Themeisle Review: Neve Pro, Hestia Pro Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Themeisle Review

Themeisle is a team of passionate WordPress professionals delivering amazing themes and plugins for more than 450,000+ users. For managing Themeisle, you don’t need to be any professional or noob web developer to optimize your website.

At Themeisle, you can find themes for every type of website. Whether you are looking to make a blog website, an E-Commerce store, a Portfolio website, or a Service website. Themeisle has got you all covered. You don’t need to learn, coding or be a java expert, all you can optimize your website is just with simple elements provided by Themeisle.

Themeisle Features

• Fast and lightweight
• Flexible and easy to use
• Easy setup and sleek designs
• Reliable updates
• 100 Speed Grade
• Loads in Less than 1 Second
• Reduced Weight
• Mobile Ready and AMP Compatible
• Translation & RTL Ready
SEO Friendly Markup
• No jQuery
• Fast and Easy Onboarding
• Easily Customizable
• Optimized for Speed
• 1-Click Rollback
• Safe Updates & Fast Support
• Accessibility Ready

Themeisle Neve Pro

Themeisle (Neve) is a version of Free themes, in which 80+ WordPress themes are ready to import. If you are on a low budget, you can use any of these themes to create a professional website. These themes are lightweight, fully customizable and mobile-ready.

Download Neve Pro Theme

Themesisle Neve Pro Theme Features include:

1) Fast and lightweight
2) Flexible and easy to use
3) Easy setup and sleek designs
4) Reliable updates
5) 100 Speed Grade
6) Loads in Less than 1 Second
7) Reduced Weight
8) Custom Design of the Header and Footer
9) Control the Website Layout Options
10) Lightning Fast and Fully Customizable

Themeisle Hestia PRO

Hestia PRO is a paid version of Themeisle. In (Hestia PRO) version there are some special feature which cannot be found in (Neve). The features that make this theme special are:

1) Slick Material Design
2) All Done Within the Customizer
3) WooCommerce Design Ready
4) Page Builder Compatibility
5) Access to All Starter Sites
6) Uncompromised Speed

Download Hestia Pro Theme

By subscribing to this feature, you can get enhanced capability in WooCommerce with this theme. Hestia Pro comes with an out-of-the-box design for your website. There are two different designs you can choose from. With its appealing user interfaced design and WooCommerce integration, it’s got all you needed to build a high converting online store exactly as you want it. If you are curious to know, whether the theme you are going to purchase will work or not? You can see a live demo of each theme available at Themeisle’s website.

After purchasing the theme, if you still think that the theme isn’t right for you, you can claim your money back within 30-days of trial. And the best part in claiming money back with Themeisle is that they don’t ask any questions before returning your money.

30+ Free WordPress Themes

Themeisle offers you one of the most customizable themes for WordPress. They are superfast, lightweight, user-friendly, and easily customizable. Themeisle plays a major role for everyone who wants to enter a new WordPress Era. There are 30+ Free WordPress themes available and you can opt for anyone that suits you. There’s also a live demo available for each of the theme, so you can see whether it will work for you before uploading on your website.

Download Themeisle Free Themes

What Makes Themeisle Special?

Themeisle offers a stylish theme that is perfect for any type of website. With Themeisle you’ll be able to experience a high-performance user experience. The features of (Neve PRO) includes:

• Slick Material Design
• All Done Within the Customizer
• WooCommerce Design Ready
• Page Builder Compatibility
• Access to All Starter Sites
• Uncompromised Speed

Here are the Example of a few websites build with Themeisle (Neve PRO)


Themeisle and Shopify

Let’s put an eye on one of the Hot Topics in this article. Shopify, that have gathered everyone’s attention nowadays. You also might be looking for the same topic? Were you? Anyways, let’s move forward.

If you are also looking to build a Shopify store, and looking for a theme that would skyrocket your sales and increase your conversion rates within days, then you are probably reading the right paragraph. Yes, Themeisle has got some amazing 20+ Shopify Themes that will skyrocket your sales within a few days of launching your website.

