WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache: An Honest Review

WP Rocket Review

A cache plugin can reduce the loading time of the pages of your website and therefore improve the speed of this one. In this article, I will perform a full review of WP Rocket cache plugin. Also, I will compare WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache WordPress plugins, for your WordPress hosting.

Indeed, this optimization greatly improves the user experience of your site. Your visitors are then more likely to stay and stay longer on your pages.

It is important to point out that the page load time also influences the SEO of your site. Find out why page load speed is important for SEO.

It is definite that you will observe a marked improvement in your site’s load time with a cache plugin.

In this article, I’ll help you determine which plugin is best for your needs, but firstly let’s review WP Rocket Cache Plugin.

WP Rocket Review: An In-depth Analysis

In a world where all information is transmitted almost at the speed of light, where people want everything in a condensed form and as quickly as possible, having a slow site is unimaginable.

WordPress is a great tool that makes it easy to create a website. So simply that we add a lot of extensions and media that weigh down the website and prevent smooth navigation.

That’s why, I want to present you the ultimate caching plugin for WordPress: WP Rocket

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a cache plugin built by the French Jean-Baptiste, Jonathan and Julio and made available at a very affordable price given the service it provides.

WP Rocket Cache Plugin

The developers of this WordPress plugin have made a bet: to make the first approach to optimizing your website as simple as possible. To sum up: you download the plugin, install it, activate it, and your website improves performance.

How WP Rocket enhance my site?

You have the right to ask me that other cache plugins exist and they work great too. I would like to answer “yes”, but it depends. I have already encountered issues with W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, but I have never encountered a problem with WP Rocket.

WP rocket works on 6 main functions:

  • Caching: the pages are like “saved” so that Internet users do not have to reload the page again. A hell of a time saver.
  • Pre-loading of pages: WP-rocket visits your site for the first time after emptying the cache to avoid the first loading and that your site is always on top.
  • Lazyload: provides for delayed loading to prioritize the most important content.
  • Minification of the code: minification consists in reducing the weight of the code by removing everything that is not useful for its proper functioning, such as extra spaces. Pages get faster to load
  • Code compression: the plugin compresses the code to make it even smaller.
  • Database cleaning: The database can take care of deleting temporary files as well as optimizing tables.

Each works on the loading time of your site.

How does WP Rocket look?

The plugin is installed in very few clicks and is very easy to understand thanks to its extremely intuitive interface, which is in French. Which changes from all the plugins that can be found on the web.

WP Rocket Dashboard

The dashboard is made up of 8 tabs:

  • Cache: We adjust the cache and the lazy load
WP Rocket Cache setting
  • Static files: code optimization with minification and compression
WP Rocket File Setting
  • CDN: Manage your CDN including a special setting for Cloudflare. (Not useful to me with the OVH CDN)
WP Rocket CDN Setting
  • Advanced options: Exclusion of certain files in case of bugs
WP Rocket Advance Settings
  • Database: Table cleaning and optimization
wp rocket Database Tab
  • Pre-loading settings concerning the pre-loading of the cache.
WP Rocket Preload
  • Varnish: A special tab for the Varnish HTTP cache.
wp rocket Addons
  • Tools: various settings and tools related to the cache
  • Support: a support tab for convenience.

Everything is very easy to use. Once the settings are in place, we are quiet for a while.

WP Rocket Review on Blogger Cage

Here are screenshots from a performance testing tool, Pingdom :

Without WP-rocket:

WP Rocket Review PageSpeed

With WP-rocket and cache preload:

WP Rocket Review Load Speed

With GTmetrix , I get very different results, certainly due to the pop-up programmed after 4 seconds:

WP Rocket Review Gt Matrix

I reach 1.49 s with Pingdom and 4.5 seconds with GTmetrix while my site is running with 17 plugins. It’s not a bad score when you see the amount of scripts on my homepage.

Putting a video on your home page, above the waterline is a choice not to be made lightly.

How WP Rocket improve SEO?

The speed of loading of your site is essential for your positioning in the search results.

But that does involve understanding what Google expects from your site. Since its creation, the latter has only been waiting for one thing from you: that you give The right answer to what an Internet user is looking for.

Are you giving your Internet user full satisfaction if each page of your site loads in 10 seconds? No, he is getting impatient and will take another site to answer his question. Therefore, you are getting the wrong answer.

