WPX Hosting Review – Why #1 WordPress hosting?

WPX Hosting Review
WPX Hosting Review

Supports all basic features like email, staging, SSL, DDOS protect, backups, and security.

Ease of use

They have a great attractive cPanel that’s really designed from the ground up for ease of use.


The price is quite high. It includes enterprise-level DDOS-protection, daily or on-demand backups

I would rate them really high, as their crew is really technically sound(also in WordPress).



Bottom Line

WPX Hosting have nearly dominated all of my speed, performance and support tests. Not only are they one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosts but they also provide an excellent feature set from automated backups to a free CDN & excellent support that takes control of problems

Web hosting is essential for anyone who wants to have a website. If the domain name is the address, then the web host is the building. In this WPX Hosting Review, I’ve dissected their features, plans, prices, pros & cons and more. 

About WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a web host that is well-known for its WordPress hosting services. It is arguably the fastest web host out there, with low loading times. 

CEO and Co-founder of WPX hosting, Mr.Terry Kyle, started the company after a catastrophic experience with other web hosts. He realized that most web host companies were making false claims. They were also providing shoddy services at a high price. So, he decided to establish an independent web hosting company. One that would provide excellent services and alter the customer experience. 

WPX can manage high-traffic and load media-heavy websites within seconds. It is affordable and gives you many plans to choose from. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, there is an option for you.

The customer support team is always receptive to the needs of its users. Their support services are unique and one of a kind. They also manage to fix major site issues within a matter of minutes. 

But, there are some drawbacks. For beginners, prices might be high. Even though it is generally affordable, the pricing can be jarring for new entrants. 

Now, let’s dive into the detailed WPX Hosting Review.

WPX Hosting Features

WPX Hosting is full of amazing features. This includes – affordable rates, unlimited migrations, fast loading ability, etc. 

Here are all the amazing features of WPX that helped me build my website – 

  1. Incredibly fast loading – The principal feature that earned WPX Hosting its success is it’s extremely fast loading speed. Amongst all web host speed tests, WPX has managed to rank No.1 time and time again. Even when a website is flowing with plug-ins and media, loading time is hardly a few seconds.

  1. Impeccable support – The customer support at WPX is impeccable. Their services are available 24X7. They reply to queries and problems within minutes and fix them quickly. But, only chat-support is available. This means that there is no phone number or landline through which you can contact them. 

  1. Unlimited migrations – WPX offers free migrations as many times as you need it. Like everything else, their migration process is fast and is complete within 24 hours. All you have to do is send them the necessary details, and they’ll take care of the rest. When it’s done, they’ll let you know and you can get back to your work. This takes a huge burden away from those who own several websites. 

  1. Regular Backups – As a precautionary measure, WPX backs up your data every day. These backups are automatic, but you can do so manually as well. The backed up data is also kept in a secure server for 28 days. You can easily access this data whenever you wish to. Since websites can crash at any time having services such as these are very beneficial. 

  1. Complimentary SSL – SSL is a must-have for all website owners. It ensures that you and your visitors have a secure, one-to-one connection. While there is free SSL available, it requires installation. WPX Hosting acquires the SSL certification and implements the same to your WordPress website. Thus, without any effort, SSL will be installed within seconds. 

  1. CDN Services – CDN stands for “content delivery network”. It acts as a mini-server and enables quick website loading. WPX has a CDN called WPX Cloud. They have mini-servers in 20 different, worldwide locations. These servers allow your site to handle large amounts of traffic. They also improve security and safety. 

  1. Malware Detection – WPX Hosting software scans your website daily for utmost security. If there are any harmful files, the scanner detects and removes them. The Web Application Firewall (WFA) is also frequently updated for maximum protection. They provide beginner level DDoS (Denial of Service) protection for free. Such protection keeps users safe from vicious cyber-attacks. 

  1. Affordable Pricing – WPX offers excellent pricing for their services. They have numerous plans from which you can choose. They ensure that there is a plan suitable for every customer that they cater to. All brands and creators can access and use WPX Hosting. 

Each of these plans includes all the primary features for WPX Hosting like – fast loading, expert support, malware protection, 28-day backups, unlimited migration and SSL, access to custom CDN (WPX Cloud), and more. 

In my WPX Hosting review, the Professional Plan is the best. It has plenty of storage space. The plan manages to support 15 websites. All of these features come at a nominal price. 

This plan is excellent for creators who are expanding their audience. It’s also the perfect plan for skilled WordPress users. 

Why should you choose the WPX Host?

It is clear to see that WPX reigns supreme amongst all other web hosting service providers. 

Not only do they have the fastest loading time amongst all WordPress web hosts, but they also keep your website secure. They protect your data, provide free migration and SSL installation, and much more. Most importantly, they provide all their services at an affordable price.

The reason why you should choose WPX is simple – it’s the best web host available. No other WordPress web host will come close to providing the kind of service which WPX provides. 

WPX Hosting Pricing & Plans

WPX provides users with three plans to choose from: 

  1. The Business Plan

  • Supports 5 websites
  • 10 GB storage
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Monthly – $24.99/mo
  • Yearly – $20.83/mo

  1. The Professional Plan

  •  Support 15 websites
  • 20GB Storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Monthly – $49.99/mo
  • Yearly – $41.58/mo

       3.  The Elite Plan

  • Supports 35 websites
  • 40GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Monthly – $99.00/mo
  • Yearly – $83.25/mo

Affordability is a criterion that has been mentioned in WPX Hosting reviews, time and time again. Terry Kyle, the CEO of the company, said that affordable pricing was a feature he wanted from the beginning. 

Which plan do I suggest? 

I believe the best plan for everyone is The Business Plan. The plan provides you with all that you need and the highlight is its affordability. The features offered in the plans are exactly what anyone would expect. Enough storage with the number of support websites exactly what is required makes it the most desirable plan.  

Is WPX Hosting a good value for money?

A quick comparison between their prices and features is enough to show that WPX Hosting is renowned for a reason. 

When you use the hosting services by WPX, you’ll truly get you every penny’s worth. Their all-around services are present in every plan. Thus, regardless of which plan you choose, you can be assured that you’ll be able to enjoy all their features. Unlike other hosting services that are grossly underwhelming, WPX anticipated your needs before you had them. 

Other than their superior loading time and hosting services, WPX Host offers much more. Their security precautions like backup, DDoS protection, malware scanning, etc ensure that your site is sealed from interference. 

WPX Hosting Review – Final Thoughts

WPX Hosting provides it’s users with an all-round experience. One that you can’t find anywhere else. They have excellent speed and amazing protection and security services. The cherry on top is their affordable pricing, which makes web hosting accessible to all. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, I’ll recommend WPX Host. There is no other service that comes close to the kind of web hosting that they provide. Out of all the web hosting services I’ve used, WPX Host has always come first.

FAQs – WPX Hosting

Is WPX Hosting Free?

No, WPX Hosting is not free. But they have three affordable plans to choose from, which cater to all sorts of users. 

Does WPX Host provide SSL?

Yes, WPX Hosting acquires SSL certificates from Lets Encrypted, which is an SSL initiative by major tech companies. See all addons features of WPX Hosting

Does WPX Hosting allow website migration?

Yes, WPX Host enables migration of as many websites as you want, without extra charges. The migration process is also quick and is usually complete within 24 hours. Know more here.

Is WPX Hosting safe for my site?

Yes. WPX Hosting takes numerous steps to ensure that your website remains secure. It has DDoS protection and scans for malware frequently. All your data is backed up daily and stored for 28 days. See all security features


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