SEO PowerSuite Review Features, Price, Pros & Cons

SEO Powersuite Review

Are you looking for the best SEO software suite? 

Let us look at this SEO PowerSuite Review to know more about why it is considered the best SEO software suite for desktop. 

Before moving ahead with the review, I would just want you to know that SEO PowerSuite allows you to use it over Linux, Windows, and Mac computers. It is truly amazing!

What is SEO Powersuite?

I usually find many bloggers or website owners struggling with various SEO tools. They do it to achieve the progressive results they want. But they eventually fail as managing all these tools at once becomes quite difficult. SEO PowerSuite is the alternative to several sets of SEO tools. 

Everything associated with SEO can be managed with SEO Powersuite. Do you have big projects lined up from your clients for SEO aspects? I believe it is high time you must switch to SEO Powersuite. It will eventually help you to streamline the functions professionally and not in a mess. 

SEO PowerSuite is embedded with amazing all-rounder tools in it that include Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Website Auditor, and Link assistant. I will discuss it further in the article. This information was just to let you know that many things make this tool special. 

I have been using this tool for the past few days to give you a practical SEO PowerSuite Review. I intend to help my fellow readers decide to invest in the right tool for their SEO business. 


SEO PowerSuite Review: Pros & Cons


+ All the tools & apps available with the SEO Power suite are compatible with cross-platform integration.

+ The feature counts are endless that makes the operations effective for profitable outcomes.

+ Semantic SEO is respected with TF/IDF features embedded within it.

+ It has four powerful tools or apps integrated within itself for SEO aspects.


– No cloud integration that might be the result of its slow performance.

– You are bound to take algo subscription for availing a handful of features of the tool.


SEO PowerSuite Review: Tools Available

Now is the time when we can discuss further all the four tools that are embedded within SEO Powersuite. The names of these tools are Rank Tracker, SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant, and Website Auditor. 

SEO Powersuite review

1. Rank Tracker

It is one of my favourite tools of SEO Powersuite, so I would like to start with it. If you are running multiple websites altogether and facing trouble in identifying keyword ranks, then this tool is meant for you. Manual checking is the real trouble with all the marketing measures. 

Rank Tracker is the remedy for this particular need of yours. Using it is quite easy as I didn’t take much time to master it when I used it first. You need to create your project first, along with the URL. After that, you need to select the search engines for tracking the keywords. 

Have you reached so far? 

Ok, now enter your keywords in the prompted section, and the scan would begin. For the people who are not doing it side by side right now, here are the things Rank Tracker will help you with:

  • All project keywords
  • Ranking data
  • Progress graph
  • Keyword difficult
  • Visibility graph
  • History record. 

If you have followed the steps, you know it even before you read it here. Moreover, the best thing is that you can keep tracking the keyword progress every single day. You would just need to analyze your keyword’s position for it. 

It will eventually help you keep track of the progress reports and tweak the changes whenever essential. With the Rank Tracker, you would eventually be able to seamlessly measure the keyword positions of your clients and keep glance at your ranking.

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2. SEO Spyglass

Spyglass is the best spying tool that has features worth thousand dollars but costs you a mere few bucks. I have tried it, and I believe you cannot get a cheaper spy tool. It is one of the money-worth tools embedded within the SEO PowerSuite bundle. 

If you own a business, you could not deny spying on your competitors. Spying on your competitors gives you additional knowledge about many aspects. You can learn new link building techniques. You will know about the internet marketing measures used by your competitors. 

Let me tell you the right way to use the SEO Spyglass. Choose the competitor URL or targeted keyword to enter in the prompted section. Now, enter the Google Analytics essentials as prompted. After you do that, scanning will eventually begin. 

After the scan is complete, you would be asked to update the ranking factors. I would personally recommend you to select the ‘Yes’ tab. Now, take a look at all the ranking factors. After that, all the information will come onto your screen, giving you a detailed insight into all your competitor’s marketing efforts.

It is like I got to see my competitor’s link building strategy. I preferred analyzing it and implementing it onto my website’s SEO strategy. I would surely recommend this tool for every SEO business or individual bloggers to learn the right techniques.