The themes are available at extremely low cost and some are free of cost. You may review them, and also see a live demo of each theme before purchasing. The themes are available in both mobile and desktop versions so you could also experience the user interface in both scenarios.

The Shopify themes at Themeisle are easily customizable. You can build your dream site and change the user interface according to yourself without being a webs developer or a java expert.

try themeisle for free

If you are curious to know, how to build your Shopify store by adding a Theme from Themeisle so there’s nothing to worry about. Themeisle has written a Shopify Tutorial on how to get started with it. So if you are a noob or a beginner in e-commerce that guide is going to help you. Check it here:

Themeisle Recommendations

There’s no doubt about Themeisle reviews and ratings. People are loving it and leaving their positive reviews for the new customers. So if you’ve got any doubt about Themeisle, make sure to make it clear before stepping forward.

Themeisle has helped thousands of people build their business models that are running smoothly. From the Best themes & plugins to guides Themeisle has got you covered under one platform.

Multi-Language Support

Multilingual support

Do you want to build a website that would not be written in English? No problem, Themeisle has got you covered. Every element in Themeisle can be translated with free & premium plugins. You can easily change the language of your website, according to your targeted audience.

Themeisle Pricing

Themeisle offers amazing prices as compared to others. Whether you are looking to build a Shopify store, a Blog site, or an E-Commerce store, you can always compare Themeisle prices with any other theme provider available.
Themeisle has 3 different types of plans for its customers:

Themeisle Pricing

1) Essential (Best for Single Websites)

This plan includes 2+ PRO WordPress Themes. If you are building two or fewer websites then this plan is best for you. By taking this plan, you’ll also get 1-year of support and updates for your theme. This plan is available only at $89.

2) Business Plan (Best for Growing Business)

If you are already using a theme for some time, then this is the perfect time to bring some changes to grow your business. For this, Themeisle has got the Business plan with the Best Value at a Discounted price. It includes 4+ PRO WordPress Themes & Plugins. It empowers up to 3 websites with 1-year of support and updates. Also, you’ll get priority support on this plan. It is available only at $129.

3) VIP Plan (Best for Multiple Websites)

Are you looking for a theme that manages multiple websites at a time? If yes, then the VIP plan is for you. This plan is best for empowering multiple websites at a time. It includes 4+ PRO WordPress Themes & Plugins. It can handle up to 5 websites. With 1-year of support & updates, you will also get priority support and a live chat option as a priority. It is available only at $199.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

money back guarantee

Although, there is a live demo of every theme available at Themeisle. So, you can make yourself fully satisfied before purchasing it. But if somehow after purchasing a theme, you find that the theme doesn’t meet your need, Themeisle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked!

Why Trust Themeisle?

Themeisle is used by some of the most renowned companies and educational institutes. Also, this theme is recommended by the top entrepreneurs whom Themeisle have helped build their dream site with the easiest customizable elements.

Themeisle Review

Here are some of the reviews mentioned by the entrepreneurs who are highly thankful to Themeisle for helping them increase their website’s conversion rates.

Themeisle Reviews

If you also want to become one of the above entrepreneurs, make sure to get yourself started with Themeisle and skyrocket your sales within days.

Saving money with Themeisle

This is another Hot topic in this article. Saving money even after getting a product at a low cost is a marvellous thing. If you are looking to build a WordPress site or a Shopify store, there are Free themes available for both of them. But those themes don’t have those special features which can be found in a paid one.

Final Words- Themeisle Review

Themeisle is the best WordPress and Shopify theme store that offers a variety of free and premium themes to their clients. While the best support is reserved for paying customers, free users still get access to a wide range of well-structured, user-friendly and easily customizable themes that are maintained and updated just as often as their paid customers.

If you are looking for some fast, super-efficient theme, you can get a solid deal without paying a single penny. If you’d like to add some more special features to your theme, that you’ll need to pay some dollars and you’ll also get premium support as a priority.

Anyways, Themeisle makes it simple for everyone to get started with a user-friendly website and customize it according to your personal needs.

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