Top Legit Freelance Websites in India to Earn Money

Freelance Websites

As a newbie freelance writer (or other content creators), it can feel like there’s a gap between the low rates you expect to earn and the higher rates you hear experienced experts charge.

It can feel like that’s all up to your connections — whose business relationships or friendships you have to leverage to obtain those better-paying contracts – and it can be a difficult nut to crack. Most United States and European organizations outsource routine work to freelance websites rather than hiring full-time staff.

According to some recent surveys, 35 to 40% of the workforce comprises freelancers. It provides a possibility for those who work from home. The benefit of freelancing is that you are not obligated to go to work on a regular basis and must work according to your own schedule.

The majority of websites provide several job categories, which almost all cover a wide range of skills, and the answer is yes, they do give jobs to everyone. It is up to the individual with specific skills to meet the job category’s requirements.

Here’s compiled a list of top freelance websites, along with their descriptions and rankings.

Top Freelance websites for Web Designers & Developers

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a remote job board where businesses can list remote job openings for a fee. The United States contributes 23% of the total traffic on the site. It claims to have a monthly user base of over 2.5 million people. They have a large number of job positions, many of which are design-related.


We Work Remotely may lack the personal touch of other design-focused websites, but the sheer volume of job listings makes up for it. Furthermore, the site has a far larger readership than its competitors, making it more enticing in terms of reaching more potential prospects.

We Employment Remotely features freelance opportunities that meet your skillset, whether you’re seeking part-time work or full-time freelance jobs.


People and firms looking for designers must pay a one-time fee of $299 to list on We Work Remotely, which serves as a screening process that eliminates many low-quality work leads. This is a legitimate site, with huge hitters like Google, Amazon, and InVision all mentioned as companies who have posted on it.


  • Job postings are categorised. Only remote positions are advertised on the website.
  • There are other add-on options available, including job highlights, logo displays, and prominent placement in communications.


  • Monthly fees may be greater than those charged by competitors such as Pangian and Working Nomads, which offer similar advantages.
  • The entry-level package does not include advanced features like company logo displays or featured email placement.


Q. What is the cost of We Work Remotely?

A. The cost of a single post starts at $299.00, with add-on options available.

Q. How can I use We Work Remotely to identify qualified candidates?

A. Make sure your job description is clear and includes all relevant information in order to attract the finest candidates. You assist you with this work, be sure to use a solid job posting template.

Q. How do I make changes to a job ad on WeWorkRemotely?

A. You can edit a We Work Remotely job posting by following the steps given below:
1. Log in to your account on We Work Remotely.
2. Choose the ad that you want to change.
3. Make your adjustments.
4. Save the article.


Toptal is a well-known freelance network that connects clients with thoroughly vetted freelancers. Freelance designers, financial specialists, product managers, and project managers are among the services available.

The stringent screening procedure and a big community of quality talent are two of Toptal’s primary strengths. Toptal claims that its thorough verification allows it to focus on the “Top 3%” of freelancers.


Toptal recruiters learn about freelancers’ essential abilities, talents, and previous job experience during the screening process. When Toptal receives a client request, it analyses it thoroughly and connects it with the most qualified freelancer from its talent pool.


Toptal’s fee varies depending on the scale of the project, the geographic region, and the freelance developers’ expertise level. Pricing can often fall within the following ranges, according to Toptal’s website (subject to some other factors):

  • Hourly: $60-$150+/hour
  • Part-time hire (20 hours per week): $1,000-$2,400 a week
  • Full-time hire (40 hours per week): $2,000-$4,800 plus per week


  • It can couple highly personalized applicant recommendations thanks to its thorough understanding of both the job needs and the freelancers’ talents.
  • Toptal is the industry chief in confirmed freelance networks and appreciates a setup brand name.


  • Its client support has been criticised by customers and freelancers on review platforms & social media sites as being delayed accordingly and also high-handed.
  • However it depicts itself as an adaptable answer for businesses of all sizes, Toptal has inflexible recruiting contracts.


Q. Is Toptal a genuine company?

A. Yes, Toptal is a professional recruitment firm with a stellar reputation and a slew of favourable user evaluations.

Q. Where does Toptal have its headquarters?

A. Toptal’s headquarters are in San Francisco, and the company also has offices in New York and Wilmington.

Q. What sets Toptal apart from other IT staffing firms?

A. Because Toptal thoroughly examines and filters each person seeking to join the Toptal network, employers are connected with premium talent. Toptal specialists are chosen from the top 3% of thousands of candidates.