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3. Website Auditor

Website Auditor is yet another efficient tool for websites to help track the on-page SEO factors. These factors include indexing, headings, error codes, redirects, titles, links, and other factors. In my SEO PowerSuite Review, I would name it more like a self-analysis of your website to find your flaws and fix them.

I found a lot of errors that I did make on my website for so long. These mistakes did deprive me of reaching my SEO targets. The Website Auditor will check on all the encoding & validation errors on your website. 

If you are running an SEO business, this tool will extract a complete report without hassle. Send this report to the clients and point them out the loopholes in the website. By going deeper into this tool, I found that there are several audits that you can easily perform. 

Here are they:

  • On-page factor audits
  • Social media fame audits
  • Duplication title audits
  • Indexing status analysis
  • Meta Description faults
  • Broken link analysis.
  • Popular page analysis
  • Pointing link audits

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Link Assistant is extremely smart to be just a tool. I saw the features, and I believed that I invested my money in the right tool. My SEO PowerSuite Review is all about helping you all to decide on buying the best. But in the process, I think I have found the best SEO tool for my websites. 

All your link building campaigns can now be handled by the Link-Assistant tool of SEO PowerSuite bundle. Configure the email in the tool itself and send or receive emails in it as well. To start, you need to enter your website URL first in the prompted tab. 

As soon as you do that, the tool starts fetching all the data associated with the URL. State your anchor text as this is the important aspect based on which the tool will determine our blog ranking needs. Fill the email details and your name to continue with the process.

Choose the appropriate site finding options from the list. You can go for finding sites with submission forms, competitor links, and others. I chose to find sites by keyword search, and then it asked me to enter the keywords. 

Link Assistant started to fetch the results of all the websites that share the same keywords and are of the same niche as yours. It has an email address of all the owners that you can use to propose your pitch and send the mail to improve your link building campaigns. 

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How to use SEO Powersuite?

I will guide you with the simple and precise steps of using this tool. My intention to give SEO PowerSuite Review is to help you understand the efficacy of all four tools. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow for using any tool of SEO Powersuite:

  • Create a project for your website.
  • Select and identify your keywords.
  • Select the search engines.
  • Alter the language settings as per your needs.
  • Switch between the workspaces.
  • Remove the columns or spaces in the workspace.
  • Import or Export the data of the projects.
  • Include or mention Google Analytics.
  • Generate SEO reports.

SEO PowerSuite Review: Plans & Pricing

The best thing that I noticed while my SEO PowerSuite Review is that there are different cost-effective license packages. But if you want to use the features of this tool before you pay an amount, you can go for the trial version as well. 

SEO Powersuite Pricing

Some other packages of SEO PowerSuite include:

  • $299/year- Best for personal SEO needs
  • $699/year- Best for SEO businesses

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Is SEO PowerSuite Better Than SEMrush?

SEMRush is a cloud-based SEO app that is somewhat better than SEO PowerSuite in terms of speed, data, and features. Cloud technology is definitely powerful which no one can deny. 

But SEO PowerSuite costs very less and gives adequate services without much affecting difference. Even without the cloud, SEO PowerSuite has unique features such as the TF-IDF tool and Semantic SEO. 

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  1. What is SEO Powersuite?

Answer: SEO PowerSuite is an SEO tool that helps you optimize your website for relevant SEO aspects. For SEO businesses, this is also an ideal tool to easily handle all the SEO tasks. 

  • What is the price of SEO Powersuite?

Answer: There is a free version for the people to try out the features of SEO Powersuite, after which they can either go for $200/year or $600/year plans with slight differences. 

What is included in the SEO PowerSuite Bundle?

Answer: SEO PowerSuite Bundle is included with four powerful tools that include Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant. 


As per this SEO PowerSuite Review, I can tell that this is one of the best powerful tools for websites to manage SEO aspects. Even if you are running an SEO business, you can avail this for ensuring efficient management of all SEO requirements of your client’s websites. 

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