensure the safety of your content. Thus, always ensure the security requirements of your website. Website Application Firewall is one of the integrated security features of With the help of WAF, it protects your content from thefts and security breaches. Review

The WAF is always on by default and works as a protective layer. Thus, makes your content over WordPress more safe and secure. Additionally, it provides your WordPress with a filtered audience. Additionally, it also reduces any unwanted and malicious traffic. Thus, stopping bots and viruses that can cause damage and breach of security over your site.

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Easy Setup Process Dashboard

The features of are always updated to improve performance and security. Yet, this does not affect the work or security of the WordPress site. hosting has a specialized mission control delivery system. It allows them to process sites in a better way.

Mission Control makes it easier for the users to launch, and transfer, WordPress sites. It makes the deployment of new sites of WordPress easier. With the help of, you can deploy a WordPress website in any of the twenty locations at a time. Additionally, the websites load all the features and become safe and secure.

Range of Backups

There are two kinds of backup offers with the system.

  • Daily backups are backup functions of the host service. They are automatic and can restore themselves.
  • On-Demand backups are the backups that are under the control of the user. You can choose to restore the data over the WordPress website.

Enhanced Speed of the Page uses Edge as its data service. This increases the loading and processing of the website. And you can update the website from anywhere in the world. Cloud flare exchange makes it easier, because of its specialized feature. Additionally, it allows WordPress to track your website for faster processes.

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Things to look at about Hosting?

The best thing about Hosting is its continual and user interface. Additionally, in case of any problems the customer service provider is very fast. Also, it provides immediate and round-the-clock service. Thus, the website always looks for any kind of bugs and security issues. Many extra features enhance the capability of the
websites. These features include faster delivery and security. Thus, making it accessible for the users to enhance their WordPress sites.

There are many added features for business and agency firms. offers services that enhance the support system and eases the transfer process. Review: Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Better user management
  • Better delivery with Cloud flare Enterprise
  • Increases the security with WAF and backups
  • A helpful and active customer service
  • Better management of clients and viewers


  • Does not provide an email hosting system.
  • The storage space for starting plans is very little.


Why Should You Switch to Hosting? has better capability to enhance your website. It has more and more resources ready at your service for the betterment of your WordPress. It increases the speed and security of the content on the website. And also, allows you to increase your reach. Thus, if you are planning to move to a hosting service Hosting is the best in the field. Review: Hosting Pricing & Plans

Four different pricing and plans exist for different types of users. So, let us understand all the plans.

  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Agency Pricing


The starter pack provides a boost to the functions of only one WordPress website.

  • $30/month
  • Installation of One WordPress website
  • The limit of Websites visits is 250,000 visitors.
  • The storage capacity of the website is 10GB.
  • Provides free optimization of the website using SSL. Increases security with Website Application Firewall, and better deployment with CDN.

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The PRO pack is very beneficial in expanding the horizons.

  • $60/month
  • Installation of 3 WordPress websites.
  • The limit of Websites visits is 1,000,000 visitors.
  • The storage capacity of the website is 20GB
  • Provides free optimization of the website using SSL. Increases security with Website Application Firewall, and better deployment with CDN.


The Business pack provides better growth and installations.

  • $100/month
  • Installation of 10 WordPress websites.
  • The limit of Websites visits is 2,500,000 visitors.
  • The storage capacity of the website is 40GB.
  • Provides free optimization of the website using SSL. Increases security with Website Application Firewall, and better deployment with CDN.

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The Agency Pack provides better management for clients with increased resources.

  • $200/month
  • Installation of 25 Word WordPress websites.
  • The limit of Websites visits is 5,000,000 visitors
  • The storage capacity of the website is 50GB.
  • Provides free optimization of the website using SSL. Increases security with
  • Website Application Firewall, and better deployment with CDN.

My Verdict On Hosting

I have had experiences with different hosting services. And to be honest, I found reviews on the internet. And I too find it to be the best among several others. It has provided me with increased and faster processing of the WordPress website. Additionally, with a better security feature, with which I can control the traffic.

try hosting for $1

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