Best Freelance websites for SEO Professionals & Marketers


ClearVoice is a marketing content platform that connects content authors with businesses. They’ve accomplished this by assembling a talent pool of tried-and-true freelancers to provide quality material to their clients.

It has spent the previous five years cultivating connections with rapidly developing companies such as Intuit, esurance, CarFax, and Cabela’s in order to provide them with high-quality content.


Their software allows you to connect and manage a freelancer network as well as manage workflows. You may also update your portfolio with new work that you’re proud of and share it with others to attract more clients.

ClearVoice’s in-app messaging system makes it simple to communicate with clients about tasks, and It ensures that you are paid after an assignment is approved.


This isn’t a site where you’ll be lowballed and offered cents on the dollar, and it appears to be a nice location for mid-level freelancers to advance.

  • ClearVoice charges a service fee of 25% for each assignment you accept.
  • The price you see for a gig is the price you’ll get paid (ClearVoice have already taken their cut)

It offers a free package, a pro package for $48, and an enterprise version that is charged individually based on the capabilities provided.


  • One feature of the platform that is often appreciated is how simple it is to create a stunning portfolio, as well as how quick and easy it is to share work and find matches.
  • Experienced freelancers demand fair compensation for their work.


  • Deciding how much to “offer” a client to generate material, in general, is difficult.
  • One concern is that you are unable to apply for work. You’ll have to wait for a client to contact you.


Q. Is there a service fee with ClearVoice?

A. Of course. On each project completed through our platform, ClearVoice charges a 25% Talent Network Service Fee to existing artists.

Q. After a First Draft, am I responsible for revisions?

A. Yes. On every task submitted through the platform, you agree to accept two revision requests from the client.

Q. Is it possible for me to add ghostwritten articles to my profile?

A. If you’re a ghostwriter or have finished work that hasn’t been published with an author or byline, you’re probably asking if you may add it to your profile. Yes, to put it succinctly.

When uploading ghostwritten material, however, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Before posting ghostwritten content to your public ClearVoice profile, get permission from the publisher.
  • Mention that you ghostwrite or have ghostwritten articles on your profile somewhere in your bio.


Refrens is more than just an online invoicing system. The website aims to develop a network for businesses and firms that provide services to businesses. It’s similar to a freelancer marketplace on the internet. You can offer your services and create a validated portfolio to promote your work with Refrens. You can advertise your portfolio and services if you’re a freelance SEO professional, accountant, developer, or writer.


You may make business contacts, negotiate deals, and provide professional quotations. When you’re ready to send the invoice, you can do so directly from the quote. There are also a number of free invoice template designs accessible. You can also personalize them by choosing a color.

Refrens allows you to manage bills and keep track of both paid and pending invoices. It also provides a number of reports to provide you with an overview of your earnings. Refrens will also generate your profit and loss report provided you record your spending.

If necessary, you can add additional fields and charges. Furthermore, you can change the currency for invoicing on the fly. Save your invoice after adding the terms and conditions, uploading your signature, and adding your contact information.


Using Refrens to create and manage invoices, quotations, purchase orders, and expenses is absolutely free. They do not charge a registration fee, a monthly or annual fee, or any other fees.

When you want to receive payments online, they merely pay a little cost. The webpage, however, makes no mention of a precise amount or rate.


  • All of your invoices are in one location thanks to the simple interface.
  • Multiple payment options are available, as well as GST billing.


  • As there is no mobile interface or application, I must always use my laptop.


Q. Is there any software I need to install?
A.No. They don’t have a mobile app that you can download. Refrens is a completely web-based program.
Q. How much does it cost to post a job on Refrens?

A. Refrens keeps a modest payment gateway fee for any online payment made through them. They charge a sales commission for every new customer you bring in through Refrens.

Q. What is the maximum number of transactions I can do on Refrens?

A. Unlimited. The number of transactions you can make is unlimited. You can create an unlimited number of invoices and transactions. Everything is completely free.

Top Rated Freelance websites for Video Editors


Adobe launched Behance as a scrapbook-style website. But these days it’s well known for being a wonderful place to put your graphic portfolio online. It is, nevertheless, an excellent area to hunt for editing work. They offer their own employment board with higher-quality opportunities than other sites, but you’ll also be competing with top-tier editors.


