VideoCreator Review: Features, Price, Oto, Pros & Cons

videocreator review

In today’s world, you cannot neglect the importance of videos at all. When it comes to eCommerce or managing an online platform, there is great importance of videos.

Nobody likes to type long texts and record boring audios. While making short and engaging videos are in many trends. But it is not so easy to create such videos. It demands a perfect tool, and thus you can consider VideoCreator for it. Here we are presenting the VideoCreator review so that it will be easy for you to understand it.

Being one of the easiest to navigate tools, it will help you to build top-class animated videos and that too in no time. You need to only install the application, and you will get access to unlimited online tools perfect for creating wonderful videos.

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What is VideoCreator?

VideoCreator Review

VideoCreator is one of the best tools available online for creating animated videos. It comprises many features and beautiful templates. You need not install any other template or tool for your videos. Go for VideoCreator and the largest collection of high-quality video templates will let you go with the flow.

You need to spend only a few minutes over the tool, and you can build any type of amazing video such as
eCommerce video, animated video, 3D visual effect video, etc. Isn’t it sound cool?

Before going further, let’s have some information about the creator of the tool.

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Who is behind VideoCreator?

You might be curious to know that who is the developer of such a fantastic all in one video making tool –
VideoCreator. Well, it will surprise you that it is built by two digital entrepreneurs having years of
experience – Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar.

Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar

Paul Ponna is an award-winning tech entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant in his field. He
belongs to Canada and has experience of more than 14 years. He is also a founder of various million-
dollar SAAS companies.

Sid Diwar is also a tech entrepreneur and belongs to Canada. He works behind the scenes and provides
marketing campaigns and product ideas to various companies. It is the only reason behind the success of

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VideoCreator features

Video Creator is one of the most leading online tools for creating amazing videos and this is the possible
reason which let you go through VideoCreator review as well. The limitless features of the tool which
make it a must choice includes:

  • The largest collection of high-quality videos creating beautiful templates
  • Ready to go video templates with more than 670 conversions tested
  • Allows logos, texts, colors, themes, music, images, watermarks, and backgrounds customization to users
  • Create amazing videos such as eCommerce videos, animated videos, 3D high-quality videos, etc.
  • Lets you save much of your time and efforts
  • Allows you to add moving logos and other objects to your videos
  • Available at the most affordable and reasonable pricing

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How VideoCreator works?

The tool is not only easy to install but simple to use also. There are only three steps that you need to

Videocreator Features
  1. Select an amazing template for your video from the list of attractive templates available based
    compatible with your brand and product
  2. Customize your images, texts, videos, background, color, theme, and anything that you want to.
  3. Build up an amazing top-class wonderful video in few minutes with no technicality.

Once you complete all three steps, you are ready to upload your video wherever you want. Additionally,
it allows you to edit your VideoCreator video in the future also.

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VideoCreator Pros and Cons

As every coin has two sides, Video Creator has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look:

VideoCreator Pros:

● The cloud-based app means you need not install or download added feature
● All in one video making solution
● Perfect for beginners
● Does not consume much time
● No overhead cost
● Step by step training
● Full HD videos
● Readymade limitless templates

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VideoCreator Cons

● For some newbies, it can be a bit overwhelming task

VideoCreator pricing and plans

In our VideoCreator review, I will brief you about VideoCreator’s two plans – a personal license and a commercial license.

VideoCreator Prices

The cost of the personal license is $47, while the cost of the commercial license is $67. People also avail
of discount price offer during the launch time.

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VideoCreator OTOs

In this section of the VideoCreator review I will describe five OTOs available for the users which are:

VideoCreator Bonus

VideoCreator Commercial $47 one time

It provides hundreds of video templates, videos in all dimensions, step-by-step training, Facebook group
access, skype mentorship group access, training webinars of 8 weeks, video support in different
languages, and much more.

OTO 1 (VideoCreator Deluxe $67 one time)

It provides access to more features and thus boosts your sales and profits by ten times. With this OTO,
you unlock more than 200 premium video templates immediately and 20 new templates each month for
one year. It allows five logins at one time and automates the selling process also.

OTO 2 (VidEditor unlimited $49 one time)

It allows you to create long-length videos with a webcam recorder, text to speech inbuilt, and voice
recording feature. You can attach many videos and edit the videos created with the help of
Video Creator in one go.

OTO 3 (VoiceSuite Unmilited $39 one time)

It offers text to speech in 52 major languages and a click translation engine feature. You can adjust the
speed and pitch of your voice using this OTO with great ease. It also offers unlimited usage forever with
no monthly fees.

OTO 4 (VideoPlayer unlimited $29 one time)

If you want to boost video engagement with few efforts, it will help you. It will boost the watch time by
300 percent, and you can convert youtube and Vimeo videos into a premium video with this OTO.
Moreover, it allows you to add watermarks, logos, animation, and beautiful themes as per your needs.

Why should you go for VideoCreator?

When it comes to choosing between VideoCreator and other online video tools, you must go for the one that consumes less time and offers ready-to-go features. According to my VideoCreator review, it is thus an online tool that allows everyone to make money online in an easy way. It is perfect for beginners as it is simple to install and easy to use.

Moreover, hundreds of readymade video templates with step by step training guide make it much easier for you to save your time and of course efforts.

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My verdict on VideoCreator Review

VideoCreator is an amazing tool, and I thus, suggest this app to everyone who looks for an easy way to boost their video results and sales. No matter what type of template I need for my video, it offers many templates related to my needs.

Besides this, this app is very easy to use and simple to navigate. I find this app affordable and best of all the online tools available for creating amazing videos. Try out this product for once and I can bet you will love it. This tool is perfect for a business and lets it grow day by day.

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