If you have a site that loads quickly, you will be able to respond to user requests better and Google will see it. This will result in a bonus if you are faster than your competition.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket starts at a price of $49. It’s a premium plugin that has a whole host of features, which most of the time requires remuneration. Rare In the complete and free plugins.

WP Rocket Pricing

Once your first year has passed, WP Rocket asks you to renew your license but offers you 50% for the renewal.

It requires a small investment but nothing insurmountable.

You pay for the plugin in dollars but the site offers a conversion in euros to estimate the price.

WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache

It has a lot of strings to its bow and even more than its competitors according to this table:

As we can see, WP Rocket is crushing its competition in terms of features. But the features don’t necessarily speak to everyone yet. Come on, let’s get right to the heart of the matter.

Performance comparison between WP Rocket and WP Super Cache

In order to get a more precise idea of their efficiency, we will compare the same poorly optimized website without a plugin, with WP Super Cache and with WP Rocket. Note that the data compared are the scores given by the Google page speed, the GTMetrix scores and the GTMetrix loading time. The results obtained in the WP Rocket review are the average.

Here are the results without plugin:

Without plugin
Mobile PageSpeed ​​ScoreComputer PageSpeed ​​ScorePageSpeed ​​GTMetrix ScoreYSlow GTMetrix ScoreLoading time

With WP Super Cache we get these scores:

With WP Super Cache
Mobile PageSpeed ​​ScoreComputer PageSpeed ​​ScorePageSpeed ​​GTMetrix ScoreYSlow GTMetrix ScoreLoading time

And finally with WP Rocket, the results are as follows:

With WP Rocket
Mobile PageSpeed ​​ScoreComputer PageSpeed ​​ScorePageSpeed ​​GTMetrix ScoreYSlow GTMetrix ScoreLoading time

So we can see that there are a few noticeable differences in the scores given by Pingdom and GTMetrix regarding site performance. There is however a speed improvement on mobile with WP Super Cache.

Regarding the loading time of the site, we have confirmation that a cache plugin is radically changing the situation. As for the comparison between the two plugins, there is a slight improvement when we put WP Rocket, but it is not very significant.

Advantages of WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache

WP RocketWP Super Cache
1. After installation and activation of the plugin, it is immediately operational. Indeed, it is the most useful and most used performance parameters that are applied upon activation.1. The plugin is completely free.
2. The plugin displays a modern and intuitive interface. It really helps to get your bearings and not get lost in all the settings.2. WP Super Cache competes with paid plugins in classic caching functions.
3. A powerful, comprehensive plugin with many features that allows you to go further and therefore optimize your site for professionals.
4. A documentation and easy media access

Which Cache Plugin to Choose WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache?

WP Rocket is a great tool. Behind its intuitive and ergonomic interface, the plugin is very powerful. Getting started is quick and the support is easily accessible.

This plugin is a professional and pleasant solution, accessible support, and interesting advanced options.

WP Super Cache is a plugin that gets to the point and is effective for the basic functions of a cache plugin. Its advanced options are not obvious and the plugin becomes quite difficult to configure if you venture there.

However, WP Rocket is paid while WP Super Cache is free.

If you have a budget to spend on improving your site’s load time, then I recommend WP Rocket. However, WP Super Cache is sufficient for basic uses.

Why WP Rocket and not another?

WP Rocket is the most reputable cache plugin on the web. Many professionals come to praise it.
There are also over 341,000 sites that use WP Rocket, as of this writing. It’s a pretty number.

It is for this reason that I wanted to try and I am really not disappointed. This now allows me to talk about it in front of you and tell you that I recommend it to all webmasters who have a scalable site. I do not recommend it to a showcase site that has 5 pages for example

Here are the positive points of the plugin:

  • Enables real change
  • Easy to set up
  • Some advice on the dashboard
  • A carrier reagent
  • The little problem with WP Rocket

The price (the license needs to be renewed each year)

WP Rocket Review: Final Thoughts

There are different plugins that optimize the performance of your site. Some are chargeable and others are free. Obviously, a paid plugin will have a lot more features that go deeper into the subject.

For those who are not yet ready to take the step of the paid plugin for your cache, I recommend WP Fastest cache which is very easy to install but much less efficient.

The WP Rocket plugin remains the “must-have” of premium WordPress plugins. It is really very interesting, no need to look elsewhere.

For the others I recommend that you come and click on the link here to get it.

Hope you like this review.

Do not hesitate to share the article if it helped you, Sharing is Caring! ?

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