Behance also offers a jobs section, which has quite a few leads for quality freelance work. You won’t find an unending list of job openings, but what is available is consistent with Behance’s stellar reputation.

It is also a social media network in some sense as it connects one with various other designers. Networking will also bring you new design opportunities. As artists grow their followers, more Project suggestions appear in their feeds. Behance features selected outstanding projects in its Curated Galleries and highlight them by badges.


It is free to list jobs on Behance, according to the website. Similarly, job seekers do not have to pay to apply for positions. For a limited period, Behance is waiving its job-posting fees in order to assist people in finding creative work. Employers who advertise jobs on Behance can take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Candidates who can be saved
  • Receiving Behance recommendations
  • On Behance, we received roughly 150 applications from creative talent.


  • On Behance, an artist can fulfil his or her goal of being seen. Artists merely have to upload their work to the site because it is free.
  • Now, artists can exchange a URL with a possible client using the site.


  • To upload, you must compress each of your file photos and save them for the web. It takes some time to do this.
  • The design’s simplicity results in an extremely homogeneous appearance. While the consistency is useful, scrolling through the photographs becomes boring.


Q. What is the purpose of Behance?

A. Behance is a simple portfolio platform for creative professionals and web designers to display their work. It also allows employers in the United States access to more than 12 million local and international freelancers.

Q. What is a Behance Portfolio, exactly?

A. Users can display their digital portfolios and CVs on a.Behance Portfolio.

Q. How can I edit a Behance job posting?

A. By following the steps outlined below, you can make changes to a We Work Remotely job posting:

  1. Go to your dashboard on Behance.
  2. Go to “Active Job Posts” under “My Jobs.”
  3. Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner.
  4. Go to the drop-down menu and select “Edit your job.”

Videopixie is a new online marketplace where content creators may find freelance film editors to work with on their projects. Videopixie has built a solid reputation as a wonderful venue for freelance editors to make some additional money in between contracts.

It is a video editing service used by directors, advertisers, corporations, schools, youtube users, game designers, and others. It is a “You Film, They Edit” video editing marketplace where clients submit footage and editors compete for the job.


Video editors find work via being directly invited by a client who likes their profile, winning a project bid, or participating in contests.

Before you can start bidding for projects you’ll need to make an account. Be careful and choose the ‘sign up as an editor’ button listed at the very bottom of the page. Don’t select the regular ‘sign up here’ button as that is for those looking for artists- we’ll call them ‘clients’.

Once you’ve made your account, listed some of your past projects, and written a little about yourself, you’ll get to see the ‘Available Projects’ page.

This is the place where (as the name recommends) paid gigs are listed out from highest to lowest pay. You can likewise also see how many other artists have put a bid to try to ‘win’ the project.


  • With the growing demand for video editors, and with a flexible workflow,…………………………….. the market for freelance video editors is expanding.
  • This is where Videopixie shines, connecting individuals in need of a professional editor with artists looking for paid work. Its workflow model is very simple as compared to the traditional jargon of getting your videos edited.


  • In case, a client chooses to hold a creative contest. It’ll become time-consuming for the editor.


Q. Is there a ‘bulk discount’?

A. Generally speaking, yes. For repeat gigs, video makers are generally willing to provide a discount.

Q. My project is kept private. What alternatives do I have?

A. You have complete control over who sees your project. Option #1: Choose “Videopixie Chooses” – they will handpick one (or potentially two) creators for your project, and no one else will be able to see it. Option #2: Request bids – they’ll invite 15 creators they think would be good fits for your project, and they’ll all get to see it.

Q. How much time does it take?

A. Simple editing jobs can be completed in as little as 1-2 days after they are posted. It is also possible to find a videographer in a short period of time. The turnaround time for more sophisticated projects involving storyboarding, studio production, or animation is normally between one week and a month.

Best Freelance websites for Content Writers


Contena is a high-end freelance writing platform that aspires to be more than just “another employment board.” First, they offer a tool called a “writing job finder” that compiles the greatest freelance writing jobs from all around the internet. Then you may search and browse through them to find the best opportunities.


Other elements that make this one of the top freelance writing services for novices and veterans alike are as follows:

  • Courses – discover how to get started as a freelance writer in just one weekend and keep growing after that.
  • Coaching — get expert advice on how to advance your freelance writing profession.
  • Pro Rates – displays the average pay rates for writers so you can price your work appropriately.
  • Publish – allows you to create a portfolio using their attractive and simple tools.

Despite the fact that you must apply and pay on their platform, the work they produce is of such excellent quality that it readily pays for itself.


They are a subscription-based service provider with two options:

Gold membership costs $497 for a year (or $699 if paid in six installments), and Platinum membership costs $997 for two years (or $199 if paid in six installments).


● Contena claims that because their membership is limited, each writer has lots of opportunities.
● Their money-back promise is also a significant benefit. If you try Contena for 30 days—really try it—and aren’t impressed, you get your money back.


  • Because you pay in advance, the subscription plans appear to be pricey. Other sites, on the other hand, take a cut of your earnings.
  • There aren’t always a lot of open positions, which can be a problem depending on how many writers are on their platform.


Q. Why should I be forced to pay to look for work?

A. You don’t have to pay to look for work; there are many free job sites and tools available. Contena is for people who desire a tried-and-true foundation for remote writing success.

They show you exactly what works and provide you with everything you need to get started with freelance writing.

They reduce the time it takes you to establish your business because you don’t have to search various websites for education or job postings, and you can avoid sifting through low-paying or risky positions.

Q. What can I write about for money?

A. Content is required by a wide range of organizations and sectors. The types of material you create will vary (blog posts, ebooks, site copy, and so on), and there will be a wide range of themes on which people will pay you to write.

Q. Is there going to be a trial?

A. As you can see, Contena was built to give you a lot of value, hence we don’t offer a free trial. All of our programs, however, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Gigs (FWG) began as a blog and portfolio site for writer Deb Ng, and has since grown into an aggregator of the top freelance writing assignments from around the web.

You don’t have to create proposals or bid on jobs on FWG, thus it’s more like a regular job board. Simply explore the job board or conduct a job search by job title, location, or category. FWG is a free job board that publishes content writing, grant writing, copywriting, editing, and essay writing jobs in a variety of industries.


  • Zero Charges/Fees.


  • Includes writing, editing, web content, blogging, and publishing, among other things.
  • On their website, they include a link to FlexJobs as well as a current 30% off promotion.


  • The site isn’t extremely appealing or well-designed.
  • You usually explore passive content.

Top Freelance Websites for Graphics Designers


Dribbble is a great place for web developers, graphic designers, and others with similar skill sets to discover inspiration as well as their next freelancing employment.

The invite-only forum features portfolio projects and personal artwork for digital graphics and user interface design, illustrations, animations, and pretty much any other type of design work.

Wherever you are in your design career, you need to have a profile on Dribbble, which never ceases to astonish us with the quality and range of killer projects posted, as well as the supporting network of creatives.


Dribbble also makes it simple to update your job availability and allows you to turn the switch on and off as needed. You also gain access to a unique freelance design job board if you upgrade to the pro level.

Dribbble now includes job postings — actual gigs from trustworthy firms – and you may even identify your profile as open for work. Others will seek you out as a result of this. On a similar line, you can offer designs and digital goods as a way to augment your income.


There are small advertisements strewn over the place. Dribbble requires a money stream to stay afloat and grow, but some users are turned off by it, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. If you’re trying to sell something or get work, it can be worth it (or ads drive you crazy). Dribbble Pro is available for $12 per month or $60 per year.


  • Dribbble is more than simply a social media platform. Dribbblers from all over the world meet up for meetups and design networking. They take place all around the world, and you may even host one in your own city. It gives the design-based peer network a social aspect in real life.
  • There’s something special about a well-designed design platform. Every page is both basic and beautiful. Projects are clearly visible.


  • The number of uploads is restricted. Although you are not required to utilise a specific aspect ratio, you will be prompted to crop your image for the preview in order to ensure design consistency across the network.
  • On certain days, Dribbble appears to be bigger than the inexperienced designer. It’s fantastic that Apple and Airbnb designers are publishing, but it may also be daunting.


Q. When is the ideal time to make a Dribbble post?

A. The best time to post a job on Dribbble is Monday to Thursday, from 11pm to 2am PT, as Dribbble’s front page resets at 9pm PT.

Q. What is a Dribbble shot?

A. A Dribbble shot is a new image or design uploaded by a designer on Dribbble.

Q. How many jobs can you post on Dribbble per month?

A. Dribbble allows you to fill multiple positions monthly, receive unlimited messages, create private lists, and use advanced search options to find top talent.


99designs is an Australian-based freelance employment board. It’s another fantastic freelance website that connects designers with businesses all over the world. 99designs makes you feel supported as a freelancer, from locating possibilities to joining a community of designers. They specialize in linking businesses with great graphic designers, allowing you to host design competitions based on your own parameters and pick the winner design from a pool of submissions.


99designs provides a wide range of design services as well as a variety of package options. Users can work with freelancers directly or create contests. The freelancer profiles provide all of the necessary information to assist companies in making better hiring decisions. A money-back guarantee is also included.


99designs prices are designed in a way that favors recurrent client relationships and platform success, rather than charging a fixed payment.

The client introduction fee covers 99designs’ operating costs in finding you, new clients. The customer introduction fee deducts 20% of the first $500 in paid bills with a new client, up to a maximum fee of $100, to ensure you keep more of your revenue upfront.

For each 1-to-1 Project completed on our platform, both clients and designers are paid a platform fee. You’ll need less help from us as you get more experience on 99designs. As a result, we reward our most experienced designers by gradually lowering the fee:

  • Designers on Top Level: 5% platform fee
  • Designers on Mid Level: 10% platform fee
  • Designers on Entry Level: 15% platform fee


  • 99designs provides an easy-to-use design posting system that allows you to present your concept to designers in a systematic manner.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee, so you won’t have to pay for a result that doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • There’s a school of thought that design contests are where inexperienced designers go when they can’t find stable work.
  • Designers who enter contests may not be compensated for their work if they do not win many.
  • It could take up to a month for a contest to be completed.


Q. Is using 99designs worthwhile for designers?

A. It depends on your design specifications. Among the features and plans offered on the site are book covers, business cards, magazine covers, and more.

Q. What types of design tasks can I advertise on 99designs?

A. You can post to a variety of design categories on 99Designs. Just a few examples are book covers, business cards, characters/mascots, infographics, and magazine covers.

Q. How do I make changes to a job posting on 99designs?

A. The account manager is in control of the specifics of the 99designs contest. You will not be able to reduce the reward money once the entries have been received. You can request that the winning designer make changes to their design, but they are under no obligation to do so.

Top Website for Freelance Jobs


Upwork, formerly known as Elance, was launched in 1998 and now has over 16 million freelancers and five million clients. Upwork, on the other hand, has a greater quality of gigs than Freelancer. Consulting, customer service, data science, engineering, marketing, IT, translation, and web development are just a few of the industries that Upwork serves.


Upwork’s profile creation is entirely free. To get started, add your rates, work samples, CV, case studies, and personal statement to your profile. Before you can start applying for assignments on Upwork, you must first have your profile approved. However, the site’s job availability means you’ll always be able to get work if you’re ready to put in the effort.


After booking a client on Upwork, you’ll use the platform to contact them, issue bills, track billable hours, and get paid. The following is Upwork’s fee structure:

  • For the first $500 billed to a client, you’ll get a 20% discount.
  • 10% off for lifetime billings of $500.01 to $10,000 with a client.
  • 5% of lifetime billings with a client in excess of $10,000

Upwork levies a 20% fee for the first $500 you make with any client, which is the largest disadvantage. In addition, you must pay up to $0.90 for every proposal for which you were not specifically requested to apply.


  • Management of payments
  • There seems to be an endless stream of leads.


  • Fees are the highest of any freelance website.
  • You may also have to pay-to-play if you’re just starting.


Q. What is Upwork and how does it work?

A. Upwork is a prominent remote talent marketplace that connects companies with a global pool of independent freelancers.

Q. Is it expensive to submit a job on Upwork?
A. Upwork offers a free Basic plan as well as paid job posting packages.
Q. How can I edit a job post on Upwork?
A. By following the steps outlined below, you can make changes to a We Work Remotely job posting:

  1. From the Upwork dashboard, select the “My Jobs” tab.
  2. Under “Open Jobs,” select the job ad you want to change.
  3. In the “Actions” menu, select “Edit Posting.”
  4. Make your adjustments.


At the end of the day, each freelance website will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages, with many of them being similar. Upwork, though, is one that stands out for me. It’s a freelance platform that’s been utilized by over 30% of Fortune 500 companies to connect with extraordinary, self-employed people. Then, in the digital freelancing industry, practically every freelance website has some sort of service fee, so the amount you’re willing to spend will determine which site is best for you.

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